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Best Dog Shampoo 2020: Buying Guide



Best Dog Shampoo 2020: Buying Guide

Best Dog Shampoo 2020: Buying Guide – Sooner or later we all had the idea of ​​using a dog shampoo to wash our four-legged friend at home. For some it is an almost impossible task, for others it is a pleasant habit. However, someone may still be a beginner and is looking for the best product for the care of their dog. Maybe you are among the latter too … is that so?

Our furry friends love enjoying nature, interacting with their four-legged friends and the people they meet. But they also love getting dirty and it is unthinkable to bring them to an animal toilet every time. Here dog shampoo becomes indispensable. Are you wondering which one to choose? Read our guide and you will be able to clarify your ideas.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Dog shampoo is important because it keeps your pet’s fur clean. We know that when your dog is happy, it fills up with dirt and other dirt. For this reason and to prevent possible future problems, which go beyond the bad smell, we should wash it once a month and brush it every day, depending on the amount of hair it has.
  • Dogs have a different skin pH than ours, so never use your dog shampoo. If you do this, it is very likely that you will harm him and cause him many problems in the short and long term.
  • In addition, you will also have to take into account what happens to him, such as if he is losing a lot of fur, if he is changing it or if he has fleas. In the latter case, in addition to the shampoo, you will have to take it to the vet to indicate how to proceed.

The best dog shampoos on the market: our selection

In this section you will find a list of the best dog shampoos on the market. In addition, we offer a brief summary of the characteristics of each of them, indicating their main characteristics, including the reviews of those who have tried them. In this way we hope to simplify the choice of this product for your furry friend.

Vet’s Best Dog Shampoo

Vet’s Best dog shampoo is perfect for dogs with sensitive and itchy skin. Thanks to its composition with aloe vera extracts and natural oils, it helps soothe irritations of any kind (allergies, insect bites, etc.) and hydrates the skin and hair. The shampoo thoroughly cleans the coat and leaves it with a pleasant scent.

Buyers are all in agreement that this shampoo does not dry the animal’s skin and are happy that the product does not contain artificial colors. Being alcohol-free, it is also suitable for puppies. Users positively point out that the shampoo does not interfere with other topical products, such as fleas and ticks.

WAHL Dirty Beastie 

This pet shampoo is suitable for any type of hair. Thanks to its ingredients, it will also thoroughly clean the coat of your four-legged friends who love to get dirty. Its composition, which includes extracts of peach, pear, kiwi and passion fruit, will leave a fruity scent on your pet’s fur.

Customers appreciated the durability of the 500ml pack. In fact, they believe that it is enough to mix a small amount of the product with water to obtain a clean and very fragrant coat. It is especially recommended for those people who own animals with different fur, as with a single product they will be able to wash each of them with good results.

The Healthy Dog Co

This Healthy Dog product is entirely composed of natural and harm-free ingredients, thanks to which your skin and fur will be deeply hydrated. Furthermore, natural oils help to untangle even the most difficult knots and leave the coat shiny and soft to the touch.

Those who have used it have appreciated the fact that, despite not having any chemical component, it is able to eliminate bacteria and bad odors from the hair. In addition, many reviews recommend it to the less experienced or to those who wash the dog for the first time, given its delicate formulation for the nose and which does not make the eyes of our four-legged friends water.

Bayer White Coat Shampoo

This Bayer dog shampoo is suitable for our friends with a white or light coat. Its composition is free of parabens, silicones and dyes and gently cleans the animal bringing its coat back to its natural color. The pearl contained in the product, in fact, gives a particular shine and attenuates the yellowish halos of the hair

The reviews show that the keratin contained in the shampoo repairs and strengthens the hair. In addition, the product has an emollient function, which calms irritated skin and nourishes the driest ones. Users also point out that it is not necessary to use an excessive amount in order to leave its pleasant talcum fragrance on the dog.

The Healthy Dog Flea Shampoo

This shampoo, also from the The Healthy Dog line, has a formula specially designed to fight and prevent fleas, ticks and lice. It has a 100% natural composition and contains lemongrass extract which leaves a pleasant fragrance to the coat.

Users say they are satisfied with the formulation of the shampoo as it does not cause allergic reactions, since it does not contain chemical agents, and is gentle on the nose, eyes and ears. Moreover, being natural, it is also safe for all those animals that love to lick the product off during washing.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog shampoos

It is very important that, before rushing to wash your dog with a shampoo, you know and inquire about the type of product you need: ingredients, type of hair, hair loss, allergies, topical problems, and more. For this, we will answer the most frequent doubts (among which probably yours too) that arise when buying a dog shampoo.


After visiting the vet and buying vials or anti-parasite tablets, it is very important to also find a good flea shampoo.
(Source: Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz: 34381746 /

What is a dog shampoo and what are its benefits?

It is a liquid soap specifically produced for our four-legged friends. It is shocking to think that many people, fortunately less every day, believe that the same shampoo that people use can be used to bathe the dog. Furthermore, there is never a typical seller who wants to convince us that there is a shampoo for all species and for all hairs.

This is a big mistake as dogs and men have a different skin pH, and using the same shampoos could lead to skin diseases. This is why it is essential to invest in a good soap for the hair of our friend. In addition to cleaning your pet’s fur well and protecting it from dangerous elements, this product gives softness and a pleasant scent to the fur, making sure that the time you spend with it is of better quality.

Below you will find a summary of the benefits and drawbacks that you can find using a dog shampoo:


  • Keeps the fur clean.
  • There are specific shampoos for atopic skin.
  • You can choose between different perfumes.
  • They protect your animal from insects and pests.
  • The hydrolipidic layer (who protects the hair) restores 24 hours after the bath.


  • It can remove large quantities of natural hair fat with each wash.
  • In case of infestations by parasites, shampooing alone will not be enough for you, I should resort to tablets or vials.
  • You must pay particular attention to the needs of your pet, since if you make a mistake, the product could damage it.
  • Not all shampoos are cheap.

What are the differences between shampoo for people and shampoo for dogs?

There are a number of myths and legends about whether the shampoo that we have always used at home is suitable or not for our dog. We can safely say no, mainly for two reasons: its components (ingredients, consistency and concentration) and the degree of acidity of the skin (a tissue between the dermis and the epidermis that all mammals have).

Let’s see the two main differences that we can observe thus, on two feet:

  • Composition. It is one of the main differences between the two types of shampoo, since the coat and skin of dogs require a greater concentration of soap, being able to mix this with water at certain times. This occurs because the dog’s skin is more exposed than ours to all types of factors: the climate, the dirt, comma insects, and others.
  • The ph is the factor indicating the level of acidity of the skin. While the acidity of human skin is 5.5, that of dogs varies between 7 and 7.5, depending on the breed. As you can see, prolonged use of the shampoo for people on your pet could cause injury in the long run.

There are things that seem very trivial, such as dog shampoo, although in reality they are fundamental in everyday coexistence with our pets.
(Source: K. Thalhofer: 96989706 /

We hope we managed to convince you not to use the same shampoo you use on your dog. We have already explained the two main reasons, but we still have other information to give you. If you are interested, read on to find out more useful tips on dog shampoos.

What types of dog shampoos are there?

When buying a soap suitable for the coat of our animal, we can find ourselves confused because of the types, models and different specific characteristics of the products that exist today. We have compiled a table with which you can understand which type of dog shampoo is the most suitable for your case, based on three types of needs:

Age of the animalMantle (short, long or white)Special needs (atopic skin, allergies, or parasites)
PuppyShort hairPesticide
AdultLong hairHypoallergenic
 White furrelaxing

From what age can you use puppy shampoo?

We understand that you want to start using puppy shampoo as soon as possible, especially since the smallest dogs are the busiest in the group. Follow this precaution: it is recommended to use this product when the baby is more than 3 months old, in this way there will be less chance of getting sick due to the change in temperature.

Moreover, not all shampoos are suitable, in fact puppies require soaps suitable for their skin and their dedicated coat. So if you have a very young dog, always check the label to look for a specific puppy shampoo. Remember: try to make the purchase based on the type of hair and the character of your pet. Even if it doesn’t seem, everything affects the choice.

Do I have to consider the type of coat when buying dog shampoo?

Surely. It is not the same thing to have a long-haired dog than to have a short-haired one, mainly if we consider the problems of tangles that could arise. For this reason, if our dog has a thick and long coat it would be recommended to use the brush every day, this will make it dirty less frequently.

What to say about aesthetics? The knots in the hair, in addition to causing long-term skin problems, are unsightly. With a good shampoo for your dog, you can show off its soft, shiny and silky coat to the neighborhood. It is certain that being so careful in his care takes a long time, but it is certainly worth it.

My dog ​​has fleas, what kind of shampoo do I need?

It is normal for your dog to bring home some of these unwelcome pests, especially if he usually likes to roll on the lawns or fields in your neighborhood. In addition to fleas, it is not unusual for it to also carry ticks, earthworms and other small animals. This is part of normal if you take your dog for a walk, but you can always do something about it.

So how do we go about when our dear friend has contracted fleas? First, we need to wear latex gloves to check his whole body and find out where they are nestled. As soon as you see one you have to be suspicious as it means there are others. There is no point in complaining, you must take action as soon as possible.

Did you know that the dog is believed to be one of the first pets?

After going to the vet and buying vials or pesticide tablets, it is advisable to get a flea shampoo that serves as a repellent (in case the infestation is not very extensive). In this way, in addition to preventing, you will make sure that all the fleas and parasites it has on its hair die.

Once the dog is indoors, with warm water, clean your pet using two or three handfuls of shampoo. Dry it and keep it inside for a few days. We recommend you above all to wash his toys, his blankets and his bed in boiling water; we also recommend that you thoroughly clean your home.

What kind of shampoo do I need if my pet scratches a lot?

First you need to understand what is the origin of the itch, since it is one of the most common reasons why a veterinarian is usually consulted. You must be very careful if it lasts for a long time, if there are traces of blood, or if your pet complains for no apparent reason. Usually one or more causes are identified:

  • Sensitive skin: atopic, sensitive, prone to irritation or dry.
  • Allergies: to materials that come into contact with the skin, to other shampoos or to insect bites.
  • Skin infections: scabies or pyoderma, among others.

However, we recommend that you contact your vet as soon as possible in the event of an aggressive and lasting itch. Only a professional will be able to show you exactly what your pet needs at any time of its life, since it is not only there for vaccinations.

How can I properly apply dog ​​shampoo?

The time has come to bathe our friend. We have the bottle of shampoo on hand and we have arranged the dog so that it does not run away, now what? Well, first of all, adjust the water temperature so that it is lukewarm, so your dog will be fine and comfortable. The ideal is that you relax and not that you are constantly looking for a way to escape.

After wetting it with water, start with the first coat of shampoo. Try not to use too little, but not too much: it is not true that the more product you use, the cleaner it will become. Furthermore, if you use too much soap, it is possible that small quantities of it remain on the animal’s fur, thus increasing the probability of itching appearing.

The shampoo you buy will have to be specifically created for your pet’s lifestyle and characteristics. (Source: Iurii Sokolov: 38593822 /

It is advisable to vigorously massage the animal’s coat to ensure that the shampoo reaches the skin of the whole body. Pay particular attention to the ears and eyes since they are delicate parts and that the dog will move around a lot during the process. However, the biggest challenge will be to keep him quiet throughout the process, which, from experience, we can say is difficult.

Lastly, rinse it with plenty of water. You can pass a second coat of shampoo if necessary (long or short hair). This is the perfect time to strengthen the bond with your dog, since they will surely like the caresses and the fact of getting all your attention. Many dogs go out of their way to enjoy these unique moments.

Purchase criteria

You have come this far, which means that you are very interested in choosing a quality shampoo for your pet. Let’s move on to see what aspects you need to consider when buying this product for your four-legged friend. You don’t have to buy the first product you find on the internet. Here are the top five criteria you need to focus on:

  • Animal lifestyle
  • Soap quality
  • Composition of the shampoo
  • Perfume
  • Frequency of use

Animal lifestyle

The dogs jump, run lick, throw themselves on the ground and do much more. It might seem that they love dirt, but it is not so: they only want to make their owners happy. For this reason, no person with a heart can deprive his animal of these unforgettable walks. Even if they don’t last long, they always appreciate them, as you already know.

The shampoo you will need to buy must be specifically created for your dog’s lifestyle and characteristics. An animal that is continuously lying down or walking quietly does not need the same shampoo as one that never stands still. For this, think a little and, if in doubt, contact your veterinarian.

You have to keep in mind that a puppy doesn’t have the same needs as an adult dog.
(Source: K. Thalhofer: 66292843 /

Soap quality

Choosing a good quality dog ​​shampoo is a more than recommended aspect, since you use this criterion for all the products you use daily, why not apply it to your dog’s products in the same way? It is a very common mistake to think that dogs are made of steel or that they have no feelings.

To check the quality of the product, you must read its label (ingredients, how to apply it, frequency of use …) and not only take into account the brand. Also remember to read the reviews, whether they are professionals or other people who use the product. Don’t be afraid to seem inexperienced, nobody is born with all the knowledge already assimilated.

Composition of the shampoo

Does your dog have skin problems? If yes, avoid shampoos composed of elements such as dyes, parabens, deodorants, salts or phosphates. As you can understand, these ingredients do nothing but damage the health of your pet’s skin in an acute way, causing many problems that, if not treated immediately, can become real puzzles.

Instead of these, choose soaps that include natural components such as aloe vera, oats, glycerin, honey, soy or jojoba oil. By doing this, you will add nutrients to both your pet’s coat and skin, soothing itches and avoiding infections caused by too much scratching (with all the complications that come with it).

The dog gives off bad smells when eating low quality food, therefore it is important to intervene on his feeding.
(Source: Raquel Liz Lopez: 44662045 /

For example, one of the properties of aloe vera is its antibacterial composition that protects our dog’s dermis, as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Jojoba, on the other hand, is a plant whose oil revitalizes the coat, repairing and regenerating the skin. Oats, on the other hand, have powerful healing properties.


Not all dogs smell the same. There are some that tend to maintain a more pleasant smell, but others that, sometimes without even getting dirty, give off a particular smell. For this reason it is important to choose a good dog shampoo that takes these needs into consideration. You already know that all dogs are not equal, in the same way as people.

There are many options on the market, but above all we find shampoos with fruit extracts (melon, strawberry, peach or banana, among others). They are the richest and stay longer on our animal’s fur and skin, not to mention the pleasant sensation they leave on our nose.

Frequency of use

You need to understand how often you should bathe your pet. This depends on age (as you can clearly understand, a puppy does not have the same needs as an adult dog), the type of skin, the amount of fur, the size and type of breed, among other things. You have to take into account if your dog goes for walks many times a day, if he is very active or if he tends to be more relaxed.

Obviously, it is not possible to know for sure how often you will bathe your dog. There are some dogs that can stay for a long time without bathing (usually when they are brushed daily), remaining clean even for 3 or 6 months without problems. There are others, however, that require multiple shampoo passes once a month.


The world of animals is vast. When you adopted yours, you probably thought it was enough just to feed it and take it for a walk, well, we have to tell you that this is only the tip of the iceberg. As you can see, things that seem as trivial as dog shampoo, are instead fundamental for daily coexistence with our animals.

Choosing a product is not always so obvious. Along the guide, we made you understand how important criteria are such as the quality of the shampoo, its composition, as well as the frequency with which you will use it. Do not forget that also to keep in mind the specific needs of your four-legged friend.

If this article has helped you, share it on social networks or, if you have any doubts, you can leave us a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible.

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