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Best dog Flea collar 2020: Buying Guide

Miglior collare antipulci per cane 2020: Guida all’acquisto


Best dog Flea collar 2020: Buying Guide

Best dog Flea collar 2020: The flea collar was designed to protect dogs from fleas, ticks and other parasites with which they could easily come into contact during their daily walks. Before buying one, you should know the different options on the market, as well as inform yourself properly to know how to use it. It is in fact a product that has evolved a lot in recent years.

Did you know for example that today the flea collar is made almost entirely of materials of natural origin? You also need to take into account certain factors, such as ease of wearing and endurance: dogs are known to love running, playing and rolling! Don’t worry if you feel ‘unprepared’, we will explain everything you need to know in our guide.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Fleas can be dangerous to dog health. To combat them it is useful to have a flea collar, specially developed to keep them away.
  • Flea collars protect our little friends from parasites; some models also manage to remove ticks, lice and mosquitoes. They are easy to use and have a limited autonomy, generally between three and eight months, after which they must be replaced.
  • Before buying one, make sure it is the right model for your pet: evaluate the resistance and the material it is made of, favoring those of natural origin, without forgetting to take into consideration the size of the dog and the protection that the product guarantees .

The best flea collars on the market: our selection

Currently there are several models of flea collars on the market, and it is easy to get confused and indulge in the temptation to choose the first that happens: for this reason we thought of listing the best ones on the market by reviews, value for money and number of units sold. You can find them all on Amazon, and you can buy them from your home in total comfort.

The best pesticide collar for users

Antiparasitic collar for medium and large dogs, with a minimum weight of 8 kg. It has an autonomy of eight months, protects against fleas and ticks and prevents the risk of canine leishmaniasis. Those who bought it noticed that it also removes mosquitoes and small insects, as well as killing parasites in the hair within a few hours. The instructions for applying it to the dog’s neck are clear and understandable, the product is totally odorless and waterproof.

The most versatile flea collar

Flea collar with a new enhanced formula that includes essential oils, released slowly to kill and repel fleas and ticks. Hypoallergenic, waterproof and easy to apply, totally made with natural materials. The adjustable design makes it suitable for pets of all sizes, including cats. It guarantees eight months of protection from parasites.

The most convenient flea collar

Flea collar exclusively for dogs, with a maximum autonomy of 5/6 months. It protects against parasites and the risk of leishmaniasis through deltamethrin, an active ingredient present in the collar capable of guaranteeing further defense against unwanted stings. The collar has a maximum diameter of 65 cm, is suitable for large dogs only and will begin to be effective after a week from its placement. Do not apply on dogs less than two months old.

The most innovative pesticide collar

Antiparasitic collar against fleas and ticks, developed through an innovative combination of materials capable of releasing active ingredients for up to 8 months. Suitable for small dogs, which do not exceed 8 kg in weight. It also protects against insects and pests, is waterproof and easy to wear on the animal’s neck. Together with the product you will receive complimentary small reflective clips, with an ornamental function, to be applied on the collar.

Buying guide: Everything you need to know about dog flea collars

There are many doubts that can arise when you have to buy this type of product. Anyone with a dog knows how important it is not to use too invasive products for our animal friends. In this section we will deepen the topic, to answer the most frequent doubts and questions about flea collars.Collar-flea-before-xcyp1

Before buying a flea collar it is good to know the purchase options that the market offers. (Source: Zuzky: 66179212 /

What are flea collars for dogs and what advantages do they offer?

A flea collar is nothing more than a simple collar that can protect the animals that wear it from parasites, fleas and ticks. It is an adjustable product, impregnated with one or more chemicals that act as repellent: they are slowly released on the dog’s body, creating a protective layer on the fur that keeps small insects and parasites away.

Here are some of the advantages of flea collars for dogs:

  • They give the dog total freedom of movement, both on land and in water: most of the collars are in fact deliberately waterproof.
  • They protect our 4-legged friends thanks to the continuous release of a repellent effect.
  • Many collars, in addition to removing fleas and ticks, are also effective against such mosquitoes Phlebotomus, which transmit leishmaniasis. Generally they must be replaced after 6-8 months of use.
  • They are cheap.
  • They shelter dogs from stings and potential infectious diseases.
  • Some models are odorless, and in general they are found in all colors and for all tastes.

How do flea collars for dogs work?

The repellent effect is obtained by applying a pharmaceutical formula on the collar, which is released in low concentration and is distributed evenly on the animal’s fur, from head to tail. The process is automatic and almost invisible: all you have to do is put the collar on his neck, he will take care of the rest!

Generally only one-size collars, easily adjustable thanks to the buckle. Remember that they must be fastened securely, to be tight enough but not too tight: at least two fingers must pass between the neck and the collar. Once applied, cut the excess fabric portion and throw it away to prevent the dog from trying to bite it to take it off.

What flea collars for dogs are there?

Flea collars can be differentiated between chemical and natural ones, based on the composition of the product. The latter, the natural ones, are recommended because they eliminate the risk of allergic reactions while preserving the health of our little friend.

Then there are collars that fight only fleas and other more complete ones, which can also keep ticks and mosquitoes away. Experts recommend paying attention when making the final purchase choice, making sure that the chemical agents contained in the collar are the most suitable for the parasite you want to fight. We advise you to contact only the established brands in the sector, which guarantee efficient and quality products.

How long do flea collars for dogs last?

The effective efficiency period of dog flea collars depends on the model and brand. Certainly they act in a prolonged way compared to other pesticides administered in pills, but it is always necessary to read the instructions carefully before buying; they generally have an autonomy of between six and eight months, after which they must be replaced.

A sort of unwritten rule requires that the collar be changed at least twice a year. But be careful, there are different models, suitable for fighting different parasites: for example, a collar can be effective for four months against fleas, and six months against ticks. Evaluate your dog’s specific needs, and choose the most suitable solution accordingly.Collar-flea-xcyp1

Flea collars protect dogs through a persistent and effective repellent effect. (Source: Patrik: 59792239 /

From what age can dogs wear a flea collar?

It is a question that should be asked to your trusted veterinarian, but you can brush aside any doubts about it by properly informing yourself about the product: the instructions always indicate the size indicated and the minimum age, which is generally more than six or eight weeks, in addition to the appropriate warnings for dogs with poor health.

Dogs just born, or with a few days of life behind them, could bite the collar and risk being intoxicated by the chemicals it contains: up to two months after birth, the immune system is not fully developed, and is therefore unable to fight the toxins contained in the product. Better to inquire to avoid unnecessary risks.

What are the recommendations to follow regarding flea collars?

In addition to the warning regarding the age of the dog, there are other instructions and advice to keep in mind before buying a product of this type. We report them below:

  • Keep the collar out of the reach of children, especially away from the eyes and food.
  • To wash hands after touching the collar.
  • Check the dog can’t bite him.
  • If you have purchased several collars, keep them in a cool, dry place.
  • If used in heavily infested environments, the collar must be replaced more frequently. In these cases it is good to consult the veterinarian.
  • For a more efficient result it is recommended to wash the dog before putting on the collar, thus eliminating at least in part already existing fleas and ticks.
  • Check that allergic reactions do not arise, especially during the first hours of use. In case, notify the vet immediately.

Where can you buy the best flea collars for dogs?

On Amazon you can find countless collars of this type; there are many brands that sell different price and size models, from the more established ones to the less popular ones, with lots of usage tips and product guarantees. You can inquire and buy from home in total relaxation, receiving the collar a few days after purchase.

The big advantage of Amazon is the ability to read the reviews of those who have already purchased and tested the product. Precisely from the reviews you can extrapolate useful additional information, thus obtaining valuable tips and suggestions that will guide you towards the most suitable model. If you have any doubt in particular that you just can’t solve, you can ask specific questions that users will answer, giving you an even more complete picture.

What alternatives to flea collars are there to keep parasites away from the dog?

In addition to collars, you have other options to protect your dog from parasites. If your little friend already has fleas, the best solution is to combine the use of the collar with a specific treatment, which can guarantee complete and effective protection. In the table below we have reported the various alternatives to the collar, describing the advantages and possible drawbacks of each.

Pesticide for dogsAdvantagesDrawbacks
Antiparasitic pipetteEffective.   Very preventive. Dose proportional to the weight of the dog.Less effective than collars: between 3 weeks and 4 months.   Not suitable for dogs already infected. Chemical product.
Antiparasitic sprayFastest and most effective method for already infected dogs.   Safer option for dogs. Very practical.It has no preventive function.
Repellent pillsVery effective and preventive method.   They are administered once a month with food and the dose depends on the weight of the animal. They can be given to any dog, including pregnant dogs and puppies that already manage to feed themselves.The effect lasts for a month.   It does not eliminate adult fleas. Must be combined with other products.

Do flea collars have the same effect as pipettes?

The two products, flea collars and pipettes, are both pesticides, but they are not the same for this. Pipettes attack already existing parasites, while collars perform a mainly preventive function (and last much longer).

Pipettes cost more, and assume a series of precautions to be taken after they have been applied (for example, the dog cannot get wet or washed in the following days). Before choosing between the pipette or the collar it is useful to contact your veterinarian and analyze the specific needs together with him; It is always better to take all the necessary precautions, even if the collars are often more suitable for price, practicality and efficiency than pipettes.

Purchase criteria

We are almost at the end of the article. In this final section we want to list and accurately describe the most important aspects of the flea collar, including the composition of the product, the duration of its effect, the dimensions and the type of protection it guarantees. If you found the information we’ve provided so far helpful, pay attention to the following to get an even clearer and more complete picture!

  • Composition of the repellent
  • Duration of the effect
  • Collar size
  • Protection
  • impermeability

Composition of the repellent

It is very important to evaluate the chemical composition of the repellent product contained in the collar. Some dogs are intolerant to certain pesticides, which is why they must be carefully examined before purchasing. We recommend focusing only on non-toxic, 100% natural products: the major brands are increasingly attentive to this aspect during the manufacturing process, so it will not be difficult to find a quality model.

Duration of the effect

As we have already mentioned, the duration of the effect depends on the collar and the brand, based on the active ingredients of which it is composed and the release mode on the animal’s fur. Look for an efficient collar, with prolonged autonomy, taking into account that the degree of protection is not the same for each model. To be sure you are not wrong, carefully read the instructions and methods of use reported by the seller.

Collar size

Many collars are adjustable, they adapt perfectly to the dog (some are also suitable for cats), and once placed, simply cut the portion of excess fabric. Check the information contained on the product and be sure to choose the right size (it can be useful to calculate the circumference of the animal’s neck to get a more precise data).


Flea collars are, in general, multifunctional: they not only protect against fleas and ticks, but can also effectively fight mosquitoes, whose bites represent the greatest risk of leishmaniasis. The greater the protection guaranteed, the better, but don’t forget to check for any allergic reactions after the first hours of use.


The flea collar should not limit your four-legged friend’s daily activities. For this reason, waterproofing is an aspect not to be overlooked, especially if the dog loves to bathe and be outdoors: a collar of this type is effective against all external conditions, and will not risk breaking due to water.


It is normal for dogs to come into contact with fleas and ticks, given their daily habits and the passion they have in browsing far and wide. Correct prevention is ideal not to put a brake on their daily activities and ensure a healthy state of health: this is why flea collars were born.

It is a product perfected in recent years, so much so that the most avant-garde models are entirely manufactured with materials of natural origin. It is an innovative solution to keep pests away, including mosquitoes that cause leishmaniasis. In addition to being effective, there are something for all tastes and all sizes: the final choice is up to you!

We hope you enjoyed the article and found it useful. You can share it on social media, or leave us a comment to tell us what you think: we will be happy to know your point of view!

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