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Best Dwarf Hamster Cage – Greater Health and Survival

Best Dwarf Hamster Cage – Here we are at the bases for building Eden for our little friends. To have a happy life our hamsters must necessarily have the best cage as a basis.

We try to give you some tips to help you choose, based on different price ranges and depending on the breed of hamster you want to take.

Every small rodent has specific requirements, they are details that must not be ignored, also because in some cases they can even lead to difficulties for the little friend that lead to management problems.

Let’s try to make just one practical example, if the hamster is small you have to pay attention to the bars , if they are too wide they can be dangerous for our little one, who trying to get out could also get hurt and in the worst case scenario even fall if he comes out he is alone and has no protections, with the risk of seriously hurting himself.


No legal minimum sizes have been set. There are only guidelines that describe how a dwarf hamster should be kept, namely. A companion animal must be kept in a suitable room. At least this means that:

  • the animal has sufficient freedom of movement
  • the space and the materials used therein are adapted to the physiological and ethological needs of the animal;
  • where appropriate, the animal is protected against adverse weather conditions, predators and health risks;
  • when housing a highly pregnant or lactating animal, it and its young have access to sufficient and suitable nesting space;
  • the animal does not experience unnecessary anxiety and stress as a result of the way in which it is housed;
  • the number and composition of animals and animal species per stay is such that it does not affect the welfare or health of the animal.

OPINION (responsible pet ownership Platvorm) ACCORDING TO THE PVH “Small mice and hamsters at least 0.3 m² , for example, small gerbils ( Gerbillus, Dipodillus ), dwarf spiny mouse ( Southern African spiny mouse ), Eurasian dwarf mice ( Micromys minutus ),   cactus mice ( Peromyscus eremicus, Hart mice ( Peromyscus maniculatus ) and dwarf hamsters (Phodopus ). “

Even if I always say that they are very intelligent beings, they are not given a sense of danger and therefore can not be hurt.

There are really a lot of cages on the market, but before deciding, he evaluates all the features well, he thinks that sometimes there are mid-range houses that are better for our little friends than those that cost much more.


  • Place your cage in a dry and temperature-fixed place. (Good temp. For a dwarf hamster is between 15 and 21 C °)
  • Keep out of reach of other pets (for example, cat or dog).
  • Not in the bright sun.
  • Not in a noisy place, your hamster needs rest during the day
  • Never place the cage too close to the curtains, because the hamster will not be able to chew on a few pieces and use it for its nest.

How to choose the right cage for your hamster?

The species and the size of the hamster, in fact later we will develop well the discourse on the various requirements of every typology of hamster.

  • The space available in the best home location, or if you have found the ideal place to place your little friend, or away from strong lights and drafts, you also need to see how large the cage can be in proportion.
  • The various accessories that you would like to insert have their importance also in the choice of the right cage, in fact all the various attacks for wheels, tunnels must be present and every sort of furnishings that with time you will have decided to insert.

If it is a cage with bars, the problem does not arise because almost all the products have the possibility of getting stuck in the cage, but if it is a Plexiglas cover then you must check the attacks well so as not to find yourself having to change home to our little one that takes a long time to get used to.

The choice is really very important precisely because of this characteristic of our little friends to be very close to the place where they live, each change is an upheaval for them, of course we understand if we break or want to take a bigger cage, or we have more possibilities cheap to improve the life of our little rodent we can surely change it, being careful to fill it with attention and culinary pampering for a few days to help it reduce the stress of change.

Trellis cage Hamster cage

The lattice cage consists of a plastic container with bars on it. If a second floor is present, the plateau may not consist of bars. Preferably from plastic.

Advantages : Good ventilation.

Cons : There is often mess next to the cage. The animals can go ‘railing’ and the parts of the cage are too small (running wheel). Nowadays there are also fairly high lattice cages for sale, these are well suited for hamsters, but it is hard to be careful that your little friend does not fall from too great a height because he can be hurt. For this you can hang hammocks in the hamster cage to break the fall.

Duna cages

Advantages : Thanks to the bars it ventilates well and you can easily hang bottles and such in the cage. Thanks to the duna plastic, little to no junk is found next to the cage. The tubes provide extra playing pleasure.

Cons : Some junk can be spilled at the grating section. Your hamster can start doing its needs in the tubes, so you have to clean it more often. These cages can be quite pricey.


An aquarium or terrarium is made of glass or hard plastic. It often has an open top and is available in various sizes.

terrarium hamster rodent

Advantages : Easy to clean with a scoop, for example. You can also admire your hamster in such a glass container. 
There is also no draft and they are available in large to very large sizes.

This hamster cage is very suitable for the russians because they barely climb and therefore do not use the bars (often).

Disadvantages : If there are other pets in the neighborhood, it is useful to cover the top with a grid. A terrarium is often heavy and not always suitable for children because of the fragility and the glass. Aquariums are often cheaper to buy than normal cages.


  • Place your cage in a dry and temperature-fixed place. (Good temp. For a dwarf hamster is between 15 and 21 C °)
  • Keep out of reach of other pets (for example, cat or dog).
  • Not in the bright sun.
  • Not in a noisy place, your hamster needs rest during the day
  • Never place the cage too close to the curtains, because the hamster will not be able to chew on a few pieces and use it for its nest.


Do not use trays in the cage that are made of railing. Such trays are dangerous for the hamsters because they can break their legs. Just like grating wheel wheels. So always use closed trays.


A hamster will feel best at home in a cage with a thick layer of ground cover. Another point that you should pay attention to is that hamsters are real outbreaks. Yes, no burglars but breakers! It is hard to imagine how thin a hamster can make his own body. To work his whole body through a crack. A good hamster cage must, therefore, meet the following points:

  • No pointed and sharp edges or protrusions on or in the cage.
  • Make sure the cage offers places where the hamster can relax.
  • The cage must be well ventilated. The hamster must get fresh air continuously.
  • Preferably no wood cages. This absorbs odor and moisture. The hamster can also gnaw its own outside! (Except if it is well protected)
  • The cage must be easy to clean.
  • The distance between the bars of the bars must not be more than 1 cm.


  • Place a saucer in the fridge at night and give it to your hamster during the day or in the evening. The cold dish is nice and cool for your hamster!
  • Provide sufficient and fresh drinking water, but not too cold.
  • Make sure the cage does not stand directly in the sun and is not in a room that is too hot and cramped
  • Give your hamster some moist green food, such as a slice of cucumber, lettuce or apple


  • Make sure your hamster has sufficient ground cover and nesting material. This way your hamster can make a nice and warm nest. They love a piece of kitchen roll paper or toilet paper.
  • Make sure the cage is not in the draft or cold place.
  • Place the hamster in a room that is not too cold (so not one where the window is open all day and therefore it also freezes inside).
  • Russian Dwarf hamsters can get a winter coat. This is normal and they get lost as the days get longer and it gets warmer. Not all hamsters get this, it depends on the amount of light there is.


Hamsters don’t really make a lot of junk, nor do they stink compared to other rodents. They are clean animals that usually choose 1 corner in their cage to do their needs. This one corner can get a bit wetter after a few days and that is why it is handy to regularly clean the corner. If you do this, you actually prevent urine from caking. If urine is really soaked in the hamster cage then it is difficult to clean. Keeping up well works better.


Beaphar Fresh and clean for hamsters

I sometimes get the question what kind of cleaning product I use. I myself have aquariums for the hamsters. On the one hand I find this easy to clean. When I clean the hamster cage, I scoop out the ground cover, clean the glass and throw in new ground cover. One time I clean the glass with a cleaning solution and the other time with glasex, you get a quick wipe on the glass and that is not nice. Occasionally I put the aquariums in the shower and rinse them well, then I wipe them off with a dry cloth and you’re done. Obviously the dragging with aquariums is not really nice and you have to be careful, because once against something and there is a crack in it I know everything about it.

You can easily clean a Duna with soapy water. It is important to properly disinfect the hamster cage once in a while. This is due to possible parasites, urine residues and bacteria. There are various means that you can use for this, one of which is detol or Bea Clean Fresh & Clean The latter is a special tool for cleaning the hamster cage. It smells nice and cleans well. The bottle contains 500 ml of liquid, so you can really use it for a very long time. 

Why should you trust us?

This test has gone through so that we have gone through a large number of products on the market based on the advice of knowledgeable staff in zoo stores and a large number of tests and reviews on the net that we have read.

It has given us a detailed overall picture of how the cages look today and which hamster cages are the best for your little friend.

Who needs a hamster cage?

When you have decided to get a hamster, a cage is the first thing to start looking at so that everything is ready for your hamster to be delivered to you.

In short, you can say that the bigger the hamster cage you buy the better. The more activity toys you can place in it, the better.

How did we find out which hamster cages we were going to test?

After going through many already published tests, it was quite easy to pick up the finest hamster cages and place them in order in this test.

They are all nice cages and good choice for your hamster even though we are naturally delighted with the premium winner in the test.

How did we test the hamster cages?

So we haven’t picked the cages ourselves and literally tested them this time. The compilation is based on a wide range of facts, as described above.

We suggest that you carefully review the results if you are looking for a good hamster cage and when you have decided, check online as this is where you get the best prices on hamster cages.

Best Dwarf Hamster Cage

Premium: Skyline Falco Glass Cage for Small Animals

Look at this wonderful cage! This is a design with innovative design that makes your hamster’s home a literal palace! The glass part at the bottom can be filled with a large amount of litter, so your hamster can dig and ravage freely.

Skyline Falco Glass Cage for Smadjur

The glass part also has an aluminum part with holes for ventilation. There is thus no risk of bad air coming down into the terrarium. The upper part is made of grille and is attached to the glass part with secure clamps.

The grille is easy to remove when cleaning the cage. The purchase includes two floors that you attach to the grid part at any place. The floors have ladders that you place out so that your hamster can reach them easily.

On the top there is a door that you can open and easily pick in and out of stuff and lift up the hamster if necessary. In the cage there is also a hamster wheel and you can design the cage in different ways. A house is also included in the purchase.

The cage is available in two sizes; the smaller one is 75 x 40 x 62 cm and the larger cage measures 100 x 50 x 75 cm. This is a fantastic cage that provides many interior options.

You can also change the design when you feel your hamster needs a different interior design and new stimulus. For the smaller cage you pay about $180 -200 and for the big cage, the price is about $ 250 – 300.

But remember that if you buy it online you have the opportunity to often find many nice discounts, so check it out if you think it is expensive because this is a fantastic cage and well worth the money!

Between: Ferplast Hamsterbur Duna Fun Large

It became a lovely cage in the mid-price range that provides plenty of space and very exciting things to do. A smart solution that many manufacturers have started with in recent years is to add tunnels to the outside of the cage.

It gives extra space and at the same time becomes an exciting place for the hamster to crawl through. A hamster we had long ago enjoyed sitting in the hallway and looking out over the room.

The purchase includes a water bottle, food bowl, house, hamster wheel, and tube. However, if you have a regular hamster and not a dwarf hamster, you have to replace the wheel with a larger one. The associated hamster wheel is far too small and only works on dwarf hamsters.

Using your big hamster this wheel s will cause back pain. You can also buy more pipes if you want and assemble with those already in the delivery. In this way, you can expand the cage in a fun way.

The meshes are fine and even if you have small dwarf hamsters you don’t have to worry about them being able to infect. The size of the cage is 41 x 46 x 75 cm. For this nice cage you pay just under 900 kronor in the specialist dealer online.


Budget:   Spacious Pet Cage – W/ A Slide, A Platform And An Igloo Den

Spacious Pet Cage - A Slide, A Platform And An Igloo Den

Alaska hamster cage is a very spacious cage in a simple construction. This means that you have plenty of room to fill it with ladders, swings, wheels, and activity toys to create as stimulating and fun environment as possible for your hamster.

You can place the associated platform high up in the cage and thus create a good place for the hamster to track the surroundings from. The bottom part is deep and can be filled with a lot of litter, which the hamster likes to dig appreciates.

Because of its simple designs, the cage is very easy to clean. You only loosen the upper part that is stuck with firm hooks. Then you can remove the plastic bottom and wash it out.

The cage has doors in two different places; one on the top of the cage and one on the front. It makes it easy for you to pick out bowls and food and pick in and out your hamster when you need and want it.

The dimensions of the cage are 44 x 48.5 x 85 cm. The gallery distance is 0.9 cm, which makes it also suitable for dwarf hamsters. The purchase includes an igloo, a slide, and a platform. On the web you can buy this for about 500 SEK – a great price for such a large cage!


Special: Hamsterbur Fantasy

Hamsterbur Fantasy

Hamsterburen Fantasy is a wonderful little color click and not only works as an exciting home for your little hamster but is also a nice interior detail in your home.

However, you must remember that this cage is of the dimensions 39 x 38 x 58 cm and you should therefore have this cage only for dwarf hamsters.

However, the cage can make a very exciting adventure because you can expand it with more tunnels and even more floors if you want. It provides many activation possibilities and a great stimulus.

Since the cage has grids in the middle, it has an excellent circulation even though it has a lot of plastic parts. Also the platform on the top which is made entirely of plastic has small ventilation holes along the entire roof. 

Click here to read more

Our contenders

Ferplast Mini Duna Hamster Hamster Cage

Ferplast Mini Duna Hamster Hamster Cage

Here we have a hamster cage suitable for a small dwarf hamster or as a transport cage for the larger hamster. The cage is made of plastic with a roof in grate. The cage also has an intermediate part, which ensures good air circulation.

Here is an extra floor that allows your hamster to climb and with the purchase follows the water bottle, house, food bowl, ladder, and a small wheel. The dimensions of the cage are 37 x 39 x 55 cm.


Savic Habitat XL Small animal cage

Savic Habitat XL Small animal cage

Savic Habitat XL Small animal cage is a cousin of the premium winner and offers an incredibly exciting home to your hamster.

The green transparent underside of the plexiglass is extra high and easy to fill with the appropriate bedding, so that the hamster can hide, build, and dig. The deep part also allows you to place out a really generous and lovely sand bath for the hamster.

The front has a large door that allows you to easily access your animal and access food bowls and other things. The purchase includes a water bottle, tunnels, and a food bowl.

Ferplast Hamster Cage

Ferplast Hamster Cage

Here we have another really exciting cage that is not so big but that you can expand with tunnels and other parts. The size measures 22.5 x 29.5 x 40.5 cm and fits a dwarf hamster.

We think it is fun that the cage has tunnels that go outside the cage – it will probably be your little hamster too! 

Questions and answers

What must be in a hamster cage?

The more imaginative you can decorate your hamster cage, the better. Hamsters are extremely active and need a lot to do. In addition to this, you should also take them out of the cage every day and let them play and run.

This can be done within a confined space where you have a look at your hamster. For example, the sofa or a large bed. If you have a room where there are not so many places it can slip on, for example a hall, it is also a great place for the hamster to play on.

There are also groceries you can buy for your hamster. But the basic things that should be in your hamster cage are hamster houses, food bowls, toilets, a good water bottle, and activity toys.

Hamsters quickly get tired of their interiors that it is important to have extra stuff so you can replace the toys often. It may feel a bit awkward, but if you get into a good routine and rotation, it doesn’t take much of your time either.

Is it important to have a wheel in the hamster cage?

Yes, it’s really important! In addition, it is important that the wheel is so big it just goes. Almost all wheels supplied with a cage are too small to be used for a regular hamster.

You need a large and generous wheel for the hamster to run ergonomically in it. Always think of a size larger than you think the hamster should have. In view of this, it is particularly important that the hamster cage is large and generous in size.

How do I best hamster the cage?

The cage must be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week. A good principle is to do small things twice a week and then do the big cleaning once a week.

Of course, this does not apply if a hamster female has newborn babies. Then you have to wait at least two weeks before cleaning the cage.

It also depends on what kind of litter you use in the cage and how it is designed and what size it has. When washing the cage, rinse it with hot water and a mild detergent; detergent works great.

Be sure to rinse thoroughly. The easiest way is to wash the cage in the shower cubicle or in the bathtub. Therefore, have a bottle of chlorine or other antibacterial cleaning agent so that you can rinse off the bathtub or shower immediately afterwards.

In this way, it is quick and easy to wash the cage and you know that your shower room is clean afterwards. The water bottle should be rinsed out and filled with clean water every day.

If you have a plastic bottle, carefully read the list of contents which type of plastic it is and that the product is EU-marked. There are plastics that should not come into contact with food because it releases toxins.

This should not occur on animal products, but if the product is a non-controlled china import, you have to be careful. Today there are several types of water bottles in glass and this is the very best. The bottles are also not particularly expensive to buy.

What should I give for material for the hamster to live with in the hamster cage?

Rivet kitchen towels or toilet paper are great. Even cotton fabric or fleece works. Never give anything that can thrive because then the hamster can get stuck in it.

The same applies to cotton. It forms wires that the hamster’s claws easily stick to. If it gets to transport the cotton in its cheek bags, it can also be difficult to get the cotton out again.



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