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Can Cats Watch TV? What the experts say

cats can watch TV


Can Cats Watch TV? What the experts say

Have you ever wondered if cats can watch TV? What do they really see? Let’s find out what the experts say.

Can Cats Watch TV? What the experts say (Adobe Stock photo)

How many times have you found yourself in front of the TV to watch your TV program and the your cat he leaned next to you on the sofa staring at the TV. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “Can cats see TV? Do they really watch the program? ’’

Despite i cats they love to look at things, in fact they observe you when you do chores, they stare at you out the window, it is always surprising watch them stare at the TV.

Dogs like to watch TV and we know they make sense in seeing very different from ours. Is this true for cats too? Let’s find out what cats really see on TV.

Cats and images on TV: viewing and listening

cat TV
Cats and images on TV: watching and listening (Adobe Stock photo)

When it comes to vision, we need to talk about eye formation. It is well known that the latter are made up of cones and rods. The former collect and process color and are more in humans than in humans cats, for this reason they don’t see colors like us, but they don’t even see black and white, they simply perceive only some colors and in a different way.

So the felines they see colors on TV but don’t recognize their nuance. In addition, the cat sees the images on television much faster than ours, so his brain is faster than the TV and therefore while we see a solid image, he sees a flicker on the TV.

While I cats they have fewer cones in their eyes than humans, have more rods. The latter are responsible for peripheral, night vision, brightness and shades of gray.

This increase in rods makes cats see better at night and in the dark, which makes the TV screen look much brighter in the eyes of the cat. If we could be bothered by the flashing of a police car on television, for the cat it is a source of attraction.

TV is not only a visual medium but also an auditory one. THE cats can hear sounds that both men and dogs cannot perceive. For this cat is not attracted only by the images of your favorite program, but also by the sound it produces.

Do Cats Really Watch TV?

A study found that i cats really watch TV. They are attracted, as we said earlier, by images, colors, movements and sounds.

Furthermore the study states that i felines recognize images on television, have you ever seen a cat who wants to grab a bird on the screen?

It is important that the cat is not too much watching TV, especially too close, as they may have vision problems.

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