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Cat at Door Steps – What to do | Reasons | Superstition


Cat at Door Steps – What to do | Reasons | Superstition

Some people sometimes encounter this situation: someone else’s cat comes to the doorstep of their house. There are quite objective reasons that the animal came to a strange house. However, there are also signs that explain the significance of this behavior of a furry animal. So what does a cat really mean when it arrives in an unfamiliar house?

Real reasons

A cat could come to the threshold of someone else’s housing if:

  • she was lost or fled from her home;
  • she was very cold and hungry, so she decided to ask people for help;
  • she is pregnant and looking for a secluded place for childbirth;
  • she came to the house of a friend who inspires confidence in her.

Most often, animals come to someone else’s house for these reasons. However, signs suggest that if a furry animal has nailed to the threshold of your housing, then this is a very good sign.


There are several popular beliefs that explain the appearance of a cat in a strange house:

  1. If a furry animal has nailed to the threshold of your home, then this means that you will find material well-being, happiness and success. However, in order for luck not to turn away from you, the cat must be sheltered at least temporarily, until you find him a new home. If you drive the animal away, you will bring disaster upon yourself.
  2. A four-legged friend has come to avert trouble from you. If you decide to take it to yourself, you will automatically save yourself from impending troubles. A furry defender will continue to protect you from all kinds of negativity, but only if you treat him well.
  3. If the cat escaped after some time, it means that she and she took death from home.
  4. A cat can come to the doorstep of a house in which there is a sick person. The fact is that cats are wonderful healers. These animals alleviate the suffering of patients and even contribute to the recovery of people. Therefore, in this case, it is best to feed the stray animal and let it into the house so that the four-legged friend can begin treatment.
  5. Often cats appear in those houses where a person recently died. They are a kind of messengers. Animals by their appearance inform relatives that they no longer need to worry about the deceased. Nothing holds him anymore; he rested in peace.

If you decide to take a cat that has nailed to your doorstep, pay attention to whose room she liked the most. The fact is that the pet most often recognizes as its owner that person who lives in the premises he has chosen. If several people live in the bedroom chosen by your pet, look at whose bed he sleeps most often. The person whom the cat recognized as his master will soon expect big changes in life. And in order to find out what kind of changes will be, pay attention to the color of the coat of the animal.

White cats

The white cat is a symbol of wealth, joy and success. Such a pet will bring a lot of happiness to its owner. It was white cats from ancient times that were considered the best healers. If you suddenly felt tired and unwell, then you just need to lie down for 10-15 minutes next to the snow-white fluffy. This will allow you to restore lost strength and health. However, remember that these animals do not tolerate disorder and chaos. So if you do not want the four-legged friend to leave you, accustom yourself to a certain order, organization and discipline.

Gray cats

Holders of a gray fur coat are real keepers of the family hearth. Their appearance portends the beginning of a new relationship or the strengthening of an existing alliance. Gray cats are also good protectors. They protect the house from evil people. If a gray cat is wary of your guest, eschews him or, conversely, tries to attack, then the person came to you not with the best of intentions. Such a favorite is able to protect his master also from any negative: evil eye, damage and even the machinations of evil spirits.

Black Cats

Black cats are not messengers of misfortune, as is commonly believed. On the contrary, their task is to divert all troubles from their masters. Owners of a black fur coat can protect even from the most severe damage. And if a black cat has white legs, then this is a good sign. The owner of such a pet is waiting for an increase in wages or promotion.

Red cats

The red-haired guest in the house portends the end of difficult times. Such cats are symbols of happiness and joy. Since ancient times, red pets have been associated with the sun. Their appearance in the house promises not only good luck in all matters, but also material well-being. It is also believed that red cats protect the house from thieves and attract good friends.

Several colors

If the owner of a colored fur coat came to the house of a lonely person, this means that he will soon meet his soul mate. A visit to such a couple promises married couples well-being and better relations. And if a tricolor cat has come to visit you, then you will find success in all your endeavors.

According to signs, a cat that has nailed to the doorstep of the house should never be driven away. If you offend her, then all the troubles from which she wanted to protect household members will fall upon them with a vengeance. The animal must be fed and cuddled. It is advisable to take the cat to your house at least temporarily, and then find him new owners.

In any case, do not offend the animal that has come to the threshold of your home. A cat never comes to someone else’s house by accident. Most often this happens for objective reasons. However, people who believe in signs find in them an explanation for this behavior of the animal.

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