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Origin, Characteristics, Facts, and types – British Shorthair Cat

Origin, Characteristics, Facts and types - British Shorthair Cat


Origin, Characteristics, Facts, and types – British Shorthair Cat

British Shorthair Cat – Sturdy cat, also known as “the Bulldog among cats “, disgraceful and reserved, the British Shorthair is suitable for a long time outdoors, so to those who have a garden, but it also adapts very well to home life like almost all cats. British, the name also says it, for its nature, in fact, “British”, so quiet and sly. The British Shorthair blue variety is particularly appreciated.

Origins of the British Shorthair Cats

Cat of English origin, selected from the nineteenth century by the British cat, which actually descends from the Italian cat, to obtain a robust and resistant structure, with a large head and thick hair.

The British Shorthair was presented for the first time at a cat show in London in 1871, but it achieved success after Harrison Weir’s book “Our cats and all about them”, which spoke of this cat, was published.

Origins of the British Shorthair Cats

After a decline of the British Shortair cat breed in the twentieth century, due to the strengthening of the fashion of exotic cats, the few specimens remained with Persians, of similar morphology, crossed. In this way an even healthier and more robust cat was obtained.

British shorthair – photo Silvia Pampallona

Characteristics of the British Shorthair CAts

He is an independent cat and skilled hunter , he loves to be free and large spaces, therefore suitable for those who can have a garden or large house. But the British breed cat also loves living at home, so it is suitable for apartment living, because it is docile and accommodating.

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He has a kind and reserved, stubborn character, he must be educated well about what he can and cannot do and teach him to return home to the call, otherwise there is a risk that he may enjoy freedom so much that he does not return when it is time.

Appearance and characteristics

The British Shortair cat is medium to large in size, very solid and massive, powerful body and broad shoulders. The legs are short with respect to the body, robust and with round feet. As you can see in the video that I propose to you at the end of the article, both British shortair and adult kittens are dominated by a shape: the circle. Round is the head, round the cheeks, round the body.

The head is large and round, with large jaws. It has a straight, short and broad nose, rounded ears and large, round eyes. The tail is thick at the base and thinner at the tip. The hair is thick and with a compact texture, it can exist in all colors, but the most appreciated, as we said, is the British Shortair  blue . It is a shortair cat, as the name suggests, because it is short-haired.

There is also a torite, spotted and tabby version, in particular the silver tabby is appreciated Since 1991, the color point variety has also been accepted.

Useful books on the British Shorthair cat

  • ON SALE British shorthairMariaelena Turisani – Publisher: Castel Negrino – Flexible Cover: 96 pages 18,90 EUR – 2,84 EUR 16,06 EUR
  • British Shorthair Cat (Pet Love) by FM Rowley (2001-06-20)FM Rowley – Interpet Publishing (2001-06-20) – Hardcover EUR 159.80
  • [(British Shorthair Cats, the Complete Owners Guide to British Shorthair Cats and Kittens Including British Blue, Buying, Daily Care, Personality, Temperament, Health, Diet and Breeders]] [By (author) Colette Anderson] published on (April, 2014 )Colette Anderson – Ekl Publications – Flexible Cover 20.46 EUR
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Breed standard of the British Shorthair cat (BRI):

EMS Code: BRI 
Associations that recognize the breed: AACE, ACF, ACFA, CCA, CFA, FIFé, GCCF, LOOF, SACC, TICA, WCF

  • General
    Size: Medium to large
  • Head
    Shape: Round and massive, with a wide skull 
    Nose: Short, wide and straight, with a slight depression, but not a stop like in EXO. 
    Chin: Strong
  • Ears
    Shape: Small and slightly rounded at the ends. 
    Placement: Place far apart.
  • Eyes
    Shape: Large, round, well opened and spaced apart. 
    Color: Copper or dark orange 
    Uneven eyes 
    Green or blue green; green is preferred.
  • Neck
    The head is carried on a short neck, very strong and well developed.
  • Body
    Muscular, compact ( ‘cobby’). 
    Wide thorax; strong and solid shoulders and back.
  • Short
    and strong paws . 
    Feet: Strong and round.
  • Tail
    Short and thick, with slightly rounded tip.
  • Coat
    Structure Short and dense, the hair is not adherent due to the presence of a thick undercoat. Fine weaving. The texture must be ‘crispy’ (‘crispy’) to the touch. 
    Color: Each hair must have a uniform color up to the root, except in the tabby and silver varieties.
Characteristics of the British Shorthair CAts

British shorthair – photo Silvia Pampallona

Caring For a British Shorthair Cat

In the Shortair British cat the grooming of the hair must be accurate and performed with a fine-toothed comb to remove dead hair, especially during moulting.

But the same thick coat is subject to flea infestation, also because it loves to be outdoors, so it is good to treat it regularly with the appropriate products.

Price of the British Shorthair

Price in the norm, for a purebred cat, for the British, the cost of which can vary from € 400 to € 900, depends a lot on whether you want it as a pet or on display and on the genealogical line of your British Shorthair cat. The price that will rise if you want a cat for show or reproduction. The cost must always include Pedigree, without which your Brit cannot be defined as a “purebred cat”

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