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Top 7 best pets for kids under 10 Comparison (Pros and Cons)

Top 7 best pets for kids under 10 Comparison (Pros and Cons)


Top 7 best pets for kids under 10 Comparison (Pros and Cons)

Check out our list of the best pets for kids under 10 with the pros and cons that you may not have to consider. All young children sooner or later ask their parents to have a pet. The choice of the animal must be taken seriously. He will become for the baby a family member and friend, whom he will take care of and love.

Top 7 best pets for kids under 10

Cat as Pets for Your kids

Children love cats and often ask to have a kitten. While he is small – the kid is interesting to play with him. He will carry him everywhere with him and even sleep with him.

Why do I need to have a cat:

  • unpretentious care;
  • no need to walk ;;
  • you can rarely bathe;
  • affectionate animal.


  • sheds wool;
  • scratching furniture;
  • marks territory;
  • parasite prevention is needed;
  • can hurt the child.

Cats need to organize a place for rest and toilet. The animal must be taught to go to the tray, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble.

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An animal should not be started for a baby under 5 years old. He must follow the rules of hygiene – after playing with a kitten, always wash your hands.

Cat as Pets for Your kids

It should be noted that when the cat grows up, it will not be interesting to play with the baby.

Dog as a Pet for your kids

The dog is asked to have older children – 7-8 years. She will be not only a friend of the kid, but also a protector. He will be happy to play with the dog and train it.

Why do I need to have a dog:

  • are amenable to training;
  • love children;
  • act as a guard.


  • several times a day, you need to take a walk;
  • takes a lot of space;
  • you need high-quality food;
  • there may be a sudden attack of aggression.

When purchasing a pet as a pet, choose a non-aggressive breed – collie, poodle, husky, beagle, pug.

Dog as a Pet for your kids

Children have fun with the dog for a walk. They run and play together. In this case, the child will be protected from unauthorized people.

The Guinea Pig as Pet

Many parents do not agree on a dog or cat and acquire a child a guinea pig. This is a friendly animal that requires attention and care. A child can independently take care of mumps: feed, water and change litter.

Why do I need to have a guinea pig:

  • habitat – cell;
  • does not fade;
  • no need to bathe;
  • does not cause trouble;
  • eats vegetables and cereals.


  • it is necessary to change the litter every few days to avoid an unpleasant odor;
  • It is necessary to cut the nails, as they grow.

The guinea pig can be let out of the cage to run around the apartment. This is done under the supervision of adults, so that the animal does not hide. Children will be interesting to watch her and play.

The Guinea Pig as Pet

Hamsters As Pet For kids

Small rodents are suitable for children of 6-7 years. Preschoolers will be happy to take care of them and observe their behavior. It is advisable to start pets with a couple, both sexes and the same sex.

Why do I need to get a hamster:

  • takes up little space;
  • little feed required;
  • unpretentious care.


  • can bite the fingers;
  • subject to the same diseases as man;
  • may be carriers of parasites.

Hamster should not be let out of the cage. He can run away and hide in a secluded place. If he is not found, he may die.

Hamsters As Pet For kids

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so for the night they need to be cleaned in another room. They can rustle, ride in the wheel and interfere with restful sleep.

Parrot – Pets For Kids

As a pet, you can give the child a parrot. Ordinary budgies are suitable for children. Parrots such as macaw, cockatoo and jaco are not worth acquiring, they can injure children.

Why do I need to have a parrot:

  • easier to keep than a dog or cat;
  • takes up little space;
  • it requires a little feed;
  • not dangerous for children.


  • scatters down in the apartment;
  • it is necessary to let go of the cage;
  • parrots are noisy birds;
  • garbage around the cage;
  • Parrots are afraid of drafts – they can get sick.

Children can play with parrots for a long time. Caring for a pet will develop a sense of responsibility in a child.

Fishes – As Pets for Kids

When choosing a pet for a child, you can stay on the fish. Compared to animals, they will deliver less hassle to their masters.

Why do I need to get the fish:

  • develops a child’s outlook;
  • a wildlife corner at home;
  • they will not be noise and debris;
  • minimal care;
  • an aquarium decorates the interior.


  • need to change the water regularly, with which the child can not cope without the help of an adult;
  • electric aquarium equipment – a potential hazard to the child;
  • can not overfeed.

Aquarium with fish like a child of any age. They can watch fish for a long time, interest in them will not disappear for a long time. Water calms and pacifies, which has a positive effect on the psyche of children.

Fishes - As Pets for Kids

Children love to feed the fish. The child must explain how many times a day they can be fed, and that they may die from overeating.

A pet is the best gift for a child. He will instill in the kid a sense of responsibility and teach care. Parents should help in caring for the animal and explain that he is the same member of the family as the child.

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