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Can Hamster Eat Celery Avoid This Horrible Mistake By Many

Can Hamster Eat Celery – There are few things in the world that make our small pet rodents such as food happy, especially if they are not food that is given to them every day and that besides being tasty, they have remarkable beneficial properties for their health, in addition to fruit too. vegetables are very popular with hamsters but not all of them are suitable for their diet, if you are wondering if hamsters can eat celery, here’s a quick answer.

Although it is not the first food that would come to our mind as a hamster food, celery is an excellent food not only safe but also extremely healthy, rich in fiber and anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, a healthy touch in short for an excellent diet, it is necessary however not to overdo it because as we know too often it can do more damage than good, moderation is always the ideal solution when it comes to feeding these small rodents.

In what quantities Feed the Hamster with Celery?

Can Hamsters Eat Celery
Can Hamsters Eat Celery?

As with any other food of this kind it is good to chop the food into small pieces and give it to someone to see if it is appreciated or not by our hamster, if it is appreciated try not to overdo the doses and be moderate.

In fact, celery should not replace a normal meal but rather complete it in order to obtain a balanced diet and get the best from both.

Whenever you feed the hamster with fresh vegetables it is good to check, the following day, that there are no residues of unconsumed vegetables and remove them because unlike normal foods they spoil easily and become harmful to the hamster.

In what cases can celery be harmful to hamsters?

It is good to make sure that the vegetables are always fresh and it is recommended to wash them before feeding the small rodent, celery can be harmful if given in too high quantities.

The hamster can get sick, vomit or have diarrhea which is why it is advised not to exceed in doses, if you feel ill, stop eating them with vegetables immediately.

In the event that despite your preventive stop not improving condition immediately contact a veterinarian who will be able to intervene best for the health of the hamster, with this we certainly do not want to scare you but rather advise moderation.

What are the benefits of celery for hamster health?

It is no coincidence that wild-type hamsters take this type of food naturally, so here are the best properties of celery for small domestic rodents:

  • Anti Oxidant:

It is an important resource of anti-oxidant nutrients including manganese, beta carotene and Vitamin C, as well as being rich in phytonutrients which in turn play an essential role in protecting against inflammation.

In particular, in animals, phytonutrients prevent oxidative damage to blood vessel walls.

Some research in the human field has also shown how this plant reduces the risk of incurring tumors, naturally it is a matter of studies and research, we do not intend to claim that it has miraculous effects, but inserting it into an age can only do good.

  • Protects the intestine:

It helps protect the digestive tract, thanks to the polysaccharides contained in it it is able to help the stomach digest and reduce pain caused by digestive problems.

  • Maintains the Cardiovascular System in Health:

The phytonutrients help the heart muscles relax by releasing phenolic and phthalogenic substances that help the normal flow of potassium and calcium into the heart, regulating the body’s normal cardiac function.

This also indirectly helps reduce blood pressure in the body.

Other Alternative Foods for Hamsters

Changing the feeding of the hamster from time to time also has a positive effect on your mood, it could be boring or getting tired of eating the same things over and over again, you can occasionally let it eat fruits or vegetables, to find out which ones are most suitable we refer you our complete guide on feeding hamsters you can reach by clicking here.

Of course there are also Foods that you should definitely not give him, such as eggplant, almonds and french fries that can cause considerable damage to his digestive system.

Also avoid any spicy food that causes allergy and diarrhea – Top 5 + 2 of The Most Hazardous or Harmful food s For Hamsters ( Eat Healthy).

If you have any doubts about the food to be administered, we recommend that you contact a veterinarian.


As you have certainly understood the password is always moderation, do your hamsters like celery? What other vegetables do they love?

Leave your opinion below in the comments and if you liked the article, share it with friends! At the next Vegetable!



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