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Best Dog Fence 2020: Buying Guide



Best Dog Fence 2020: Buying Guide

A dog fence can have several uses. Many people think they only use them with puppies, but in reality there are several situations in which they can come in handy, even if it all depends on their size. By doing a quick search with your computer you will find thousands of dog fence models.

All this variety makes it more difficult to choose one in particular. To simplify the search process, we have created this complete guide that contains fundamental information on the most important aspects of the dog enclosure such as, for example, safety for your four-legged friend.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Taking care of a pet is no small matter. For this reason, dog fences are an excellent option to ensure its safety, especially if we are dealing with a puppy, since these are more playful and clumsy. Installing a fence ensures that they remain within the space that you consider suitable for them.
  • There are situations in which it is convenient to set limits on the movement of your pet, especially if you have just adopted it and want to get used to the surrounding environment. Dog fences play an important role in these situations, in fact they help your animal understand the boundaries it should not cross and understand how it should behave.
  • One of the most important things is knowing how to choose a dog fence that meets your needs and those of your pet. Later we will discover together what are the purchase criteria that all owners of dogs must take into consideration if they want to find the ideal fence without failing in the intent.

The best dog pens on the market: our selection

Before making a choice, you should analyze several features that could confuse you. To start understanding what the market offers you, read our ranking below with the 5 best dog pens. So you can find out some product specifications and the opinions of those who bought them previously.

Bunny Business 8

The Bunny Business 8 fence is composed of 8 panels of equal size, one of which with a small door, and can be arranged by creating an octagon with a surface of approximately 139.7 × 139.7 cm, a 119.4 × 119 square, 4 cm, or the shape you prefer. It is in black painted steel and it is possible to purchase separately sheets to be used as a roof or to create a base.

It arrives already assembled, just just hook two panels and position it with the shape you prefer, a feature much appreciated by users who can thus place it where and how they prefer. The height of 61 cm makes the fence perfect for puppies and small dogs, although for the more lively it will be necessary to fix it to something or buy a special carpet.


BIGWING offers a series of fences in three different colors and three sizes: the smallest has a diameter of 73 cm and a height of 43 cm; the intermediate is 36 cm wide and 91 cm high; the large one reaches 125 cm in diameter and 58 cm in height, and in addition it has some side storage pockets. They also have two doors, while the roof and floor mat are removable.

The feedback from consumers is extremely positive and involves every size sold, which are perfectly suited to small and medium-sized dogs offering them the right comfort and a large space. They are easily disassembled and reassembled and are ideal for travelers. The materials are adequate, but some dogs may tear parts of the fence.


Designed for outdoor use and intended for larger dogs, the fence produced by FEANDREA is composed of 8 panels 77 cm long and 100 cm high, to be assembled as you wish. One of the panels is equipped with a door with double hook, 23 cm high from the ground and 32 cm wide.

Shoppers are enthusiastic about the product, which is robust and spacious enough to accommodate dogs of any breed and size. It proves robust and stable, and can be used in the garage, on the veranda or even better in the garden, although some users have encountered the onset of rust after some time outdoors.


The PawHut fence is made up of 8 large 61 × 61 cm panels to be arranged creating the shape you prefer. One of the panels has a 383 × 406 mm door. It has a total weight of 7.5 kg, has no base and roof (but can be purchased separately) and hooks are included to fix it to the ground.

The structure is solid and resistant, and pleases for the possibility of mounting it giving it the shape you want most. It is able to accommodate puppies and small dogs, but it is advisable to fix it in some way to prevent the animal from taking it for a walk.


Rackaphile offers a set consisting of 7 large panels 50 × 50 cm, a panel with a small door 28.8 × 32.8 cm and a series of 20 connectors to connect everything according to your needs. You can buy multiple sets and assemble them as you prefer, using the panels also to create a base for the structure, a roof, or to make it higher.

The reviews are decidedly positive and many have given the fence a different shape from the usual square or rectangle, adapting it instead to the furniture in the house or integrating it with other cages. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and overall it is a valid and versatile product. It can be enlarged by adding other sets, but the door is always small.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog fences

Selecting one of these products might seem very simple, but in reality it is not at all. You must be able to choose the model, the size and understand if it is suitable or not for your pet. Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions about dog pens.


Dogs are very active animals so they spend most of their time running around.
(Source: Kayasit Sonsupap: 77150429 /

What are dog fences and what are they for?

Dogs are very playful and active animals, so they spend most of their time running. It often happens that they get dirty or hurt, this could make you wonder if it is appropriate to leave them at home alone without any kind of supervision, since it could prove dangerous for them, especially if they have just joined your family .

For this reason, fences are so important, they are safety elements used to establish a limit of access to your animals. This type of protection helps ensure that puppies feel safe and protected, even when unsupervised. As you know, the owners cannot keep an eye on their animals at all times.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dog pens?

In addition to the great help that dog fences represent, we must highlight that there are negative aspects that must be carefully analyzed, in order to decide whether it is convenient to buy one for your pet. Below we have prepared a table with all the features you need to know before making your decision.


  • They keep your pet safe
  • They are fundamental in dog training
  • They prove to be an economic option
  • They are very easy to install
  • They help keep your home tidy


  • They can take up a lot of space in the house
  • Some models break easily
  • If the puppy is not used to it, they can make him nervous
  • Most don’t count on spare parts

Are dog pens dangerous?

There is a very important detail concerning this aspect. Some base enclosures have the shape of a cage and therefore present problems in remaining fixed on the ground, which gives them a certain mobility. This aspect can put your pet at risk since, if it runs or hops inside the fence, it could overturn it and cause damage.

In addition to this consideration, dog pens are not dangerous at all, quite the opposite. Thanks to this article you will be able to closely monitor the well-being of your puppy, as well as train him and make him understand which spaces in the house he or she may or may not have access to in order not to take risks.


The fences do not require many tools for their installation.
(Source: William Perugini: 20403802 /

How many types of dog fences are there on the market?

Currently the market is full of dog fence models. It is very important that all users know which types of fences are most chosen to avoid the mistake of buying the first one they find and which perhaps would prove to be unsuitable for their pet. Below you will find a table with their most relevant characteristics:

Types of dog fenceFeaturesuses
Wooden fences for dogsEasy to install, resistant and can be exposed to bad weather. Perfect for open spaces.Ideal for large and small dogs. Designed to avoid escape.
Invisible fences for dogsThey are very modern, take up no space and are considered foolproof.They emit an alert signal to prevent the dog from approaching the fence and running away.
Metal fences for dogsThey are very resistant, heavy and long lasting. They do not require any professional to be installed.Perfect for holding large dogs and ideal for open spaces.
Removable fences for dogsThey can be easily assembled and disassembled, they are resistant and long lasting.Ideal for indoor spaces and dog training.

When is the best time to install a dog fence in the house?

There are those who decide to keep the dog free inside the house or in the garden, and often this ends up becoming a problem since it starts to behave badly or cause accidents because it hunts in places where it should not be. If this situation arises, it is appropriate to immediately install a dog fence.

According to experts, it is advisable to install one of these articles immediately after adopting one, since it will cause the puppy to start learning what the house rules are and to understand what are its boundaries. The aim is to quickly adapt it to the new environment in order to avoid it becoming a troublemaker.

How do you clean a dog fence?

Dog fences are usually not difficult to clean, although this depends on the model. All you have to do is move the puppy to another place and start cleaning the whole environment. It is important to use disinfectants as your pet will spend a lot of time inside the enclosure, so if you do not clean it well it could cause health problems.

If the fence is a cage model, cleaning will require some extra effort. For this reason it is important to disassemble and clean every part of it. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the lower part since it is the one that tends to get dirty with the animal’s feces and therefore prove to be particularly dangerous.


You can also install the dog fence in the garden.
(Fuente: Andrea Obzerova: 40208203 /

How to get used to the dog fence?

Dog fences certainly do their job well, but they are certainly not always foolproof. There are animals that do not like to feel locked up and learn to run away or jump them away, there are some that even go as far as to destroy them, which represents a real problem for the owners.

Experts ensure that if you place toys inside the enclosure or their meal and spend time with them inside it, you will make them feel more comfortable, safe and they will get used to being there faster. It is preferable (when possible) to adopt more than one puppy, in this way they will feel less alone and safer.

What is the best place to install a dog fence?

Many pet owners wonder what the best location is for installing the dog fence in the house. It is actually a bit complicated to establish it, but you can get an idea considering the breed and size of your dog. For example, in the case of large dogs it is preferable to install the fence outside the house (in the garden for example).

With small dogs there is no problem of space, so we advise you to adapt a room in the house and install the fence inside. There are users who prefer to buy removable fences because they can be placed anywhere in the home without too much effort.


There are pens for dogs of different sizes, it is important to choose the one that best suits the size of your pet.
(Source: Martin Novak: 55154912 /

How much does a dog fence cost?

If you think about all the benefits they offer, dog pens are not expensive at all. Take for example the Bunny Business fence, which in addition to being one of the best and having excellent reviews from many users, has a cost of only € 29, one of the lowest at the moment.

By this we do not mean that all dog pens have this price, on the contrary. There are models that can even cost € 300 or more, the price depends mainly on the material with which they are manufactured. With these figures you can get an idea of ​​how much money you will have to spend if you want to buy this item for your pet.


Dogs are pets.
(Source: Fabio Formaggio: 48357185 /

Purchase criteria

So far we have analyzed the most relevant features regarding dog fences. Obviously there are still many aspects to be discovered and these will help you during the purchase phase. If you want to be sure that you are choosing the most suitable cage for your dog, you need to consider the following criteria:

  • Material
  • Design
  • Measurements
  • Space
  • Quality


Before buying the dog fence you need to check what material it is made of. Some people do not give much importance to this aspect and end up buying a product that is not suitable for their animal. This is because not all dogs behave the same way and have the same size and weight.

For example, a plastic fence can be used for small dogs, since they don’t weigh a lot and don’t have a lot of strength. But if they are larger dogs they could end up breaking these fences with ease. In these cases, the purchase of an iron, wooden fence or similar material that ensures its durability is recommended.


Design is a crucial element when deciding whether or not to buy a dog fence. Consider that there are rectangular, square, rhombus-shaped and other fences. If you do not choose well, it could happen that your pet does not feel comfortable in it or even becomes nervous.

The secret lies in examining the size of your four-legged friend, that of the fence and understanding which shapes best fit your dog’s personality and then choosing the most suitable. The comfort and the way the puppy adapts to the fence will depend a lot on the design of the fence. If he does not like it, he will probably try to escape or break it.


The measures play a fundamental role when choosing the dog fence. The reality is that fences with very wide bars exist and this could prove to be a problem if you have a small dog. You have to understand which fences are suitable for large and small animals, you don’t just have to be attracted by design.

Choosing the right size will guarantee the success of your purchase, so try to remind you of this important aspect. Most returns take place precisely because of the lack of attention to this criterion. The most restless dogs will try to jump off the fence or sneak away through the nets, which you can avoid by choosing the right size of the fence.

Did you know that dogs sweat through their paws?


This is a factor that you absolutely must not forget since the most frequent mistakes that users make is not to consider the space in which they will place the dog fence and end up buying a model that does not fit or that is not great at enough to hold their pet.

Now that you have already decided on the model, size and measures of the fence you want to buy, you must also take into consideration the space you have available in your home or that your dog needs to feel comfortable inside and because he can play without feeling imprisoned.

It is important that you keep the area where the fence is located clean.


Quality is a determining factor and could not fail to be included in the criteria that must be taken into consideration when choosing the fence. The fact is that depending on the quality of the product you can understand if it will withstand the weather and get an idea of ​​how long it will last before it is damaged and therefore there is a need to replace it.

Making sure of the quality of the product will help you determine how much attention you will have to pay during the assembly and disassembly phase, it will also help you understand if it is suitable to welcome your dog. If the puppy has a nice temper it is not convenient to buy a low quality product, since it would not last long.


Our pets deserve the best possible care and attention. One of the best ways to show them our love is by setting up an adequate space inside the house so that they can have fun and play while supervised. Without a doubt the dog fence is a perfect item for this purpose.

Buying the most suitable model could prove to be an arduous task, especially considering that the well-being of our animal will derive from this. If you do not want to fail in the aim you will have to follow the advice of this guide in the best way, since it contains the most important aspects that will allow you to buy the most suitable fence for your dog.

We have come to the end of this guide on the dog fence. We hope it has been helpful. Don’t forget to leave us a comment below and share it on social media. See you soon!

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