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Canine anorexia – Diseases and Causes

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Animal diseases

Canine anorexia – Diseases and Causes

Canine anorexia is a state during which the dog rejects food. Unlike human anorexia nervosa, it is not an eating disorder, simply a behavior during which the dog stops eating for specific reasons.

Whatever the reason for a dog to stop eating, it is important to find a solution soon. The dog will begin to lose a significant amount of weight and the destruction of the animal’s reserve tissues will occur. This can lead to fatal consequences if it expands over time.

You should always look for the cause why a dog stops eating before trying to force it. To do this, the first thing we should do is visit the veterinarian.

Diseases that cause canine anorexia

Almost any pathology can cause canine anorexia. In fact, This symptom is one of the main causes for which a guardian takes his pet to the veterinarian. When the dog stops eating or eats less, the person responsible for the animal does not usually overlook it.

According to several studies carried out, The two main reasons why a dog stops eating are due to infectious or parasitic issues. In most cases, after an analysis of the feces and another blood, the causative agent, parasites or viruses such as the one that causes parvovirosis usually appear. Other common viral diseases that lead to canine anorexia are:

On the other hand, Digestive tract problems such as gastritis cause the animal to eat less or completely reject food. Even if you try to eat, you will end up vomiting the food. Also, chronic kidney disease or cardiac pathologies can lead the animal to a state of apathy, during which it does not want to eat.

Finally, although it is not a disease in itself, poisoning by food or poison or ingestion of toxic plants causes canine anorexia.

Environmental factors that promote canine anorexia

Dogs are sentient and thinking animals, characterized by developing complex emotions that, as in the human being, are mediated by environmental stimuli, experiences, learning and hormonal levels.

A dog can stop eating because of sadness, anxiety or frustration. For example, if the owner is absent, if a new member appears in the family group, if he is scolded or if he is mistreated. These and many other situations can cause a dog not to eat.

On the other hand, the absence of stimuli and boredom, although they usually cause other types of behavioral problems, can also cause canine anorexia. Further, We must consider what we feed our pet. In many cases, the palatability of the food is zero and the dog does not like it or it is of very poor quality.

Dog with anorexia does not eat

How to make a dog eat?

First of all, if we observe that our pet begins to eat less or totally rejects the food, we must go to the veterinarian. If physical problems and illnesses are ruled out, we will have to inform ourselves if the food we supply to our pet is of good quality.

In the market there are many different types of feed, wet and fresh food: try to find out which one your pet prefers. First of all, avoid giving food directed to humans because, in the long run, deficiencies will appear in the dog. For example, we can’t feed a dog with rice and chicken. It also needs green guts, guts, fats, etc.

If all of the above is correct, we must analyze if there have been changes in our home that may have affected the dog and, if nothing improves, go to a canine ethologist who can determine what is happening to the dog.

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