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Can Cats Eat Catnip Find Out Why Do Cats Like Catnip

Can Cats Eat Catnip Find Out Why Do Cats Like Catnip


Can Cats Eat Catnip Find Out Why Do Cats Like Catnip

Let’s answer the following two questions, Can Cats Eat Catnip and Why Do Cats Like Catnip – When studying plants, one may encounter unusual facts and names. There is also catnip, for which it is needed and whether it is used in relation to people – it is of interest to pet owners.

can cats eat catnip

Cat and catnip are 2 compatible concepts.

Each owner of the cat has repeatedly noticed that by purchasing a new toy, cats begin to actively play and chew with it. All this happens not because our pet liked the thing, but because inside such toys, as a rule, there is grass that produces the same effect on cats as valerian. This plant is called catnip, or catnip. The grass got such a strange name only because cats love it.

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Why cats love catnip (video)

Useful properties of catnip

Cat and catnip are 2 compatible concepts. No wonder this grass has received just such a name. Quite often, veterinarians use catnip for medicinal purposes.

Useful properties of catnip

This grass got its strange name only because cats love it.

Catnip for cats can be the so-called behavior checker. Some owners through the use of this herb cope with excessive aggression of their pets. If you give the cat a few pieces of catnip, its behavior becomes more affectionate and calm.

At the same time, it is recommended to use catnip for a sluggish and lazy cat, which is used to sleep and eat most of the time. Catnip has a positive effect on such passive pets and makes them more playful and active.

Catnip has a positive effect on cats

An equally important aspect is that the catnip has a so-called bactericidal effect and can relieve stomach cramps in your pet and eliminate excessive pain if necessary. Experienced veterinarians claim that catnip is considered a quality remedy for cats from stressful situations. Thanks to the reception of several leaves of this plant, your beloved pet will be able to endure long trips and trips to the doctor without fear.

The question may arise whether this herb does not affect a pet in the same way as drugs affect a person. Professionals claim no. The most important thing – do not let the animal to the grass daily in unlimited quantities.

Such attracting properties of cats for cats contributed to the release of numerous toys for cats. Essential oils of this herb are often added to special claws that attract the attention of cats. The owners thus save their own furniture and walls.

Also, veterinarians say that dried grass can be used in the absence of pet appetite. In addition to all the above, the plant has a fairly powerful antihelminthic effect. If in your area this grass does not grow, you can grow it at home. Its seeds are sold at any pet store.

The reaction of the cat to the stick with catnip (video)

Do people need a catnip?

Catnip can affect not only cats, but also people. The composition of this plant contains a huge amount of essential oils, which are very often used in medicine and perfumery. Catnip is extremely rich in vitamin C, so that it is used to make various decoctions and healing teas.

Also, veterinarians say that dried grass can be used in the absence of pet appetite.

Kotovnik has anti-inflammatory effect. Through the use of this herb can eliminate inflammation of any kind. If it is associated with wounds, you should make lotions and compresses with a decoction of the catnip. When it comes to inflammation of the internal organs, it is best to drink tea from this plant.

Pleasant mint flavor helps calm the nervous system. It can be said that catnip can reduce emotional over-stimulation and eliminate stress not only in cats, but also in people.

Often, catnip is used to eliminate unpleasant stomach cramps, colic and abdominal distention. With a slower metabolism, this plant can also be used. Often, catnip acts as a soft painkiller. For example, if you have a toothache and there is no opportunity to visit the clinic, you can rinse out the mouth with tincture prepared from this plant, and for some time the pain will subside.

cats hugging in catnips

Often this herb is attributed in case of a strong cough. This tool stimulates the active expectoration of sputum from the bronchi. Doctors often advise gargling with a decoction of catnip, as it stops hurting faster.

As for cats, and for people catnip is an excellent means for the prevention of parasites. Therefore, if you want to play it safe and eliminate possible worms, you can not buy expensive drugs at the pharmacy, and use tea from cat grass.

As for cats, and for people catnip

Many people are attracted to this plant just like cats, so they often wonder if it is possible to smoke catnip in usual human doses instead of regular cigarettes sold in tobacco stalls. Numerous studies have shown that smoking this plant does not cause addiction in a person, like many narcotic substances. But despite this, smoking catnip is not recommended.

After heating the plant, it releases a lot of poisonous tar, like simple tobacco. Due to frequent smoking of catnip, problems with the respiratory system and other organ systems may occur. But on the other hand, catnip can not be called more harmful to health than tobacco, which is part of each cigarette.

Catnip is a useful plant for both animals and humans. But it brings benefits only when used correctly.

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