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Best water bowl for dog 2020: buying guide



Best water bowl for dog 2020: buying guide

If you are looking for a good bowl for water for your dog, it is because you know how important it is to keep it well hydrated not only in summer, but all year round. This is because your four-legged friend probably has a diet predominantly on dry food, so he always needs fresh water available.

If well hydrated, your dog will be healthy and strong even in the hottest months. However, it is not always easy to buy the best water bowl on the market. Due to a large variety of materials, sizes and types, it is possible to feel in difficulty. For this reason, we have decided to help you in choosing, through the content of the article you are reading.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The size of your dog is a key point in purchasing an adequate bowl of water. The bigger your furry, the more water it will need. For this reason, you will need a model that reaches half a liter or a liter, especially if you spend many hours outside the home.
  • The material of the dog bowl is very important. Some plastics may have components that are harmful to your pet’s health. Also, if your four-legged friend has allergies, you will have to opt for a hypoallergenic bowl.
  • If your dog tends to drink little and you already know that there is no disease at the root of it, the best bowls for him will be automatic or source. They offer continuously moving liquid. In this way, the water will attract its attention, as well as being always fresh.

The best water bowls for dogs on the market: our selection

As we have already said, it can be difficult to choose the best water bowls for dogs. The risk is to waste too much time and end up taking one at random and then regretting the purchase. To help you in this process, let’s start the buying guide with what we believe are the best bowls of the moment. You will also find a brief summary of the opinions of those who bought them previously, they will help you!

AmazonBasics 11020

The AmazonBasics branded water dispenser is suitable for pets such as dogs and cats. It has a 3.79 l transparent PET tank, which will constantly replenish the polypropylene bowl. The structure has shaped handles for easy movement and mounts non-slip rubber feet.

Buyers are understandably enthusiastic about the product, which offers the right compromise between cost and functionality, without compromising on quality. The materials are robust and elegant enough, and can be easily cleaned. It can also be purchased bundled with the food vending machine of the same line, for even greater savings.


COMSUN offers a 350 ml bowl for dogs or cats, with the particularity of being able to be closed again occupying the space of 13 cm in diameter and 1.3 cm in thickness. It is sold in bundles of 2 or 3 pieces. A larger model is also available, with a maximum diameter of 18 cm and a capacity of 700 ml.

The bowls in question are perfectly suited to those who bring their pet with them on vacation or on trips out of port, allowing you to save a considerable portion of space in your bag or suitcase. This is precisely how users use it and are widely satisfied with it, praising its resistant materials and ease of use.

AmazonBasics BXG

Also from AmazonBasics comes a large 910 ml bowl for dogs of any size, suitable for both drinking and eating. It is made of high quality stainless steel and measures 7.8 cm in height, while the base reaches a diameter of 27 cm and has a non-slip rubber ring.

The quality-price ratio of the item is decidedly high, especially if you are moving towards the bundle of two bowls. The user is highly satisfied with the purchase and does not report any problems; it is basically a fairly simple object, easy to clean and of good quality.


YGJT sells a set consisting of automatic water dispensers and croquettes for dogs and cats, made of plastic intended for food use. Both drums have a volume of 3.75 l, and the one for food has a practical lid for easier refueling. The base includes the bowl and is instead 31.5 × 17 cm wide.

The pair of food and water dispensers proposed by YGJT satisfies the users, even if someone has to complain about the solidity of the materials and the quality of the hooks, advising against their use with large or particularly lively dogs. Apart from that, both are excellent products, useful and functional, without real defects.


Lorsoul offers an automatic water dispenser for dogs and cats, whose tank has a capacity of 3.75 l and a valve that prevents liquids from escaping when filling it. The base is about 32 × 17.5 cm wide and has a non-slip surface.

The reviews of the Lorsoul proposal are very positive, after all being a simple, cheap and functional object. It is stable, it fills up easily and the water inside lasts several days, based on who will use the object, keeping it fresh and clean.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog water bowls

As you have seen through our ranking, the world of dog bowls is more complex than it seems. There are many models, materials and operating systems. For this reason, it is normal for doubts to arise. Below you will find some important key aspects that will help you make the right purchase for your needs.


The bowl’s non-slip base prevents it from moving from where you placed it. (Source: Iakov Filimonov: 123074829 /

What is a dog bowl and what is it for?

A dog bowl is nothing more than a container where you can put water for your four-legged friend. Although they are not specifically for dogs, most of them are universal. In the case of water bowls for dogs, they also offer the possibility of placing food next to the water.

For the health of your furry, it is essential to keep the water always clean: the water bowls for dogs have different sizes, regardless of the price. For this, you can always buy the bowl suitable for the size of your dog or for the number of dogs you own. Furthermore, they are made in different materials (which we will analyze in the next paragraph).

What materials can a dog bowl be made of?

Generally speaking, the best water bowls for dogs on the market are in three different materials: plastic, metal (especially stainless steel) and ceramic. You must know each material well in order to understand what it can bring to the dog, as well as to you. Here are the various materials:

  • Plastic: plastic water bowls for dogs are usually the cheapest, which is undoubtedly a plus. They are also the most comfortable if you have to go on a trip. As a result, you need to make sure that the bowl is made of good quality plastic, without BPA (a highly harmful compound for dogs).

However, cleaning these bowls can become an authentic martyrdom. This is because plastic products tend to crack and host all kinds of bacteria in those cracks, therefore requiring daily care.

  • Metal: The best dog bowls are usually made of stainless steel. This option is the easiest to clean: unlike plastic, it is not porous, so bacteria are present at minimal levels. In addition, they last much longer.

In addition to hygiene and durability, the best stainless steel water bowls for dogs are a little more expensive than their plastic equivalents. Many of them have non-slip or anti-tip bases: a great advantage if your dog is a mess or always on the move.

  • Ceramic: the best water bowls for dogs of this material are very aesthetically beautiful. Many of them, as well as the other bowls in this material, have colorful patterns that hardly go unnoticed. However, they are usually heavy, so it can be difficult to move or topple them.

Many experts say that ceramic has a porosity that brings it closer to plastic in terms of hygiene. Furthermore, if they are not of good quality they can break very easily. So, the lower strength compared to plastic and metal bowls is a flaw that you need to take into consideration.

What should an excellent bowl of water for dogs look like?

Once you have chosen the most ideal material for you and your dog, you need to analyze all the other aspects that will form the perfect bowl. The first of these is always connected to the material which, first of all, must be hypoallergenic in order to avoid any inconvenience. The other is that its design allows for easy cleaning. Diana OliverJournalist who deals with four-legged friends, motherhood, childhood and healthy life

“Proper hydration is important for the dog, just like proper nutrition and exercise.”

As for the finish, it must adapt to the characteristics of your dog. If you buy a bowl of water for dogs that your friend cannot use properly, you could make him want to drink, and this would be a big problem. As for the base, make sure it is non-slip, because otherwise your furry will tend to move the bowl.

What types of bowls are there?

Among the best water bowls for dogs, we find the classic containers that can be placed on the ground (thanks to the non-slip base) or at a certain height. This type of bowls are usually sold in pairs, in order to allow you to put water in one and food in the other. They are the cheapest and require no other expenses.

Then, there are also automatic drinkers. Some of them can contain several liters (they are therefore ideal for larger dogs), others instead rely on closed circuits, which push the dog to drink. Other bowls, on the other hand, are designed specifically for dogs with beards or with large ears (to prevent them from getting wet).

What are the advantages of automatic drinkers or storage bowls?

New technologies have allowed the development of automatic or storage drinking troughs for dogs, leading the various brands to conceive ever new and different designs. In addition, these models have a number of advantages over traditional bowls:


  • Some models can be managed from anywhere through a mobile device
  • They can be adapted to each type of dog (based on size or how much water you drink)
  • When there are deposits or closed circuits of water, the dog cannot spill or waste it, so even if you leave the house without your friend, you will know that he will always have water at his disposal.
  • Many models supply water in the form of jets or in continuous movement
  • They offer filters that avoid a bad smell or taste of water
  • Some models include additional filters to eliminate everything that falls into it


  • the best options aren’t always cheap (even if it’s worth the long term)
  • Filters should be changed every two or four weeks, resulting in additional waste (however, it must be said that they are not very expensive)

Are two-bowl dog bowls useful?

It depends. At the beginning they can be, because you can offer your dog more water or a mix of food and water, even if it may happen that your dog doesn’t like it so much. In addition, the dog could use the water container to keep his food: dogs are not known to be as precise as cats, so the bowl could make them want to drink.


Most of the bowls are hypoallergenic. (Source: pexels: 1284238 /

Where is it best to place the bowl of water?

Fortunately, dogs are not as capricious as cats, at least in general. In this way, it should be easy to place the bowl, of course, better if in a place that invites the dog to drink. In addition, it is better that it is not too close to food, so as not to get dirty.

What are the filters for water bowls, and what are they for?

One of the advantages of the best automatic or storage bowls for dogs is that they usually have one or more filters: the main one is the carbon filter, which avoids bad smells or flavors. This is an important factor, because if your furry dog ​​finds that the water smells bad, he may stop drinking.

There are also other filters that help eliminate unwanted residues and agents. For example, dust or food (especially if near the bowl of water) or other elements, could fall into the water, making it dirty. Obviously, you don’t want this to happen. These types of filters help keep the water clean.

What types of bases have the best dog bowls, and why are they important?

In general, the best dog bowls of 2019 have fairly non-slip bases, with usually hypoallergenic materials. Many brands use materials of natural origin also for the packaging: in this way, the health of your friend will never be affected, and you can feel comfortable.

The non-slip bases allow the bowl of water not to move from the place where you place it. Thanks to this, you will avoid that there are sudden overturns. Large ones, such as drinking troughs, have generally smaller bases but which, for the same weight, allow them to adhere better to the ground.

Could a bowl of water cause allergies in my furry?

The bowl itself is not, but the materials it is made of could. Today, most dog water bowls are hypoallergenic, that is, they are made of materials that do not cause allergies. However, it could happen that the model you want to buy is made of potentially harmful materials: it is difficult to be so, but it is better that you are sure of it before making the purchase.

Purchase criteria

At this point, we hope to have clarified several of your possible doubts about dog water bowls. But we’re not done yet. Now that you know these important accessories well, you need to focus on the criteria you need to follow to buy the best bowl for your four-legged friend.

  • Guy
  • Size of the dog
  • Bowl material
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Design and functionality


Obviously, the dog is not a cat: you have to take it for a walk every day. During a working day you will be forced to spend long hours away from home, but you will still have to guarantee your dogs some fresh air and access to water during your absence. In this case, storage sources or bowls are the best option for you.

Size of the dog

Having a chihuahua is not the same as having a great dane. For this, you will not need the same bowl if you have one, two or more dogs. The bigger the dog, the more water it will need: therefore, concentrate on the volume of water that the drinker must contain. Its capacity must vary between half a liter and 8 liters. Eva LopezExpert in the animal world

“The amount of water a dog has to drink is around 60 ml per kilo on average.”

Bowl material

As you will have already understood in the paragraph dedicated to the different materials, plastic, metal and ceramic bowls have different characteristics. While plastic bowls are the cheapest, they have a number of drawbacks that you will rarely experience with a metal or ceramic bowl.

Easy cleaning and durability

TypeEasy cleaning and durability
PlasticVery easy to clean at the beginning of its useful life. However, cleaning becomes difficult in the long run, as that material degrades over time. Plastic has a great resistance, but it will always be less than stainless steel. Furthermore, due to the deterioration of this material, it has a shorter useful life
Stainless steelIn general, cleaning is fairly simple: it does not deteriorate, thus preventing bacteria from nesting inside it as it does in plastic bowls. In terms of durability, metal dog bowls are the best option, since this material is robust, solid and with excellent resistance to decay
CeramicQuite easy to clean, even if some ceramic bowls can present the same problems as the plastic ones (porosity with consequent accumulation of bacteria or deterioration of the material). Some ceramic options may tend to break, resulting in a rain of fragments in the event of breakage. However, in general, it is a very solid and resistant material in the long run

Design and functionality

Regardless of the material of the dog bowl you want to buy or the money you want to spend, the design and functionality are two factors not to be overlooked: the product must first of all be easy to install or activate. In addition, it must be beautiful and accessible for your dog, otherwise your friend will not drink and the purchase will be completely useless.


According to popular culture, the dog is man’s best friend. This is not said by chance, because the relationship we have had with dogs throughout history has always been close and made of collaboration. So we all agree that you deserve the best, even for what concerns the bowl of water.

Remember to make your purchase based on the criteria that we have recommended. The best bowl will depend on the material, its functionality, its size (and those of your dog) or its mechanism of action. In this guide, we wanted to give a general overview of this object.

If we have managed to help both you and your dog, do not hesitate to leave us a comment or share the article on your social profiles!

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