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Best Scratching Tree 2020: Buying Guide


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Best Scratching Tree 2020: Buying Guide

Best Scratching Tree 2020: Buying Guide – The cat tree can be one of the best gifts for your cat. These ‘home’ felines need to play to be happy, release their adrenaline and stay fit. The daily routine can be very boring for them, so offering them some kind of entertainment is very important.

The scratching post tree you choose to buy will have to adapt to the needs of your pet and the space you have at home. In this guide you will find all the information necessary to choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your cat, as well as the answers to the most common questions asked by users. Let’s begin!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Cats tend to sharpen their nails to renew them, they need to play to release their adrenaline and need many hours of rest. And all these features are offered to them by a scratching tree.
  • There are various sizes, designs and prices on the market, to adapt to everyone’s needs.
  • It is very likely that your cat will not have major problems adapting to its scratching post tree, since the latter is made up of various parts specifically designed for carrying out various activities.

The best scratching trees on the market: our selection

In this section of our guide you will find a list of the five most popular scratching trees on the market. In addition, you will also find a brief summary which highlights the main characteristics of each of them, so that it is easier to know the products. This way you can choose which scratching tree to buy for your home and cat.

Dibea – 112 cm

This tree scratches for cats, marked Dibea, is 112 centimeters high and its base measures 40 x 40 centimeters. Made of extra soft fabric, it consists of a playing rope and a ball. The tree is made up of three platforms, each to offer different entertainment. Different colors are available and the price varies according to the chosen chrome.

The product is appreciated by reviewers for its ease of assembly: simple and intuitive, once mounted this shaft is the same as it is presented in the photo. The only flaw is stability, as a cat could overturn it, but otherwise the quality of the materials used and the overall strength of the article are excellent. Shipping was also positive.

Dibea – 80 cm

This tree designed to entertain cats is equipped with a bottom plate measuring 50 x 30 centimeters, moreover its height is 80 centimeters. The poles, filled with sisal, are about 8 centimeters in diameter. The whole product is made with extra soft material and fabric. Finally, there is a “cave” of about 30 centimeters in diameter.

Again, the most appreciated feature by reviewers is the ease of assembly, simple and intuitive as well as quick. However, this product is much more stable than the previous one, which is greatly appreciated by customers. The value for money is also good, as is the quality of the materials. The only flaw is the slightly thin strings.


Signed by Feandrea, this scratching post for cats 148 cm high is equipped with poles to scratch whose base is reinforced with strips for greater stability. The whole structure is covered with soft plush to provide comfort and relaxation to the four-legged felines, as well as CARB certified chipboard. Finally, sisal allows cats to sharpen their claws in the most appropriate way.

There are many positive reviews for this product. First of all, it is appreciated by users for its stability and robustness, thanks to the reinforced base. Excellent quality of materials and finishes. Furthermore, the ease of assembly is very welcome. Finally, the quality-price ratio is also praised, considered “excellent”, as well as customer support.

AmazonBasics – Scratching post for large cats

Signed by AmazonBasics, this tree scratching post is large and includes three platforms and seven columns covered in jute. The upper platform can also act as a kennel for the cat, while the square base makes this article ideal for being easily positioned in any area of ​​the house. The product is 117 cm tall and measures 40 x 40 cm in the base.

The ease of assembly stands out from all the other characteristics of the product due to its intuitiveness and simplicity. Furthermore, the value for money is judged as “excellent”. The reviews also reveal a remarkable appreciation for the robustness of the product. The speed of Amazon shipping and packaging was also positive.

MC Star – 120 cm

This cat scratching tree measures 120cm in height, while the base is 55 x 40cm. The article includes, among others, three platforms, a hammock and a room where cats can rest. The materials mainly used are natural sisal and velvet fabric, scratch-resistant and useful for cats to sharpen their claws.

Users like this product for its robustness and stability. Obviously, the value for money is excellent: given the reduced price, the reviewers are satisfied with the product obtained against the cost incurred. Some users report the lack of a screw, fundamental for the construction. However, the quality of the materials and their resistance are excellent.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about scratching trees

It is important that before buying a scratching post tree, you are familiar with the most common characteristics of these objects intended for use by pets, so that you can better select the most suitable product for your cat. These cat trees can incorporate various components and parts very different from each other, with various functionalities. Below we will answer the most common questions about it.

tree-scratching post-first-xcyp1

If your cat has a scratching post he likes, he won’t have his nails on your sofa or chairs. (Source: Anurak Ponapatimet: 61507277 /

What should I do if my cat’s scratching tree does not attract his attention?

It can happen that when you put a cat tree for your cat in the house, the animal does not consider it. If something like this happens, there is an easy solution. Cats love to play, no matter how distrustful they may be with the new objects that occupy their space. You can make your cat sniff and learn about the scratching post through different tricks.

One option is to take some of his toys or blankets and put them on the tree so that the cat begins to smell the new object. You can also put small pieces of food he likes, so as to associate it with something good. If your pet is playful, move and move the different hanging objects that the tree can have to attract the animal.

What is the scratching post installed in the tree for the cat?

The scratching post is present in every tree for cats. Even the simplest on the market has one. It is normally made of natural sisal rope, which is a material that cats really like and that is good for their nails. For a cat, nails are his identity and he needs to renew them often. Scratching this surface gets rid of the old layers.

The scratching post also helps her mark and claim areas like hers. In addition, the scratching post is a are a means of playing and stretching, something very important for a cat’s joints, muscles and bones. For you, however, it is an advantage. If your cat has a scratching post he likes, he won’t treat your sofa or chairs to the same treatment.

Why can a scratching post tree fight my pet’s obesity?

A cat who spends all day at home can feel bored and unmotivated to stay active. These pets sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, but to enjoy optimal health, they need to be active the rest of the time. Cats are hunters by nature and a home without stimuli can be boring for them.

Also, if your cat spends all day at home and doesn’t move, he may become obese. A cat tree offers several stimuli to encourage him to be more active. It allows him to climb, jump, play with hanging objects and even climb. These activities will improve his exercise and help him stay fit.

tree-scratching post-product-xcyp1

It is common for scratching trees to include a space for catnip. (Source: Oksana Kuzmina: 74446303 /

What consequences can obesity have on cats that don’t have a scratching post to play with?

It should be remembered that a cat that does little activity can become obese and therefore have various health problems. For example, obesity can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes or liver disorders. It is therefore necessary to look for ideas that allow domestic cats to remain active, such as scratching trees.

We also emphasize the fact that an overweight cat is also more at risk of suffering from arthritis due to the weight that constantly weighs on the joints. Experts recommend avoiding this, not only by checking the food of the animals, but also by checking that the cat can perform a little activity daily, even if it never leaves the house.

What are the benefits of my cat playing with a scratching post?

In addition to fighting obesity, which is a typical problem for domestic cats, a scratching post tree can also offer other benefits. If cats always stay at home without doing activities, they can develop aggressive behaviors up to depression. Let’s not forget that they are originally hunting animals.

Having a cat at home without stimuli can lead him to have strange fixations: if you don’t offer some toys to the pet, he could try to hunt your legs or to let off steam with your knick-knacks. In addition, all the trees on the market have a scratching post absolutely necessary for your cat’s well-being. And also for your furniture, since the cat will no longer use them to nail or play.

Should I consider the number of cats in my home to choose a scratching post tree?

Before deciding which cat tree to buy, it is absolutely necessary to consider the number of cats that will use it. Experts believe that people who live with multiple cats should offer their pets several places to lie down. So, for example, it will be necessary to have a kennel or cot for each cat that is in the house.

Sometimes, these pets may want to play with the same object at the same time, and therefore may struggle to use it. Therefore, the tree must be large enough to be used by all your cats at the same time. Occasionally, these animals may imitate each other and that, if one plays, the other also wants to do it.

Where should I place the scratching post tree?

When choosing the place where to place the recreational corner of your pets, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is a place frequented by cats, but it must also be a corner of the house comfortable for this use and that it does not bother you while do your homework. Avoid placing it near valuables that can break.

If your cats are very heavy, it is advisable to place the scratching post near a wall and fix it with nails so that with the jumps and movements of the animals that use it it does not fall to the ground. If your cat loves to lean out of the window, he will love having his cat tree near one of them, so when he lies down on the parts of the structure intended for this purpose, he will be able to observe life outside.

Why can cats stop using their scratching trees?

It may happen that your cat has always played with its scratching post but suddenly stops using it. There can be several reasons. It could be that the platform is dirty: remember that cats are very clean and they want their things to be clean too. It can also happen that your pet is not very adventurous and the tree does not offer him enough security because it is not stable.

If your cat falls from the scratching post it plays with, it is possible that he is afraid of it and does not want to use it again. Therefore, if you notice that the tree is not stable enough for your cat’s weight or strength, you always have the option to nail it to a wall to make sure it doesn’t move anymore. Barbara HolandaCat expert

“There is no ‘cat language’. As painful as it is for us, we have to admit that they don’t need it. “

What is catnip and why does the scratching tree provide a space to contain it?

It is common for toys intended for cats to include a space for catnip, also called catnip or nepeta cataria. It is a plant of the mint family that contains an oil called “nepetalactone” in its leaves. It is proven that it causes very different reactions in cats and that, above all, it stimulates them, with the exception of cat puppies.

These effects affect many people because they resemble those produced by a drug, but experts say it is not harmful to the animal. On the contrary, it is an advantage that leads them to be more motivated to live at home, to play more and to be more active. Many scratching trees include a space for catnip to attract the animal.

Purchase criteria

If you choose to buy a scratching post tree, it is very important that you do it in an informed way and that you evaluate some aspects, both of your pet and of the product. Here we summarize the most important factors to consider in order to make the appropriate decision and make your cat happy. These aspects are:

  • Scratching tree composition
  • Materials
  • Height
  • Extra elements
  • User ratings

Scratching tree composition

The cat tree you are about to buy for your cat can be made up of several parts. Usually there are different modules depending on the size, but in most models some basic parts repeat themselves. Here are the parts you can find in a scratching tree and their different usefulness:

Parts that make up the cat treeUse that makes the catBenefits
ScratchingThe cat needs to get his nails done and a scratching post does this. It also does it to mark the territory and to stretch its jointsThe animal will be able to renew the layers of its nails with a scratching post. And the owners of the house will notice that it will stop ruining furniture like sofas thanks to this activity
PendantsPlay and huntThe cat will unload its adrenaline with these hanging and dangling utensils
Kennels or small housesTo rest and hideFor wary cats, these closed places offer a little tranquility. They can also be used to play hide and seek, something that amuses cats a lot
Horizontal platformsTo rest and playMany cats like to be high. These surfaces allow you to rest while standing high or to observe the things or people around him
HammocksRelax and sleepMany scratching trees are designed to allow cats to sleep on them. Hammocks allow the animal to rest high.
RopesPlay and climbThe ropes offer the cat the opportunity to get his nails done and can also represent a great entertainment with which the animal can unload the adrenaline and perform the physical exercise that his body requires


The materials that make up the scratching post tree vary according to the part of the object and its functionality, although they are usually common in most of them. Here we will see what are the most used materials and their specifications:

  • Natural sisal. Both the scratching posts and climbing ropes found in some of these cat trees are made of natural sisal. It is a rope obtained from agave, a very common plant in Mexico. It is not known that this material can cause allergies, so it is ideal for your cat.
  • Sponge. This material is usually used to coat the different platforms of a tree for cats. It is generally a soft cotton fabric with an absorbent texture. It offers warmth to anyone who is in contact with it.
  • Velvet. A scratching post usually integrates velvet in the parts of the object made for the rest of your pet. It can be made of any fiber. It is a type of hairy fabric in which the threads are evenly distributed. It is very soft and it is particularly comfortable to lie on it.
  • MDF. From English Medium Density Fibreboard is a material used for the different platforms that make up the tree for cats and is covered with any of the fabrics mentioned. MDF is made with wood fibers bonded with synthetic resins through strong pressure to create smooth boards.


Regardless of the functionality that a scratching post tree has, there are different heights. And remember that there are cat trees of all sizes. They can reach up to 3 meters starting from those only a few centimeters high. You have to observe the character of your cat and the space that your home offers to know which one is most suitable for your needs.

If your cat is young and loves adventures, try taking a scratching post tree at least one meter tall. There are also trees that can be attached or hung on the wall. If your cat is old or very quiet, he will need a low tree. Don’t buy one bigger than you, since you won’t be able to save your friend in case he is afraid to go down.

In addition to the most common parts of a scratching post tree, you can find various additional items that should be chosen based on your cat’s personality. For example, if he likes to rest up high, look for one that includes a hanging hammock or a high flat platform. If it is very playful, try to choose one with several different hanging pendants.

If you have a cat that loves to get nails, look for a scratching post with large surfaces that allow this activity. If he likes to play hide and seek or is a somewhat wary animal, buy one that includes a small house that can offer your cat his personal space. Catnip can be an extra that motivates your pet in its games.

User ratings

You should always take the opinions of other buyers into consideration when choosing a scratching tree or another. Check out the comments and focus on those that summarize the experience that cats with similar characteristics to yours have had. If you have a particularly large cat, look for what similar cat owners say.

Web sales sites and social networks will be your best allies in this case. Don’t just look at an object’s score, but pay close attention to technical problems. Other buyers have put these opinions to guide and help you. This will help make your purchasing choice very effective.


City cats spend many hours indoors and this can be counterproductive. They can get bored, develop bad habits and delusions, be unmotivated or suffer from obesity. Therefore, you need to have items at home that can entertain your cat and keep him active. A scratching post tree is ideal for this purpose.

A cat scratching tree can present an infinite number of options. Many are found with different parts and various objectives that will adapt well to the personality of your feline friend. A cat tree is an excellent gift for your pet that will also leave your furniture intact, because it will allow your friend to have his own place to get his nails.

If you liked this article, do not hesitate to leave us a comment or share it with friends on your social networks. Thank you!

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