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Best Rabbit Cage – Comprehensive Buying Guide (No-Nonsense)

Best Rabbit Cage - Comprehensive Buying Guide (No-Nonsense)

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Best Rabbit Cage – Comprehensive Buying Guide (No-Nonsense)

It is now rare to find rabbit cages in many houses in France. Indeed, children are very appreciative of the company of the rabbit belonging to the category of NAC (New Pets) which are tender and sweet at the same time. And for the safety of the property inside the house, the good behavior of the place, and the respect of the comfort and well-being of your rabbit, it is necessary to obtain a cage with rabbit. But to adopt the right cage for your lagomorph, you still have to understand the usefulness, characteristics and make the right choice.

In this guide and comparative rabbit cage developed in 2018, we will see more precisely what is a rabbit cage, what are the different types of rabbit cage that can be found on the market, the comparative best cages for the year 2018, the characteristics of a cage and how to choose a cage for your pet.

rabbit cage

What is a rabbit cage?

Also known as a hutch, the rabbit cage is an indispensable accessory when you live with a long-eared animal at home. For years now, the hutch has been part of the life of European households. Of course, long before the appearance of domestic rabbits, there was talk of breeding and breeding. Thus, the rabbit cages were exclusively reserved for the outside part of the house. The company has evolved since. And how much you can still find a rabbit cage outdoors nowadays, the pet shop shelves are also equipped with a cage designed for the interior.

An indoor rabbit cage

These are fairly simple and light models. They are not surfacovore. And for good reason, it is not about cluttering the living room with the pet rabbit of your little girl or boy. A rabbit cage will allow you to reconcile family life at home, and your pet’s life, unhindered. You can find a tiered rabbit cage , depending of course on your budget and how many rabbits you want to put on it. The size of an indoor rabbit cage may exceed 1 m40. These are the accessories to avoid for those who live in a small apartment.

Generally, rabbit cages for the interior of the house are made of plastic base and toasting on the top. The whole forms a simple parallelepiped and design. You have various colors available on the market: blue, white, black, gray, etc.

A rabbit cage for the garden

If you want to put your bunny outside, you have more possibilities. The hutches are generally larger. These are the accessories to have when you have an entire rabbit family. The hutch can go from one to several levels. It all depends on your budget. The models can be simple or very design. There are now sites that sell fenced enclosures. 
Usually, the hutch is made of wood and metal fence. But it may also be made of other materials, everything depends on the need for strength, strength, and aesthetics of each.

The characteristics of a rabbit cage

The characteristics of a rabbit cage

Rabbit cages can be of various kinds. But there are characteristics to respect for their creation. These can be used to find the rabbit cage of better quality.

Let’s talk about the dimensions of the cage

The size of a rabbit cage is always the detail that matters most. It is the pledge of the comfort of the animal and its master. It has already been said that the size of a rabbit cage depends on that of its occupant. For a rabbit of average size, it will be necessary to envisage a cage of 100 * 120 * 50cm.

The height of the cage must be 45 or 50 cm minimum. In this way, the animal will be able to make some leaps and to walk freely.

Openings available

A rabbit cage must have at least one opening. So does the ease of maintenance of the premises. To each model the location of its opening. You have cages with doors on the sides or on the ceiling. One will never stop repeating it, the cages with an opening on the top are the most adapted and the most practical. In this way, you can get the animal out more easily and make the layout of its space freely.

A cage must let in the light

Every living being needs the light of day to grow. It’s not because your pet is a rabbit that you can afford to forget this rule.

A rabbit cage in the norms must, therefore, let the light of day freely pass. To do this, you have models in iron mesh or with an ice plexi structure. It all depends on your budget.

A hollow or solid bottom

A rabbit cage is formed of a bottom and a grid structure. The background in question may be hollow or full.

It is better to opt for a full-bottomed accessory. It will be easier to ensure the good behavior of your interior. With a hollow bottom, the needs of your pet can fall at any time.

In addition, a rabbit cage with a hollow bottom can be a risk for your rabbit. It can get stuck in the fences.

Types of Rabbit’s Cage

Types of Rabbit's Cage

Whether on online stores or in pet stores or pet stores, you have several types of rabbit cage available.

A wooden rabbit cage

When we talk about construction or accessories, we tend to favor wood. In rabbit cage, you can also enjoy this material known for its robustness and warm and friendly color.

But it is not advisable to opt for a wooden rabbit cage, especially if you plan to install it indoors. Admittedly, it is more chic and soberer, but the wood will tend to absorb the urine of rabbits. Your accessory will not take long to ooze and annihilate.

A rabbit cage made of plastic and metal

Rabbit cages made of plastic and metal are more recommended. And for good reason, they have fine features. They are simple to maintain and are robust to any test. With this kind of accessory, you have various possibilities in terms of color and design. In addition, most of the time these cages will be removable, so they will be easier to clean and transport.

A more modern form or not

From the simplest to the most complicated, rabbit cages are made in various forms. And of course, the price of each accessory is not worth it. For those who have a small budget, you can opt for cages shaped rectangle, simple but effective.

And for those who can afford a little more fantasy. Opt for more original rabbit cages.

Outside or inside

It is also important to note that rabbit cages can be divided into two categories: outdoor cages and indoor cages. Whether in shape, size or materials of manufacture, these two types of accessory are very different. Moreover, their installation is also.

For an indoor cage, simply place it in a corner of the house, arrange it and leave your rabbit there.

For an outdoor hutch, if you make it yourself it will ensure the stability of the structure by implanting the pillars in the ground directly. It may be necessary to even upgrade the ground so that the rabbit enclosure is not crooked.

Build your hutch yourself

If you have knowledge and tools to create a rabbit cage yourself, you can quite do it. This is the cheapest alternative to a cheap rabbit cage . And you could at the same time ensure the robustness of the structure.

Be careful however, we are talking about an outdoor hutch and not a rabbit cage indoors. Indeed, for the second model, you would need specific materials, whether for the creation of the base or the fence of the accessory. Also consider improving the comfort of the cage in winter.

For a rabbit hutch, you need wood, saw, nail and a sense of proportion. Create four pillars to make the base of your rabbit’s house. Fill the spaces between the four pillars with planks. Do as much on the contours, until you have a rectangular box while reserving a window to let in the light. You must also set up a door in order to facilitate the maintenance of the cage. You will have a simple rabbit cage.

How to choose a rabbit cage?

Rabbit cages come in many shapes and sizes. It goes with the comfort of your domestic rodent, you must make the right choice. To help you do this, here are some details to consider. Remember that the comfort of your pet rabbit is in a healthy environment and that he will feel comfortable to flourish throughout his life. An adapted cage will put all the bases necessary for a good development of your animal with long ears.

How to choose a rabbit cage

The size of your pet rabbit

Of course, the one who will benefit most from the rabbit cage will be the rodent. We must take into account its size and age to choose the model that is needed, the cage of a dwarf rabbit will not be the same as a giant rabbit Flanders, wild rabbit or silver Champagne. The cage should be large enough to allow it to circulate, play, eat, eat and rest. Moreover, you will have the obligation to arrange the rabbit cage properly. You must provide a toilet and another rest. You will have the opportunity to judge the minimum size of living space needed for the comfort of the rabbit.

The number of rabbits you wish to adopt

A rabbit cage is ideal for a rodent only. This is especially true when it is less than 1 meter. If you plan to start rabbit breeding or adopt a couple of rabbits, for breeding to obtain a rabbit, it will be necessary to opt for a larger cage on several levels, or even for an outdoor rabbit cage. This is about the comfort of rabbits, but not only. It’s also about their safety.

The size of your apartment

You will not let your comfort to the benefit of your domestic rodent. You have to find the right recipe to not hurt either. Therefore, when choosing your rabbit cage, you should also consider the size of your apartment.

You can not take a large rabbit cage of 1m40 if the ceiling height is only 1.90 meters: logical question! If your home does not allow the adoption of more than one rabbit, and setting up a small rabbit cage, try talking to your kids to find common ground.

The practical side of the thing

A rabbit cage is not just an investment. It’s also an extra responsibility. Your children will be happy to have a rabbit at home. But they will not do more for the maintenance of the place and the animal itself. And how much it would be the case, it will be a question of cleaning the cage, feed the rabbit, give him something to drink and ventilate, all while keeping him inside his home. It’s far from obvious.

When buying a rabbit cage, choose the accessories with the openings on the top. In this way, you will have more freedom of action without the rabbit trying to escape.

You will also have to push the rabbit cage often when you clean and maintain your home. For your convenience, why not opt ​​for a model with wheels?

Robust and simple materials to maintain

Do not be tempted to save money when you think about buying a rabbit cage. Opt instead for quality. This will prevent you from buying a new one all the time because the one you have in hand is not strong enough and is damaged quickly.

In addition, it also requires robust materials to ensure the safety of your rabbit. Wood that holds up well to the climatic conditions of your area, a plastic that supports the weight of your rabbit: no detail is to be omitted.

And not to add to your daily tasks, it is better to lean for structures that wash in a blow of soap and sponge.

The choice depends on your budget

The pain is never far away when it comes to accessory purchase. It is often the detail that prevails when it is necessary to make a choice for Panpan. And there is nothing wrong with that. Do not buy rabbit cages if you can not afford it. The simplest will do the job well.

Comparison of The Best Rabbit Cage

Ferplast Krolik 160: The spacious model

Ferplast Krolik 160 The spacious model

The rabbit cage Ferplast Krolik 160 is the largest in its category with a length of 160 cm which is good for your rabbit who will have all the space necessary for its development, you will have more ease to arrange its different spaces: to sleep, eat, play, etc …

Advantage of this rabbit cage:

  • it is completely flexible and you can remove the extension of 40 cm if you want or keep it to have the opportunity to define a nesting area thanks to the grid of separation.
  • It has a side and front opening grill which is a great benefit to clean it or just catch your rabbit.
  • This cage is delivered with all the useful accessories: plastic house, 2 racks, 2 drinking troughs, a manger.


  • Its cumbersome size for your habitat
  • Its weight almost 12 kg so do not move regularly,

But in spite of the disadvantages listed above, I do not think it is a major problem compared to the comfort of your rabbit.

Ferplast Cage Casita 120: The most popular model

Ferplast Cage Casita 120 The most popular model

The rabbit cage Ferplast casita 120 is the model that receives the highest rating and has the most opinion on Amazon. With a length of 120 cm it respects a standard size so that your rabbit feels good and you can arrange his space without having to make the interior designer. Elegant with its rounded roof and sober colors, and well thought out with its house that can also be used as living room with its roof, this cage model will be easy to assemble and clean. The rabbit cage comes with a bottle feeder and a rack, no need to buy additional accessories to fill your rabbit, apart from toys and a bowl. Do not wait any longer to order this excellent model, plus its price is hyper competitive on Amazon compared to other sites and specialty stores.

Easipet: The model for several rabbits

Easipet The model for Several Rabbits

The Easipet Bunny Cage is the perfect cage if you have a couple of rodents, be they rabbits, turkey pigs or Chinchillas. With 2 levels of 100 cm in length they will have enough space not to walk one on the other. Easy to mount and convenient with its scale, this cage has 2 side opening grilles and one on the top. It is sold with 2 racks and you can choose between 3 colors: black, blue and pink. Practical and at an unbeatable price you will have a simple and comfortable solution to accommodate your 2 big-eared companions without being too cramped or separate in 2 different cages. 

Accessories that accompany a rabbit cage

A rabbit cage must be equipped with essential accessories so that it can feed, drink, grind, play,

Here are the items that are highly recommended to accompany your rodent’s cage:

  • A bowl for food: adapt to the rabbit so that it can feed easily, it is advisable to take a porcelain bowl so that it is heavy enough not to be spilled by your rabbit.
  • A bottle for drinking: it can attach directly to the gates of the rabbit cage so that it can drink without much effort, the bottle must be equipped with a ball to let the water pass when your rabbit suck. Remember to clean it regularly and change the water every day to avoid the development of microbes in this closed accessory.  
  • A shelter: to allow your rabbit to rest in peace and shelter in his rabbit hut if he feels in danger
  • A gnawing stone: so your rabbit will be able to bite teeth safely with a suitable accessory that will not hurt the molars

The litter of your rabbit

For a good hygiene of your rodent you will have to choose a litter for rabbit which corresponds to it and which does not give you an allergic reaction every time you go to change it, here is an overview of the different litters that you will be able to find on the market :

  • Wood chips: they are placed at the bottom of the cage and are among the easiest types of litter to put in place, however, beware of the allergic reaction for some people. In addition, it can be harmful for the rabbit’s respiratory system.
  • Straw: Practical, this litter easy to install can serve both litter and nest for your companion, more straw will be less allergenic than chips.
  • Hemp vegetable litter: it has a high absorption capacity and it will easily absorb odors, you can opt for silicate litter for people who are allergic or recycled paper litter

Note that your rabbit can easily become clean, it is quite possible to provide a litter box to save money and ensure that your pet always needs the same place without having to change everything at each time.

The last word to conclude this guide, the rabbit is a lively and intelligent animal, a rabbit cage is essential for him to sleep and eat in good conditions, but do not forget that it is an animal that it is necessary to make leave regularly of his cage, at the rate of 3 to 4 hours a day, so for the well being of your rabbit does not deprive him to leave as soon as you have the opportunity by protecting in preliminaries your electric son .

The Best Mid-Range Rabbit Cages

Mid-range rabbit cages offer generous dimensions. It is therefore a good choice for an animal that does not like (or can not) get out of its cage.

With larger living spaces, you can also house a second rabbit. The variety of designs available in this category can be stunning.

Ferplast Krolik 140: The Best Mid-Range

Ferplast Krolik 140 The Best Mid-Range


  • XL living space
  • Cage that can be modulated by adding / removing modules


  • Tired editing

Krolik is one of Ferplast’s range of rodent cages. The principle of its models and to propose flexible spaces: it is thus possible to extend the space of life of your animal by adding extensions.

This feature is worth a few small flaws. And if the Krolik 140 is a rabbit happiness, it can be a little less convenient for its owner.

The Krolik 140 is a XL model: 1.42 m long, 60 cm wide and 50 cm high. If you have a lot of space at home, you can opt for his big sister, the Kroli 160 which is longer, but has the same characteristics.

Attention, by the way: there is only one and same note for the 2 models. This can be destabilizing when you receive the cage when you mount it.

Given its size and configuration, editing is also a bit of a tedious step. The ideal is also to be 2 to mount the cage more easily.

This is an opportunity to discover the peculiarities of this model. Indeed, the base and the grilles disassemble entirely.

The cage is equipped with a house, with stairs to access the landing. It comes with a removable grid, which allows to isolate the opposite part to make it a nesting area.

The Krolik 140 can house 2 rabbits. It is therefore delivered with duplicate accessories. Nothing to reproach the racks.

On the other hand, the drinkers remain of average quality. The cage is of course equipped with an opening on the roof, which allows a daily maintenance.

The major concern of this model is the extension, which must be removed completely when you have to clean the cage completely. At first, this can be embarrassing, especially if you’ve been used to classic rabbit cage designs.

If the maintenance of the cage can require a little time of handling, the Krolik 140 is a real small palace for a rabbit (or two!). A single imperative: take the measurements of the planned location, because this cage is quite impressive.

Neo Muki: very nice model … Rabbit and motivated owner!

Neo Muki very nice model Rabbit and motivated owner


  • Original design


  • Lack of stability
  • Difficult daily maintenance

The Neo Muki rabbit cage is pretty. And that’s about it.

It is supposed to be able to accommodate large rodents: ferret, chinchilla or rabbit, obviously. But we are not going to lie: this cage is not made to last!

The concept of the Neo Muki is quite interesting: it is to allow your rabbit to enjoy a wide vision, without having to monopolize a piece of furniture to install high. With a deco vision bonus: slice with the look (often bad taste!) Rabbit cages to the tray too colorful.

Indeed, with its pretty feet in solid beech, the Neo Muki has a trendy look that will blend beautifully into the decor. Especially inside, ramps and landings are in light wood, totally in phase with the trend.

Problem: a rabbit is not a decorative object. It moves and worse: it eats and needs it.

The result is quickly annoying. First, the Neo Muki is far from stable (the fault probably to fixations of the feet, which are of dubious quality).

If your rabbit has a little too much temperament, it may collapse in the medium term. And above all, it is purely and simply impossible to keep ramps and levels clean: they will quickly show nasty tracks. Not to mention a very bad smell.

Suffice to say that if the Neo Muki is original, this cage remains a gadget. Given the difficulties to maintain it, it quickly becomes as unpleasant for the rabbit (which is never in a clean environment 100%) that for its owner, who may quickly get bored with the difficulties to maintain.

A purchase reserved for absolute deco lovers, motivated enough to rub on a daily basis (and able to do a little DIY to replace the fastenings of the feet!).

The best high-end rabbit cages

The high-end rabbit cages offer a choice of design and organizations of varied living spaces. They are designed in extremely robust materials. If the investment is larger, it saves you from having to renew your rabbit cage after a few years.

Side accessories, on the other hand, we stay too often on the average quality. It therefore remains necessary to renew them in the short or medium term. The best models are to look for specialists.

Ferplast 120 double: The Best High-End

Ferplast 120 double The Best High-End


  • Robust model
  • Accessories delivered in duplicate
  • Nice living space for 1 or 2 rabbits


  • Austere design

It is not for nothing that Ferplast has established itself as a reference in terms of cages and aviaries. The manufacturer took the time to observe our little companions to design ultra-comfortable models.

With the 120 Double cage, your rabbit has a real little palace. As for you, you will appreciate its functionality.

The Ferplast 120 Double is spacious: 1.18 m wide and 58 cm wide, on two levels (a little more than 50 cm high for each). The good idea: the edges of the tank at each level are high enough to avoid nuisance litter.

Another interesting detail: here, no plastic valve, but metal fasteners to fix the cage on its tray.

The design may seem austere to you. But this model is a real dream for a rabbit alone.

Two individuals will also be quite comfortable. Moreover, the cage is delivered with accessories in duplicate: house, watering trough, and manger.

Main defect of this model: the staircase connecting the 2 levels is wood. Because we must quibble, we also regret that there is not an element to isolate the two floors if necessary.

If you need to isolate the two levels, you will have to start a small DIY operation and cut a plank to deposit as floor of the floor.

Side openings, the cage has side openings on each floor. It must be admitted that that of the ground floor is a little narrow.

Surely your rabbit will pass easily. You, however, you may have some difficulty cleaning this floor.

The rabbit cage Ferplast 120 Double therefore has some micro-defects. They are quickly forgotten when they see how comfortable and comfortable they are for rabbits.

Especially since the structure is stable and robust. This cage is an excellent investment because it is without a doubt one of the best currently available on the market.

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