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Best Fish Aquariums 2020: Buying Guide

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Best Fish Aquariums 2020: Buying Guide

It’s nice to have a fish tank in the house. Your guests can be dazzled by the colors while watching the fish swim in the water and any other incredible decoration. Having these animals also means having to pay them due attention, or rather a real daily care, even if it might seem that they don’t need them.

This we present is our complete guide on fish aquariums: you will find the best aquariums on the market, a series of answers to the most common questions and the criteria that the product must be able to satisfy. You will have all the necessary information to make a purchase from 10. Continue reading if you are interested!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The aquarium is the most important element when you have a fish at home. If you want the animal to live happily for a long period, it is essential to choose the right aquarium.
  • There are many types of aquariums for fish: for salt, fresh, hot or cold water. For beginners of aquarists gexperts recommend starting with cold-water fish, such as goldfish: lIn fact, cold water is much easier to maintain than hot water.
  • The purchase of a fish aquarium is actually only the first step. Next you will need filters, decorations, anticloro and many other accessories. In this guide, however, we will focus only on aquariums.

The best fish aquariums on the market: our selection

To keep a pet in good condition, you need to be able to provide it with a comfortable home and meet its every need. In the case of fish, you need to get an ideal aquarium for them to look good. Below is a list of the best aquariums that can be purchased online: based on the characteristics of your fish, you can choose the one you think is most suitable.

Tetra Lascure Delights

The Tetra Lascure Delights is a 54 l aquarium, 32 cm high, with a 61 × 36 cm wide base and a 4 mm glass thickness. The lid hides a 6 W waterproof LED strip and allows access to the 3.5 W water filter, which can be changed without getting your hands wet.

The Tetra aquarium has made many buyers happy, proving to be a well-made product and sold at a good price. The inclusion of every accessory necessary for the operation of an aquarium, even including feed and a heater (preset at 25 ° C, but configurable), make it ideal for novices.

Zolux Nanolife Kidz 40

The one proposed by Zolux is a small aquarium 40 × 20 cm wide, with an approximate height of 25 cm, a hinged lid and a capacity of 18 l. A minimalist design and small size make it perfect for children. It is also available with base and lid in three different colors: white, blue or red.

The reviews on the Nanolife Kids 40 are for the most part positive: many appreciate the characteristic simplicity of the aquarium, suitable for hosting small quantities of small fish, crustaceans or molluscs; someone is instead disappointed by the use of plexiglass instead of glass, but it is still in line with the price of the product.


Pure L by ASKOLL is an aquarium capable of holding up to 68 liters of water, 56 × 36 cm wide and 43.5 cm high, characterized by square and modern lines. Includes a pump with a flow rate of 330 l / h and a 4-stage filter. In addition, 10 kg of polychrome quartz, fertile soil, seedlings, heater, LED, a net and various accessories are supplied.

Shoppers are enthusiastic about the aquarium, which looks like a robust and excellent quality product, designed to accommodate a good number of fish. However, it seems that, without the LED light, the pump and the heater, not all retailers supply the same accessories, therefore it would be advisable to ask for availability before proceeding with the purchase.

Tetra Cascade Globe

The Cascade Globe is a bowl aquarium for small fish produced by Tetra, with a capacity of 6.8 l and complete with support base, filter with waterfall effect and LED lights with switch. It is available with base and structure with black, white or green filter.

The fish bowl proposed by Tetra, characterized by a modern and refined design, is received very positively by users: they like both the appearance and the functions of this ready-to-use miniature aquarium, of which the only problem is represented by the limited amount of individuals it can host, due to its small size.

Wave Laguna LED 30

Wave Laguna is an aquarium with 6 mm thick glass, beveled edges, a base of 30 × 23.5 cm and a height of 35.5 cm. It has a capacity of over 16 l, and includes a cascade filter pump and a lighting system with 3 W white LEDs.

The aquarium seems to be of good quality, especially considering the low price, the glass walls rather than plexiglass and the adequate size to accommodate different fish. The lighting is also excellent, while more than someone has encountered malfunctions or poor performance by the filtering system.

Buying guide: Everything you need to know about fish aquariums

We have come to the section of frequently asked questions about fish aquariums. We will answer here all those questions that you should keep in mind before venturing into the purchase of this product. As you already know, each fish has its specific needs, although there are various species that you can let live in the same aquarium.


A rectangular aquarium is the most suitable because its shape allows you to place it better in your home. (Source: Ian Allenden: 45008525 /

What is a fish aquarium and what are its advantages?

An aquarium is a glass (for the most part) and plastic container, designed to imitate the environmental conditions of the fish habitat. It is a block filled with water in which you can insert various objects and accessories for your pet: water filters, purifiers, heaters, gravel, sand and other decorative elements.

It is a small natural space to keep in your home or office. When you look at an aquarium and observe the tranquility with which the fish live, it induces calm and lowers the stress levels. Maintaining an aquarium is a healthy hobby that gives company. Although fish in many respects are not comparable to dogs or cats they always stay with you and with them you can establish a very strong bond.

How to clean a fish aquarium?

However sometimes you may try to delay the moment (with water or anti-chlorine purifiers), you will always have to think about keeping your aquarium clean. This is a process to be performed correctly because even a single mistake could cause problems. In this section we will explain step by step how to properly sanitize these products.

  • Once a week, you must remove excess dirt from the aquarium. For this you need to change 25% of the water and use a siphon that sucks up the debris from the gravel and does not block the filter. Of course, always use water that does not contain detergents or other types of toxic products for your fish.
  • The combined effect of powerful light and poor water quality usually causes algae to proliferate (that viscous green material that adheres to the glass, decorations and bottom of the aquarium). The best way to extract this type of dirt is by using an aquarium scraper.
  • As for the decorations, you can put them in water with bleach (do not use soap or detergents). Before putting them back in the aquarium, take care to rinse them very well.
  • Then you will need to clean the filter, as we explain in detail in the next sections.

Is there a fish aquarium that cleans itself?

It is the dream of most of those who own fish. We know that the constant maintenance of an aquarium in the long run can be a bit boring, so there have been those who have used their wits to design and create self-cleaning aquariums. A good solution is to buy an aquarium with a small garden at its top.

The operation is very simple: the system is built in such a way that the fish excrements are used as fertilizers for plants, which in turn are used to filter the impurities of the water. It would be an excellent solution if it were not that these products usually have a really high price.


There are aquariums that are sold with all the accessories already included.
(Source: Dmitry Maslov: 54595713 /

How to remove limestone from a fish aquarium?

Sometimes in addition to dirt from algae or excrements, the aquarium can also accumulate a thin white layer of limestone. It is a situation that usually creates many headaches for many fish owners. However, we would like to reassure you that although this is an aesthetic problem, these residues are not toxic and therefore we can rest assured for the health of our fish.

This element originates from the remains of minerals and alkaline substances dissolved in the water. To solve the problem we advise you to pull out the fish momentarily and introduce it to another space. Now that the aquarium is free you can rub the glass with a double-sided sponge (such as those in the kitchen) soaked in hydrochloric acid or vinegar, and once used you can throw it away.

How to decorate a fish aquarium?

It is a question that many people usually ask themselves since an aquarium with only a fish inside can appear something sad. In order to avoid such situations there are decorative options for all tastes: plants (thin, large or dark leaf), rocks (use rounded ones and without sharp edges so that the fish do not risk injuring themselves) and colored sands.

In addition, some manufacturers make different types of decorations such as tanks, stickers to be glued on the aquarium glass, statuettes and objects that simulate sunken ships. The alternatives are numerous and you can use any type of combination. A good idea is also to create chiaroscuro areas to give a sense of depth.

Did you know that most fish have memory? This is why some carp do not bite twice on the same hook.

What types of fish aquarium are there on the market?

Since this is not a simple glass container with water, you need to know the characteristics of your fish well so that you can equip the aquarium with everything your pet needs. The goal is to imitate the natural habitat of this species as faithfully as possible.

To help you choose the most suitable product, we have prepared a table with the types of aquariums available on the market: depending on the composition of the water, the origin of the fish, the temperature at which it is used to living and the plants that make up its space you will have to choose your product among these five classes.

Types of aquariumsFeatures
Tropical freshwaterThey reproduce habitats of tropical river fish of different origins.
D ”cold waterThey are the easiest for beginners. They need a good filtration system and must be large because red fish (the cold water fish par excellence) tends to grow a lot.
Tropical marineThey are distinguished by colors and beauty but are more difficult to maintain. They are aquariums for fish not used to living in captivity, which is why it is the most difficult environment to imitate.
DutchTropical freshwater aquarium, in which flora (plants) has a greater relevance than fauna (aquatic animals).
acquaterrarioThey reproduce humid habitats and tropical and swampy regions ideal for reptiles, amphibians and some types of fish.

What basic accessories does a fish aquarium need?

When equipping an aquarium so that it appears more complete and more beautiful, you must also make a list of everything that cannot be missing. If you thought that the only decorative objects were enough, you were very wrong. Below we show you a list with four essential elements for your aquarium.

  • Filters for water. As the name implies, its purpose is to filter and purify water, but it also has another very important function: to balance the aquarium ecosystem against the bacteria generated by the waste that the filter tends to accumulate.
  • Aerators. Oxygenating an aquarium correctly is essential because it allows fish to live in peace in their space. Being a closed water system, the ideal is to eradicate oxygen particles so that your animals can breathe.
  • Lights. They are more important for any plants inserted in the aquarium than for fish. If there is a lot of light, the plants widen, while if the brightness is not adequate, they stretch to look for it. In any case, it is never advisable to keep the aquarium exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Water test. It is necessary to periodically test the aquarium water to make sure it is in perfect condition and therefore to allow your fish to live as long as possible.

What is an aquarium filter?

It is a fundamental element for the correct maintenance of the aquarium as it takes care of recirculating the water in the tank by filtering the debris and toxic components generated by the flora and fauna of the aquatic habitat. Unlike natural systems such as lakes or rivers that do not need them, the filter in an aquarium is indispensable because it is about stagnant water.

This element simulates the natural conditions of the aquatic environment and its installation serves to balance the composition of the water. Many fish owners wonder if the filter can be disconnected from time to time: the answer is no, except when cleaning the aquarium.

aquarium-for fish-xcyp1

The filter simulates the natural conditions of the aquatic environment.
(Source: Famveldman: 31615572 /

How does the filtration mechanism of fish aquariums work?

Although there are different types of filters, in most cases the management is similar as well as simple, this is because all the filtering devices are composed of the same parts: water pump, filter chamber (present in more complex devices), a water inlet and outlet. Knowing the parts that make it up, we proceed to describe its operation in detail.

  • Dirty water enters the tank containing dirt particles (debris, flakes and various chemical compounds).
  • Then it passes through the filter head, where the pump that gives strength to the flow is located.
  • The chamber is in turn composed of three parts, in descending order: mechanical filter, biological filter and chemical filter. All dirt remains in this section, so you need to clean it at least every 15 days.
  • Water outlet, but this time clean.

What types of aquarium filters are there?

It’s time to choose a good product that can purify your aquarium water. You must know that there are different types of filters, divided into two large groups: internal (sponge, box and standard) and external (standard and waterfall or bag). We proceed to classify them in a table with their characteristics.

Filter typeKindFeatures
InternalSponge (small or few fish aquariums)A load of filter foam, functioning as a mechanical and biological filter.Limited filtering capacity.You need to clean it very often.Ideal for small aquariums.
InternalBox or corner (small or small fish aquariums)It attaches to a corner of the aquarium with suction cups.It is usually inexpensive.For small aquariums.
InternalStandard (small or few fish aquariums)One of the most common.They contain one or two filtering materials: sponge or sponge and biological load.For aquariums with a capacity of up to 200 liters.
Exterior (most popular)Standard (medium or large aquariums)Great flow rate thanks to its ability to preserve the filtering material.Easy to handle being positioned outside the aquarium.Filters much more expensive than internal ones.
Exterior (most popular)Cascade or sack (medium or large aquariums)For freshwater aquariums.It remains hanging out of the tank.The inlet and outlet pipe is introduced into the water.Full efficiency up to 200 liters.They oxygenate the aquarium correctly.To operate, the device always needs water otherwise it will fail.

How to properly wash the filter of my aquarium?

The first thing to do is to disconnect it from the power supply, so you have to pull it out of the aquarium in case you have an internal filter. Now remove dirt and impurities without using soaps or detergents as these are toxic to fish. Do the same with the filter sponge by rinsing it with water.

However, if you see that the sponge is widely used, you can throw it away without problems. Remember that if your device is made of activated carbon, you do not have to wash it, but replace it with a new one. Also you have to get it out of the aquarium when you introduce fish medicines as it won’t allow these products to reach the water.

Purchase criteria

Buying an aquarium to keep at home can create more than one headache, but we are sure that with the right information everything will become easier. In this section we will explain to you point by point what you need to keep in mind in order to choose the ideal aquarium for you and your fish.

  • Capacity and form
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Type of fish
  • Complements and accessories
  • User opinions

Capacity and form

Depending on the type of fish you have, you will have to choose the right size of your aquarium, since there are products up to 1,500 liters in volume. Then oxygenation is even more important than size, and don’t forget the shape: a rectangular aquarium is the most suitable because its shape allows you to place it in your home.

Another reason why you should choose a rectangular aquarium is the greater surface of contact with the air which facilitates the exchange of gases (expulsion of carbon dioxide and absorption of oxygen). The structure of the tank also affects the amount of light that enters, an indispensable element for the plants that you could insert inside.


The goal of the decorations is to imitate the natural habitat of fish in the best possible way.
(Source: Bloodua: 25972738 /

Ease of cleaning

Another criterion to consider when choosing your aquarium. The advantage of owning an animal is that you can enjoy its company but you must also be able to offer it a comfortable life. You must find the right balance between your and your fish’s needs in order to make sure you always find the time necessary for routine cleaning.

Obviously cleaning the aquarium is a task that entails costs of resources as well as energy. A good solution is therefore to invest in an aquarium that is easy to clean: you can also choose a large one that allows you to place the most suitable filter, so as not to be forced to sanitize the product so often.

Did you know that fish cannot close their eyes, but even so they need to sleep and rest?

Type of fish

It is the most important decision to make because it depends on the type of aquarium you will choose, in addition to its accessories, accessories and other aspects related to the product. In case you don’t know, cold water fish are bigger than tropical ones, also the aquarium is not only for one specimen.

You can choose to maintain a community aquarium: of course you will have more expenses, but it will also be more colorful, especially if you decide to buy a tropical or Dutch aquarium. If you are a beginner we advise you to introduce yourself gradually in this field, for this you can start with a cold water aquarium with one or two fish.


You can remove limestone from the aquarium simply by using a sponge soaked in hydrochloric acid or vinegar.
(Source: Chin Hiran: 37553439 /

Complements and accessories

There are aquariums sold with a package or with sets (filters, heaters and other accessories are included) and others consisting only of a glass tank. You may be interested in one option or the other depending on your case: for novices and beginners for example it is always better to have a complete product with a kit that includes everything you need.

On the contrary, if you are already an expert in aquarism, you will not have problems choosing an aquarium without accessories because you will already have the necessary knowledge to move on later with the most appropriate solutions.

Remember that taking care of fish is not complicated nor is any science needed. You only need technique, as in everything in life.

User opinions

It is always advisable to avoid a blind purchase, that is, let yourself be guided only by prices and images. You must know the opinions of other users and also professionals: who better than someone who has already tried it will be able to give you useful information on the product? Although it seems like an obvious trick, not many people actually follow it.

A point in favor of the internet is that you can always investigate, ask and offer opinions. It is the democratization of information that you can use to your advantage: when you buy a new aquarium, especially through the internet, you can consult the opinions of buyers who have gone through your same situation.


Maintaining an aquarium is neither simple nor difficult, but requires only perseverance and dedication. Maybe in some moment you thought that having a fish means not being interested in it: there is nothing further from reality, since you have to feed it, buy the filters, decorations and any other product you need. You also need to make sure your fish live in a clean, debris-free aquatic space.

With our instructions, choosing a fish aquarium should not be too difficult. Try to remember the criteria to be followed, such as capacity, shape and type of fish to be hosted. So you can make a better purchase that you will not regret!

Our complete guide on the fish aquarium is over. If you find it useful, share it on social networks or leave us a comment. You can also ask us a question and we will get back to you as soon as possible. See you soon!

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