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Best Dog Bowls 2020: Buying Guide



Best Dog Bowls 2020: Buying Guide

Choosing among the many bowls for dogs that exist on the market is never so obvious. Anyone would be tempted to buy the simplest one in plastic which costs a few euros, but after a few days it is easy to understand that it is not always the best solution. A good bowl must be robust and made of quality materials.

However, these two factors do not count. In fact, the size, ease of cleaning and, even if it may seem strange, the health and emotional condition of your dog is also important. You’ll probably be curious to find out more at this point, right? Well, let’s start our guide to buying the best dog bowl. Take notes!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Dog bowls are utensils specially designed to make our pet eat comfortably every day.
  • Choosing a good dog bowl is not trivial. Finding a good product can be the solution not to let our four-legged friend binge.
  • There are many models of bowls for dogs, but even if they tempt you for their aesthetics, you must choose one that is suitable for the needs of your furry, such as a tall bowl or designed against canine anxiety.
  • Dog bowls are made of many materials, but one of the best is stainless steel, especially if it is 18/8.

The best bowls for dogs on the market: our selection

Single, double, high, with dispenser … the bowls for dogs available today are really many, of all prices and of more or less quality. To begin to understand the differences of the various models, we have prepared a selection with the best products on the market according to our criteria that you will read later. Take a look at it, you may already find something that interests you.

COMSUN, set of 2 portable bowls

At the first position we wanted to put a practical and comfortable portable bowl. It is a set of 2 pieces that can be carried on the belt thanks to the practical carabiners included in the kit. The two folding bowls in non-toxic silicone are suitable for both liquids (350 ml) and food (about 1.5 cups). It does not contain lead or BPA.

The manufacturer guarantees this item for life. Available in different colors and in two sizes. Opinions speak very well of it. They are very practical and versatile. Someone recommends washing them a couple of times or three before use, since the smell of silicone is very strong at the beginning. Excellent value for money.

AmazonBasics, set of 2 stainless steel bowls

If you are looking for a product with an excellent quality / price ratio, this set of 2 rustproof stainless steel bowls is ideal. You can use one for food and the other for water, since they both have a capacity of 910 ml. They have a non-slip rubber ring at the base and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The reviews say they are anti-tip dog bowls, medium in size to hold 180 grams of food at a time, but they are not recommended for large dogs, so they may be small. Someone criticizes the quality of steel, which seems worse than that used for other bowls.

Trixie Dog Bar, set of two bowls with adjustable support

These bowls on a height-adjustable stand are ideal for dogs who for any reason cannot bend over to eat. They are also used since the dog is small, to then be raised as the animal grows. The base has non-slip feet, so it is firm. Various sizes of bowls available.

The height of the support is adjustable up to 40 cm in height. The value for money is excellent. According to the reviews the bowls are cleaned well and the structure is stable and robust. The locking system of the bowls is considered practical, even if according to some, these are made of aluminum a little too light.

TedGem, set of two bowls with silicone mat

This practical non-toxic and non-allergenic silicone mat is non-slip and contains two removable stainless steel bowls. Each bowl contains about 2 cups of food, resist heat, rust and are easy to wash (they can also be put in the dishwasher). the mat has a size of 45x25x5 cm.

Buyers are satisfied with this practical product also suitable for cats. Someone also takes it on a trip, given its easy handling. The negative reviews criticize the size, because it turns out to be a product suitable only for small dogs.

FOREYY, set of 2 bowls with bamboo support

The structure of this support for the two bowls is in natural bamboo. It has a non-slip rubber base and is available in 3 fixed sizes (for small, medium and large dogs). The removable bowls are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. The installation of the structure is simple, just follow the instructions included.

The reviews confirm the excellent materials of the product and the easy assembly in 5 minutes. The bamboo structure is beautiful to look at and makes a good impression. Also used for cats, the value for money is considered excellent.

MaxiPaws, bowl for voracious dogs

We could not fail to include in the ranking a bowl for voracious dogs, as there are several animals that eat too much. This product is specially designed to prevent our friend from bingeing in a rush, with all the consequences that derive from it. It can be washed in the dishwasher and has non-slip feet.

According to the reviews the bowl diameter is 17 cm. They testify to its effectiveness in slowly letting the dog eat, which is forced by the particular shape to take a little food at a time. Very resistant and above all useful.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog bowls

The above ranking should have already helped you understand the various possibilities you have when looking for the right bowl for your dog. However, before making the final choice, we advise you to read the section below, where we will answer the most frequently asked questions posted by those who, like you, are looking for information on dog bowls.


You must take into account the age and breed of your pet to choose a suitable dog bowl. (Source: Iakov Filimonov: 116719594 /

What are dog bowls and why are they so important?

They are containers of various sizes, materials and colors, specially designed for the dog to eat, be it dry or wet. Obviously their main task is ‘only’ to contain food, but in reality they can do much more, like helping to eat it with less enthusiasm, to lose weight and to reduce intestinal problems. Roger CarasAmerican photographer

“Dogs are not everything in our life, but they complement it.”

Can the wrong purchase of a bowl be dangerous for my dog?

As absurd as it may sound, yes. For example, the Petco company had to remove its steel bowls from the market in 2012 because they were radioactive, according to Basis Pet. In addition to checking the product quality standards, never choose a stainless steel bowl that is not suitable for the dishwasher or only indicates that it is suitable “for domestic use”.

The formulas mentioned in the description of a dog bowl can hide that stainless steel is lower than type 304 (also known as 18/8 stainless steel), the most common for food applications.

Did you know that dogs have the ability to hear sounds up to a distance of 225 meters?

Why is hygiene important for dog bowls?

Humans easily forget to clean their dog’s bowl by not thinking about how it can affect their best friend’s health. Many of us wouldn’t use the same dish for a week without washing it and the same should be done with the bowl. Otherwise, the bacteria that could cause disease in the dog thrive.

This means more chances of suffering from stomach pain, diarrhea or vomiting for your dog. Although animals have different immune defenses than we do, reactions are possible when the bowl remains dirty for a long time. So, remember: choose a bowl that is easy to clean and wash it as often as possible.


Automatic dispensers are ideal for busy people and for those who want to control the feeding of their pets. (Source: Alexander Kharchenko: 115371510 /

How many types of dog bowls can I find on the market?

There is a large assortment of dog bowls on the market. So many that it is difficult to choose the one that best suits the needs of our best friend. Below, we show you a selection of the main models according to their shape and material. In addition, we show you the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of these items.

Types of bowlsFeaturesAdvantagesDisadvantages
Of plasticThere are different shapes and sizes. They are containers made of different polymers. If you choose this material, make sure it is quality and free from carcinogens, such as bisphenol A or BPA.They are easy to clean. They are cheap, light and very handy. They usually incorporate a non-slip ring on the base to prevent it from moving.Although easy to clean, if the plastic is poor it can ‘absorb’ the food and it becomes more difficult to keep it clean. In addition, the dog may be allergic to some components of the bowl. Check his nose and possible irritations.
CeramicThey can have different sizes, although they are recommended especially for smaller dogs.They weigh enough not to make them move. Easy to clean and hygienic.They can easily break. If left untreated, porosity can accumulate bacteria.
Stainless steelThey are the most used and there are several formats, even very large.They are stainless, robust and easy to clean (sometimes even in the dishwasher. It is the most suitable material for bowls. They are light.Some are made of poor steel. If they don’t have a non-slip base, they move too much.
For voracious or anxious dogsThey are usually made of plastic and have compartments to force the dog to eat more slowly, without voracity.They avoid dog bingeing. They can mitigate the dog’s anxiety about food and avoid intestinal problems.If they are not of quality they can easily deteriorate.
Portable or travelThey are bowls specially designed for travel, usually in durable plastic or silicone, but they also exist in stainless steel.They are ideal for frequent travelers. They are foldable and usually also include a container for water.Their price is usually higher. If they are not cleaned well and the plastic is of poor quality, they accumulate more dirt and bacteria.
raisedThese are the bowls that adjust to a suitable height for the dog to eat without having to bend over. The height is usually adjustable according to the needs and usually two bowls are included, almost always in stainless steel, which must be positioned at the height of the animal’s chest, in order to keep the legs straight.They are beneficial for animal health if of the correct height. They prevent stomach problems. They are ideal especially for older dogs.They are a little more uncomfortable to clean. They have a higher price.
Dispensers with containerThe plastic food container releases a controlled portion of food into the bowl while the pet eats.You don’t have to worry about food for several days. It is cheaper than a programmable or automatic vending machine. They are usually transparent so that you can control the amount of food consumed.Being plastic, you have to check its quality and also clean the container in addition to the bowl.
For long-eared dogsThey are tall and narrow bowls, particularly suitable for dogs with long, hanging ears, such as the Beagle or the Cocker. They are generally made of plastic. It is important that they have non-slip bases.They prevent your dog from inserting his ears into the bowl. They are not expensive.It is important to optimize cleaning to avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.
Automatic or electronicThey are electronic devices that allow you to control the amount of food you give your pet. You can schedule them at a specific time.Ideal for busy people. You can check the feeding of your pet, both for quantity and time. Some models also allow you to record your voice.Their price is higher. They can have complicated settings. Programming problems can occur.

What is the importance of anti voracity or anti anxiety bowls?

There are dogs that don’t eat, they gobble. The risks, in addition to suffocation, are linked to various intestinal problems, such as digestive difficulties, vomiting, stomach pain. These simple insert bowls force the dog not to put all the food together in the mouth. This in fact must be taken in small doses and our friend must forcibly consume it at a slower pace.


Remember to wash your dog’s bowl often, at the latest every two or three days. (Source: Iakov Filimonov: 116003548 /

Should a dog bowl also include an insert for water?

No. You have certainly seen them more than once, they are bowls for dogs that have a compartment for water. In our opinion, it is better if food and water are in separate containers. When eating, the dog moves the bowl and the water may spill. This in addition to creating quagmire, leads to the formation of more mold or bacteria.

Purchase criteria

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re aware that making the right choice for your dog’s bowl isn’t that obvious. You have to pay attention to more things, especially if you plan to invest some extra money in it. The purchase criteria below will help you make the final decision, without having regrets.

  • Your veterinarian’s opinion
  • Size of your dog
  • Material
  • Hygiene
  • Accessories
  • Score and opinions of buyers

Your veterinarian’s opinion

It sounds strange, but no one knows your dog’s physical condition better than your vet. He can tell you if it is appropriate to buy him a raised bowl, if he feels it painful to bend over because he is elderly or injured. Or he can recommend the bowl for voracious dogs, if he knows that your friend tends to suffer from abdominal pain. There is nothing wrong with asking for his opinion.


The raised bowls are suitable for eating the dog without having to bend over, avoiding arching the spine. (Source: Milic Djurovic: 119360685 /

Size of your dog

Obviously, a Yorkshire does not eat the same quantities as a German shepherd. The producers take into account the size of the animal, so you will have no problem finding an S, M or L bowl suitable for your dog’s size, but do not underestimate this aspect. In general, it is better to buy a slightly larger bowl, as the volume of this can vary when you change the food.

Dogs have a total of 18 muscles in the ear.


In this guide you have already seen that dog bowls are made of different materials. Even if we haven’t said it, know that they can also be made of wood. Choose the material you think is the most suitable, but which is always of good quality, resistant and robust and easy to clean. Quality stainless steel will always be a good option, don’t forget it.


Portable bowls are designed for travel, usually made of durable plastic. (Source: Bullltus: 95118901 /


We have already mentioned the importance of hygiene in another section, but this time we remind you to opt for an easy-to-wash dog bowl. If you have limited time, it will always be better if it is also dishwasher safe. And remember not to clean it once in a while, but every two or three days at the most.


The bowl itself is already considered an accessory in the pet sector. However, some products may include additional tools useful for the use of the bowl itself. One of them is the mat to be placed under the bowl. Generally they are treated against humidity and germs in which they can proliferate, but they also protect the floor of your home, or terrace, from scratching or getting dirty easily. Umberto TozziSongwriter

“The more you learn about man, the more you learn to value the dog.”

Score and opinions of buyers

When you buy online, most of the time you have the possibility of being able to evaluate the score and the opinions left by those who bought a certain bowl before you. In addition to the rating itself, reading the reviews will help you understand how other people’s dogs found themselves and you will be clear about the strengths and weaknesses of each article.


The type of food you give to your dog is of great importance, but also an accessory such as a bowl becomes essential, especially on certain occasions, as if your four-legged friend is elderly or if he suffers from voracity, among the many possibilities. Nowadays, a good bowl can help you feed your dog even when you’re not there or stop him from bingeing.

Remember that the materials of the dog bowls also have a certain importance. Consider whether you need a raised accessory or an electronic one that helps you feed your dog at the right times. If you love your pet, keep in mind all the criteria indicated in the previous sections before opting for a specific bowl.

Did you like our article on dog bowls? Whatever your answer, we would like to read your comment or maybe, if you found it useful, you could share it on social networks. Thanks and to the next article!

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