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Top 5 Best dog beds for large outdoor: buying guide

Best dog beds for large outdoor dogs 2020: buying guide


Top 5 Best dog beds for large outdoor: buying guide

Best dog beds for large outdoor: The kennels for large outdoor dogs are essential to offer your pet a space in which he can feel safe and comfortable. If you have decided to bring a large dog into your life and you have an outdoor space where he can stay, you are probably looking for the right object, which is suitable for him and not too expensive for you.

The choice must be made with caution. Buying a dog bed of the wrong size, which does not protect your friend from heat and cold or which is not strong enough, can easily make you regret a purchase. That’s why our guide can come in handy: we will tell you everything you need to know to find the perfect kennel for your large dog.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • A kennel for large dogs can be placed both in the garden and on a spacious terrace. It is a place where the animal can feel safe and where it can always take shelter.
  • The offer for these products is very varied and you will always have to carefully check the internal dimensions of the kennel to make sure that your large dog can fit in comfortably and has no problems moving.
  • It is very common that kennels for large dogs have some type of base in the lower part to prevent moisture from entering inside it.

The best kennels for large outdoor dogs: our selection

In this section you will see a ranking with the best five XXL outdoor kennels for dogs on the market. You will read their main features and also a summary of the opinions of those who bought them previously. In this way, choosing a doghouse suitable for your and your dog’s needs will be easier.

Next Trendstore

The Avanti Trendstore kennel is one of the best-selling on Amazon. It is designed for medium and large dogs and the measures are 75 in length, 84 in height and 85 in depth. It is entirely made of PVC, which makes it long lasting and resistant to atmospheric agents, as well as easy to clean. It is available brown or beige with a green roof.

The kennel in question seems to appeal to both buyers and their four-legged friends. It is spacious enough to accommodate large dogs, while the entrance is really huge (convenient for when the animal enters and exits, a little less in case of rain). It arrives disassembled, but it is easy to assemble, and the final structure is light but robust.


The Homegarden outdoor dog bed is intended for medium and large dogs, and measures approximately 78 × 84 cm at the base and 80 cm in height. It is made of PVC, a feature which, as in the previous case, makes it relatively light but above all easy to clean and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The Homegarden kennel fully satisfies the buyers: it is considered spacious for most dogs and the large door makes it easier to enter. It can be assembled in a couple of minutes and the structure is solid, although perhaps not enough for particularly robust animals such as Corsican dogs.

Ferplast XL

Ferplast offers a series of outdoor kennels in wood for medium and large dogs, with sizes ranging from M to XXL. The dimensions of the XL are 101 × 56.5 cm for the base, about 64 cm for the height, and 30.5 × 51 cm for the entrance. It has a pitched roof to protect itself from the rain, plastic feet as thermal insulation, and a metallic anti-bite edge at the entrance.

It is an excellent kennel, whose XL size is generally the most suitable for large dogs, although the entry is more practical in the XXL model. Also excellent is the canopy that prevents water from entering the kennel, which seems to withstand winter weather very well.

Kennels Imperial Norfolk

Kennels Imperial’s Norfolk is an outdoor kennel for large dogs, the dimensions of which are approximately 116x79x81 cm. It is entirely made of wood, with insulated panels to resist the winter cold and summer heat. The feet of the kennel are adjustable so that they can also be placed on steep terrain.

Buyers consider it a good product, rich in qualities and with some flaws: it is easy to assemble, it is very beautiful as well as spacious, and has a practical sunroof. Despite the size, someone believes the entrance is not easy for large dogs, while the wood is considered a bit fragile for robust dogs.

The Marguerite

La Pratolina offers a kennel for large dogs (approximately up to 60 kg) made of fir wood, with rounded corners and a pitched, waterproof and spacious roof. The structure measures 114x120x92 cm, while the door 39 × 47 cm. It is designed for both use in the garden and inside the home.

The excellent quality of the materials and its rustic appearance are particularly appreciated for the kennel in question. It is spacious and very robust. However, there are conflicting opinions regarding the assembly phase, where some users complain about poorly detailed instructions and insufficient screw holes.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about large outdoor dog beds

It is important that, before buying an XXL outdoor kennel, you know the most common characteristics of these products and those of your pet. In this way, you can best select the article that best suits you and your four-legged friend. In this section we will answer the most frequent questions among users.doghouses-for-dogs-big-to-outer-before-xcyp1

Pets are part of the family and need their own space.
(Source: Mark Bowden: 65656020 /

What is the usefulness of a kennel for large outdoor dogs?

As you like to have your privacy and to have corners for you, the dog also really likes to enjoy a space all for him. A large dog kennel for outdoor use is necessary for your pet to have a roof that protects it from bad weather during the hours it spends in the garden and / or to allow it to have a welcoming space where you can feel safe.

Someone initially places them inside the house, as a means of training to educate your dog to be alone. If he’s used to being around people, being alone at home might scare him, so offering him a space where he feels protected and comfortable when you go out to work is a good idea.

For a large dog, is it better to have an indoor or outdoor kennel?

It is increasingly common to let dogs sleep inside houses, sometimes even in the same room or in our same bed, but a kennel outside should not be seen as a problem. It is also good for animals to be outdoors, as long as they don’t have to stay there. Large dogs also feel responsible for protecting the home, so they can better guard outside.

The decision on where to place a kennel will depend on your pet’s character. You can always have one at home and one outside, even if the main one should remain one. Some pets adapt well to life outside the home and maybe they don’t even want to go to sleep. However, if you see that your dog is unhappy in the outdoor kennel, let him sleep inside.

Did you know that taking a dog can modify or positively affect the emotional behavior of any member of the house?

How can you train your dog to be alone using an outdoor doghouse?

As anticipated, a kennel could prove to be very useful in educating the dog to remain alone, so that he feels safe in the house when you are not there. If your pet has just arrived home, but you need to go out for several hours a day for business reasons, the kennel can make a difference. It could serve as a refuge.

So, the first days when your dog will have to be alone, put a snack inside the kennel. Over time it will enter happier and happier as it will associate it with something positive. And it will stay there during the hours when you are absent. A dog doesn’t like being without you in the house, but if you provide him with a refuge just for him, you will help him feel better.

It is advisable to place some items inside the kennel that serve as a repellent for fleas and ticks.

It would be better if I could close the kennel. He probably won’t like it at first, but you reward him and act as if it were something natural. Start with a few hours. Put your favorite game and a blanket inside. When he gets used to being alone inside his kennel, he can also remain without anyone at home feeling safe while you go to work.

Is it right to let your dog spend many hours in the outdoor kennel?

As with all other questions, this answer will depend on your pet. Check his reactions to decide what makes him more or less happy. If you see that in the garden he cries if you are not with him, there is no need to leave him too much. You probably have to proceed step by step. However, if you see him having fun, running, standing guard and entertaining himself, there is no problem in leaving him out.

If you notice that he digs holes in the grass or ruins the pots, the doormat or the plants it means that he is bored of being alone outside. If, on the other hand, he seems calm and does not stay in front of the door waiting to see you go out, let him stay out as long as he wants.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an outdoor kennel for large dogs?

In the following list we have summarized what are the benefits and what are the drawbacks of having a large outdoor dog bed. This product can be used in many ways and its use will depend, to a large extent, on the character of the animal. Below we will deepen this theme to ensure that the kennel you choose can make your four-legged friend happy.


  • It is a comfortable place where your dog can shelter from the rain and sun
  • It is useful if you want to give your dog more safety and protection
  • Your pet will have its own space, which it will soon learn to love


  • Using only the dog’s bed as the only home for your dog can make him feel lonely

If the dog is quiet in his kennel, do I still have to take him out for a walk?

Even if it has a large garden and a large kennel where you see it as quiet and relaxed, this does not mean that your friend doesn’t want to go out with you. All dogs need to go for a walk. Whatever breed it is, it certainly loves to share those moments with you and, depending on the character, will want to more or less socialize with other animals and / or people.

So, do not settle for your garden thinking that it will provide your dog with everything he needs to do his needs and to stretch his legs. Take him out for a few hours a day and introduce him to new places, take him to walk with you, play with other dogs and make sure he can enjoy the new smells and new stimuli he encounters. What dogs want most and spend time with people.

In addition to an outdoor kennel for large dogs, what do you have to put out?

In addition to his kennel, a large dog needs a lot of stimulation while he is in the garden, especially if he has to spend many hours there and you don’t want him to be bored. For example, you could prepare a space intended for play, which is not separate from the rest of the garden, but which is an outlined area. And there he may have sand to hide his games.

Try to avoid having plants that are toxic to him and don’t use chemicals in your garden. If you have a paved space, rather than with the lawn, things are not too different. Always remember that whatever the size of one or the other, nothing can not replace the walks you take with your dog. Pablo NerudaChilean poet

“My dog ​​looked at me, with those purer eyes than mine, he lost his time but looked at me, with the look he reserved for me, all his sweet, his hairy life, his silent life, close to me, without ever bother me and without asking me anything. “

Where do you have to place the outdoor kennel for large dogs?

It is important to observe your dog’s favorite place when sleeping outside or where he spends his time. This information can be of great use in choosing the place where to put the kennel and in making sure that he uses it immediately. Consider placing it in a ventilated and large space, the dog should not feel chastened.

Around the kennel there must be enough space to play and run. And it would not be a bad idea to put nearby the games he likes and some comforts inside, such as a blanket or a pillow. It is advisable that the animal also has easy access to the house.

How can you maintain hygiene in your dog’s outdoor kennel?

If your dog’s kennel is outdoors, he runs the risk of becoming the home of a wide variety of insects and pests, especially in the hottest periods. To prevent this from happening, often clean his shelter with water and disinfect it with special products, perhaps that do not have a pungent and annoying odor or in any case always rinse well after its use.

In addition, it is advisable to apply some product to the kennel that serves as a repellent for fleas and ticks. If there are cushions or blankets inside, wash them periodically with very hot water in the washing machine. If the dog urinates near his kennel, clean with water while he looks at you and teach him to look for another place more suitable for his needs.

What is the canopy used in large dog kennels for?

It is easy to find large kennels with a canopy on the market. The main advantage of this is that it allows the animal to appear, while remaining protected from the sun or rain. It is ideal for your dog to have a wide view of the space around him, without having to get wet or get colder than necessary.

On many occasions, your large dog may want to watch over who is walking around the house or what you do while in the garden. But if there is a lot of sun or if it is raining, he will need to take shelter to get better. The extra canopy that these kennel models present gives your pet this chance.

Even if your dog is comfortable in the garden you will always have to take him for a walk, because he likes to spend time with you, helps him to socialize with other dogs and to meet different stimuli.

What should a large outdoor dog bed not be used for?

If your pet complains or becomes nervous when it is in the kennel, it should not be forced to stay there, because it will perceive it as a punishment. There are dogs that are happy to stay in the doghouse, but not all of them. You don’t have to use this space as the only area where your dog can stay. However, let him take part in the family routine and bring him closer to the kennel.

Always leaving the pet out of the house could cause him to feel alone or chastised for something, without knowing exactly what. The kennel is a great place for your dog to repair himself during the hours he spends in the garden. It shouldn’t forbid him to share time with the family at home, but it should be a complement.

Purchase criteria

When buying a kennel for large dogs, it is very important to inquire and evaluate some aspects, both concerning your pet and the product. Below we summarize the fundamental criteria to be considered in order to make the most appropriate decision. These aspects are:

  • Materials: advantages and disadvantages
  • dimensions
  • base
  • Roof
  • Complements for the kennel

Materials: advantages and disadvantages

In the kennel market, you can find models made with different materials. The most common, when we talk about outdoor kennels for large dogs, are wood and hard plastic. In the following box we summarize what are the advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose one model over the other:

Dog bed materials for large dogsAdvantagesDisadvantages
WoodIt better protects the dog from the high temperatures of summer   Same thing for the cold: insulates more effectively Very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view When it’s time to throw it away, its materials are biodegradableUsually they are more expensive   Wood can rot with humidity, cold and rain, so they need more maintenance and care Wood is difficult to clean
Hard plasticResistant   You can choose from a wide choice of colors and models High-quality, longer-lasting material Easy to cleanPlastic heats up a lot with high temperatures so it is not recommended to use them with the arrival of summer   In extreme cold, it does not protect against low temperatures It is not ecological Less resistance to bites


The perfect size for a large dog bed must allow your pet to turn around inside, lie down, enter and exit without difficulty. If you choose a too small one, it will be very uncomfortable for the dog, if instead it is too large it could become too cold in winter. If you have two dogs you could look for one inside which both fit comfortably.

To choose the kennel you need to measure the length of the dog, leaving out the tail. To measure its height, parts of the front legs up to its head. Choose a kennel that, inside, is a little higher than your pet. Experts recommend that the height of the doghouse should not exceed 50% of that of the animal and its width not more than 25%.

Taking your dog for a walk every day and having him play helps you reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, depression and some types of cancer.


It is recommended that the base be slightly raised, if you live in a humid environment or where it rains frequently. In this way, neither humidity nor cold will enter inside and the material of the kennel will last longer. The lower part could also be particularly thick, in order to isolate it from humidity, or it could have hooves that support it.

In the event that the kennel for large dogs you have chosen is not raised, it is advisable that the base has some type of insulating material. In some models it is possible to remove the base from the rest to clean it better. You should always make sure that the base is strong enough to support your pet’s weight.

If you see that your dog is playing and having fun in the garden, it means that he feels comfortable outside the house.


There are various forms in which the roof of a large dog bed can be made. As with houses, it is advisable to choose the shape based on the climate of the place where it will be placed. In addition, many kennels have removable roofs to make it easier to clean them inside. The most common roofs are:

  • Pitched or pitched roofs. If you live in a region with frequent rain or even snow, the roof should be tilted. This will allow the water to slide and not accumulate on the top of the doghouse.
  • Flat roofs. In areas where the climate is warmer and drier, the beds with a flat roof are more suitable. As for the interior, they are more comfortable, since they make the height of the whole kennel the same size.
  • Roof with canopy. Regardless of whether the roof is flat or slanted, the canopy can help protect your pet from rain or sun when it wants to poke its head out of the kennel.

Complements for the kennel

In order for a large dog bed to be comfortable for your pet, it must have a cushion inside. Bigger dogs need to rest their body on a soft and comfortable surface in order to rest better. You can also add a blanket that he particularly likes. Make sure both are always dry and clean.

The dog beds will be an important part for your pet’s leisure and fun, so you should put his favorite toys inside them. In addition, there are doors of different shapes that can be added to the kennel to ensure that your pet stays warm when it enters to sleep or to rest, making sure that the cold stays outside.


If your dog likes to spend several hours outside your home, you should install a large dog bed where he can take refuge when he wishes. These kennels can also serve as a safe space if you want to educate him to stay home alone during the hours when you are out and about.

Remember that even if your dog is lucky enough to enjoy a space outside your home, this does not mean that his walk is less necessary. Socialization is essential. And, even if you keep the animal outside, still allow it to enter the house if you do not want it to feel alone or put in punishment. The kennel is an ideal complement to provide a space of its own for your dog.

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