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Best large dog bed 2020: Buying guide



Best large dog bed 2020: Buying guide

Best large dog bed 2020: Buying guide – If you are looking for the best large dog bed you are in the right place! In fact, below we will offer you some XXL products selected by us, we will give you some advice on this and you will find a lot of information to make the most suitable choice for your friend. It is important that you rest as comfortably as possible, even if it is large, right?

Ours is a guide to buying large dog beds, which analyzes the pros and cons of this specific article and reminds you of everything you need to keep in mind when purchasing. For example, if your friend is a bit old, you could opt for an orthopedic product or, if you travel a lot, maybe you are looking for an option that is comfortable to carry. We will talk about this and much more along the article, don’t miss it!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • An average dog sleeps twelve to eighteen hours a day and also spends many of the remaining hours in his cot, especially if he lives in a house or accommodation without a garden. For this reason, it is essential that his kennel has everything he needs and offers him comfort and safety.
  • It is important that your dog’s bed is placed in a suitable place in the house, a place that turns into his corner where he can rest when he feels the need. Remember it would be better if it were away from the sofa, your bed and other furniture.
  • When you buy a bed for your dog you must consider various factors including the size, age and weight of your friend, in addition to the materials with which the bed is made, which is resistant to bites and, if you travel often, which is transportable for your convenience. Its design is also essential and that it is easy to wash.

The best large dog beds on the market: our selection

When you are choosing the bed for your great friend, do not think only of the lowest price you can find, also reflect on all the other details, such as the design and characteristics of the product. Read our ranking below, you will find the different specifications of each product and you will get at least an idea of ​​what the market offers.


Made with cordura and microfibre inside, it is robust and water resistant, therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. The sizes reach up to XXXL (150x110cm) therefore suitable for larger dogs. The cover is removable and machine washable at 30 °. It is composed of 5 single cushions, which maintain their original shape.

According to buyers, it is an easy to assemble and clean cot. The cushions arrive vacuum-packed, they must be inflated and then inserted into the covers, which in fact can be easily removed and replaced, facilitating the washing process. The fabric is resistant and of excellent quality. Being XXXL allows large dogs to fully relax.

Hero Dog

This bed is equipped with an orthopedic mattress and the largest XXL size corresponds to 140x100cm (also smaller available). It is made with non-toxic materials and with an internal padding of 4 cm of cotton to facilitate sore joints. The bottom is non-slip and machine washable. It can also be used as a cover for the car seat.

Users rate it as a soft, warm bed made of a material that is also suitable for children to sit in when they want to play with their four-legged friend. It is easy to clean, it is non-slip and even if positioned as a mat on the sofa it will not move every time the dog gets on it.


This large dog bed XXL corresponds to the measure of 120 x 85 x 30 cm. It is made of resistant materials (Oxford 500 x 500D, PP Cotton Padding) and is easy to wash (the manufacturer recommends using a damp cloth or brush). The padding is thick and breathable, so as to ensure your dog’s freshness during the summer.

According to the reviews, it is a bed very welcome by dogs. It is soft, durable and waterproof. Although it is not removable, it is easy to clean. It is highly recommended for large dogs, even up to 60 kg in weight. It is robust and long-lasting, does not shake off and resists bites. Excellent value for money.

Cordura Comfort hobbydog

This cot of size L (65 x 50 x 20 cm) is made of nylon (Cordura) which guarantees a long life. It resists dirt, bites, scratches, as well as humidity that can be found in an external environment. Ideal therefore to be used on the balcony, on the terrace or in a box. It consists of two parts: the removable mattress and the main part with walls. Easy to disassemble thanks to the zip.

It is an item highly appreciated by both buyers and their dogs. The materials used are robust, the padding solid and thick and the whole holds up perfectly the weight of a large dog, without flattening in the least. The edges are very popular with dogs who like to rest their muzzles. Users confirm that it is resistant to both stains and attacks from dogs that want to play.

BedDog 2in1

This dog bed up to XXXL (150 x 110 cm) is made of high quality cordura, the cushion does not contain wadding or fabric, so as not to form lumps. Thanks to the new filling in foam flakes (in the edges and in the doghouse) it is particularly solid and without the memory effect. It offers waterproofing and is double-sided.

According to the buyers, this is an easy to assemble bed with a resistant fabric. Thanks to the removable cover it is easy to wash, even in the washing machine when necessary. Dogs feel comfortable thanks to the padding that swells perfectly after 24 hours. Great price for such a large and high quality cot.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about large dog beds

Did you know that the more a dog weighs, the more attention must be paid to the materials of which his bed is made? As always, we recommend that you do not make random purchases. To find out more, read the following section, where you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions about large dog beds.


A characteristic of the bed to be taken into consideration is the non-slip material of which the surface is made, so that it does not slip or move too easily.
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What are large dog beds and how should they be?

The bed represents the ideal refuge on which your dog can rest. You can find different types, depending on the size of your dog, the design and the brands that produce it. It is a comfortable place where from the first moment the dog must feel comfortable and on which he must love to spend his time, without suffering from the cold in winter or the heat in summer.

The bigger and heavier your dog is, the more important it is to make sure that the mat is thick enough to support its body weight, so that it does not crush easily. It is important to choose the right bed for your dog, starting from the size that must correspond to its size: if it is a large dog it must have a bed in which it can be easily accommodated and comfortable, but at the same time it must not move forward too much space that would make him feel a little lost.

What are the advantages of using a cot suitable for large dogs?

When we talk about large dog beds we do not refer to those beds designed for dogs of a large breed. That is, we do not want to say that it is right to buy a large bed for a puppy, which will then grow, so as to last a lifetime. This is wrong, because a small dog will not want to stay in a bed in which he has too much space left.

Some of the main advantages that are found in the use of large dog beds are:

  • Their convenience. If the beds guarantee a condition of well-being and rest for the dog, this will have a positive influence on his character and activity during the day. The dog needs to rest the necessary hours.
  • Your dog will have its own space. This way he will spend less time on the sofa or on your bed and avoid damaging them or leaving hairs and stains on them.

How large should large dog beds be?

As for the size of the beds for large dogs, you must consider as the most important factor the fact that the dog can stretch completely, without any of its ends coming out of the bed. You can control the width it needs by measuring its body from the tip of the tail to the neck.

As for the shape, there are round or rectangular beds. In this case you have to observe how your dog sleeps. If he sleeps fully stretched, measure from the head to the tip of the hind legs and choose a mat in which no part of his body comes out. If, on the other hand, he sleeps wrapped or half-wrapped on himself, choose a round bed … he will love to roll up in there.

What material should large dog beds be made of?

The manufacturing and filling materials of the dog beds are decisive for the degree of padding and comfort that your four-legged friend will need. It is advisable to avoid cotton or plush beds for all those dogs that usually bite or are quite nervous, because they will probably end up destroying them. In addition, it is better if the sunbeds are also waterproof.

It is important to also opt for a non-slip surface, so that the bed does not slip or move too easily. In this way, you will also avoid disturbing yourself too much with the noise it makes when it moves. There are various materials for the bearings, they can also be reversible, that is, they alternate depending on the hot or cold season.


It is advisable to avoid the beds made of cotton or plush, for all those dogs that usually bite or are quite nervous, because they will probably end up destroying them.
(Source: f8grapher: 20538867 /

How many types of large dog beds can I find?

There are many types of dog beds depending on the materials in which they are made or depending on the shape, but not all of them are valid for large dogs, which is what we are interested in dealing with in this article. Igloo beds, for example, or wicker baskets, are more suitable for dogs of small breeds.

We wanted to classify some types of different beds for dogs and dogs, so that you can get an idea on which one can be useful and which one is best for you to buy. Here is a table with 5 types of beds with some of their characteristics, benefits and possible disadvantages.

Large classic dog bedsTraditional model, with cushion. Round, square or oval shapeComfortable, easy to handle and available in various colors and designsTo be easy to wash, they must be removable or equipped with hinges
Orthopedic large dog bedsThey have a rigid pad that guarantees the animal the ideal posture for its jointsIdeal for older or sick dogs who need extra helpThey are more expensive
Large raised dog bedsCot with legs and removable mat that allows the dog to always be separated from the groundPerfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, they are foldable and hygienicThey are not comfortable for all types of dogs
Large plastic dog bedsPlastic kennel with non-slip base, high and recessed edgeVery resistant and easy to wash, hygienic and resistant to bitesThey need a blanket or a separate mattress or pillow to add to the kennel
Small sofaSofa-shaped, with a great variety of designs, colors and sizesIf your dog likes to be on the sofa, he will love this type of bedIt would be more advisable for small or medium sized dogs

Is it better for large dog beds to have a border?

Among all the types of dog beds there are sofa-style ones, as we have shown you in the table. They are very functional and with modern and very sophisticated designs, but the question is: do we recommend large dog beds that have an edge, so that the dog can rest his head? Or is such an accessory useless?

You can observe the way your dog sleeps and see if he likes to rest his head somewhere or not. Choose based on this. Consider that if he is a cowardly dog, a sofa-shaped couch will help him feel more protected and safe. In general, small beds with borders are more popular with small dogs. In case your friend has joint problems consult your veterinarian. You will be Franco GutiérrezVeterinary auxiliary rehabilitation and physiotherapy

“The height must be suitable for the dog. Do not choose mats that are too high for dogs with reduced mobility, with balance problems or who are easily frightened. “

What are the easiest dog beds to wash?

The color of the beds for large dogs should be chosen according to your tastes, but you should always keep in mind that on light colors such as white and beige, the spots are much more noticeable. Of course, neutral colors match everything, but as far as possible, better choose a darker shade, such as black or brown?

The easiest cots to wash are those that are equipped with hinges to disassemble each piece separately. We recommend washing dog beds at least once a week, or at least every fifteen days. The ideal would be to make the washing of the bed coincide with the bath of the month of the dog. You will see how well it will rest!

Where to buy large dog beds?

There are many places where you can find beds of all sizes. Obviously the web offers much more choice than traditional stores and, most of the time, the prices are cheaper too. The advantage of buying online is also given by product reviews, which can thus help in choosing a bed that best suits your needs and those of your dog.

Amazon in particular sells large dog beds of all types, as you can see in our ranking. In addition, you have many comments and reviews to rely on when you want to be sure, for example of the size or strength of a product you like.


The manufacturing and filling materials of dog beds are decisive for the degree of padding and comfort that your four-legged friend will have.
(Source: ammentorp: 41186529 /

In which area of ​​the house should I place the cot?

After consulting the various dog beds and choosing the model that’s right for you, where will you place it? In which part of the house or apartment will it be right to let your friend rest? First of all, the bed must adapt to the dog and his habits, but also to the space you have at home … it must be a quiet and comfortable place.

Dogs recognize which areas of the house are colder or warmer, surely you already know what their favorite place is! You can think of this when you have to place the new bed. And above all, do not put it in a corridor or near the entrance because the noises will not let it rest as it deserves. Here are the most suitable places:

Area of ​​the houseAdvantages of placing the cot there
Living room or studyHe will share most of the time with you. If you work at home he will like to be near you. This way you will control it better.
BathroomIt is a warm and welcoming space. Perfect if you don’t have other spaces.
BedroomHe will not feel alone. It is a quiet place, generally without noise. You will get used to your rhythms

Do I have to have two beds or is one enough?

Whether or not to keep two beds for your dog depends on a few factors. If you want to place a cot both in the garden and at home, then yes, they must be two different. If your dog can use the sofa or another surface, a cot will suffice. Veterinarians recommend having two beds or, in general, two different places to rest.

Another key factor is knowing if a particular bed is suitable for all seasons of the year. If not, then it is preferable to rely in winter on a cot with a plush quilt and in summer on a cot with a cooler mattress, like a mat. If the dog is geriatric or suffers from osteoarthritis, back pain or any other type of joint problem, at least one of the two beds should be orthopedic.

Purchase criteria

Let’s summarize now the main criteria to keep in mind when it comes time to choose and buy a large dog bed. Do not forget that consulting the vet is always ideal, if your dog suffers from joint problems or is already quite old. Also think about the measures, the materials and that it is easy to wash.

  • Size and weight of the dog
  • Dog health
  • Materials
  • Easy to wash
  • Design
  • Reviews

Size and weight of the dog

First of all you need to know the size and weight of your dog. Some types of dog beds are one size and others offer various sizes. As mentioned above, we recommend a cot that fits your dog’s body, which is neither too big nor too small for him. If the dog is heavy, it simply needs to be padded enough to prevent his body from touching the floor.

Dog health

The health of our four-legged friend is another key factor in choosing where it is best for him to rest. Large breed dogs have many more possibilities to develop joint problems or dysplasias over time and, for this reason, an orthopedic mattress is recommended. This type of mattress in the bed will allow him to rest better and will promote proper blood circulation.


The materials of large dog beds must be quality and resistant, both over time and how they could be treated by your friend, who can even end up taking them in bites. We recommend a mattress made of foam or polyurethane, which insulates it from the floor. If the bed is for an outdoor environment it is always better that it is waterproof.

Easy to wash

It is advisable to use beds whose covers and padding are removable, in order to facilitate washing. There are also large dog beds that can be put directly in the washing machine. As for the color, the light shades are not the most suitable as the spots are much more noticeable on them.


Choose a design that matches the preferences of your furry friend, thinking if he is one who likes to “sit down” on the sofa or prefers to stretch freely on a smooth surface. Furthermore, it is important that the bed is light and not very bulky. Think of a portable cot if you already know that you will carry it often with you.

User reviews

As with any other purchase, it is important to check the reviews of buyers who have bought a certain type of bed for their dog. You will see that you can get information on the size, whether it is as described or not, and if the dog is comfortable on it or not. You will also find reviews on the assembly, if it is raised beds.


We can conclude by saying that large dog beds must be very comfortable, mainly for the dog, but also for the owners. This means that the bed must be manageable and transportable, must not take up more space than necessary and must be waterproof and easy to wash.

When you are about to make a purchase, always remember to take into consideration your dog’s character and behavior, how many hours he sleeps per day and what area of ​​the house he likes best. Of course, you also need to think about its size, weight and if you suffer from joint problems. Once bought, don’t forget to place the bed in a quiet and noise-free place.

If you still have doubts, you can send us a message and we will reply as soon as possible. If instead you find that our guide to buying large dog beds has come in handy, then share it on social networks or leave us a comment below.

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