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Top 5 Best dog bed 2020: Buying Guide



Top 5 Best dog bed 2020: Buying Guide

Best dog bed: You are probably looking for a special dog bed because you know how much your four-legged friend deserves it. Dogs, which for many are one of the reasons they want to go home every day, deserve a great place to rest. These puppies spend many hours a day pampering their owners and playing on the street.

In order for the dog to rest properly and in its own space, a doghouse is the best option. And, in the same way we want to have a comfortable and quality mattress, so we must pay attention to the characteristics of dog kennels, thinking about its well-being and comfort.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Look at your dog’s characteristics and how he sleeps before deciding which kennel will help him sleep better.
  • Your dog can sleep with you if you wish, but remember that you will have to keep this decision for life, since if you change your decision your dog will get confused.
  • It is better for your dog to sleep in the house. In the garden, he may be cold and isolated from his adoptive family. Furthermore, when they are not happy they bark and this is annoying for the neighbors

The best dog kennels on the market: our selection

Here you will find a ranking with the five most popular dog kennels on the market right now. Furthermore, for each product there is a detailed description of its characteristics. In this way, you will be able to buy a dog bed knowing the product that best suits your needs and those of your puppy.


This comfortable dog bed, designed by Zollner, can be washed, is highly insulating and does not slide on the floor thanks to the non-slip rubber. The internal lining is made of hollow polyester fiber, while the surface is made of fiber fur. The product is 70 x 100 centimeters large, suitable for medium-sized dogs, and can be washed at 30 ° C.

The product is appreciated for its softness and for the internal and external coating, judged as soft and very welcoming for the animal. Some reviewers believe that the interior deserves more padding, however its non-slip properties are still appreciated. It is a little complicated to clean the outside of the dog’s hair.


Galaxer offers a pleasant machine-washable kennel, available in various sizes. The cotton filling guarantees softness and comfort. The bottom is non-slip and the weight varies from 661 grams upwards. The dimensions are S 60x45x15cm – M 70x52x15 cm – L 80x60x15cm and XL – 90x70x15 cm.

The reviews define it as a comfortable and soft bed-kennel. The materials are judged to be of quality and the animals, both dogs and cats, seem to appreciate it very much. It can be completely put in the washing machine, which can be more difficult in the case of the XL size.

BedDog 2 in 1

This product includes 2 variants as a dog bed. For the passage it is sufficient to turn the cushion on the left side. The coating is made of Cordura material which is fully removable and washable at 30 ° C and is made in the EU. The bed is waterproof, soft and stable in shape. Two free 18 × 18 cm cushions are supplied.

Reviewers appreciate the value for money and rate the product as very spacious, even for good-sized dogs. Some users criticize the resistance of the article and report unstitching after a few days. However, the washable lining is appreciated, considered as a “not a little element” and absent in similar goods. Waterproofing is also good.


Made of waterproof Oxford material for the exterior and warm fleece for the interior, this dog bed is available in different colors and sizes suitable for six different sizes. The bottom is not non-slip, however the product is waterproof and has raised edges for greater safety and comfort of the animal. The item is machine washable when cold.

With a value for money that is sometimes considered “unbeatable”, this product is appreciated for its excellent quality. The shipping packaging could be better, however the padding and soft coating are good. The materials, considered of considerable workmanship, and the fabric, resistant and water-repellent, are also positively mentioned.


With different variations of color and size available to the customer, this kennel is made of Cordura material for the external covering, while the interior is in microfibre. The product maintains its shape and is suitable both as an indoor and outdoor product. It does not contain cotton wool to avoid the formation of lumps. It is entirely machine washable at 30 ° C.

Users appreciate the quality-price ratio and the ease of assembly of the product: some report that it took less time than declared in the instruction booklet as necessary. Good materials, even if the seams are not very resistant. The ease of cleaning (even at a higher grade) and washing is appreciated. Quick shipping praised.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about dog kennels

Rest is essential for a good quality of life, and for it to be optimal, a comfortable surface is needed. Before choosing a kennel for your dog, it is important to know his specific needs well. Therefore, in this paragraph we will answer the most frequently asked questions in relation to dog kennels:doghouse-to-dog-first-xcyp1

Buying a good dog bed is very important for your well-being at home. (Source: damedeeso: 85567449 /

The kennel must be chosen according to the type of dog?

Certainly. A small dog is not the same as a large dog and, in fact, the former adapt better to any type of kennel, unlike the latter. Large dogs need a kennel that adapts to their weight, so the mattress and its padding must also be of better quality.

Furthermore, if the dog has some type of infirmity, such as arthritis, very common among these animals, his kennel must be very padded so that it is soft for his joints, as can be foam rubber. And always you have to check that it is specified if the kennel was made with materials that do not cause allergies. M.K. ClintonAmerican writer

“The world would be a more beautiful place if everyone had the ability to love unconditionally like a dog”

Can dog kennels be placed in the garden?

As part of the family, it is unusual for dogs to sleep in the garden, as happened years ago. We understand that dogs have feelings in our own way. In the garden it can be very cold, even in summer. If it is an independent animal, it is also possible to transfer the kennel to its house.

However, many dogs suffer from being alone knowing that their family is somewhere else. And if we let him spend the night in the garden, this will lead the dog to bark during the night, in protest of his situation. These barking can be very annoying for neighbors. This is why it is better to have it at home, for its health and happiness.

Can the dog sleep in bed with me?

Yes, he can sleep in your bed. However, it is best that you find out more about his breed and personality, as some are very independent and need their own space. So it may happen that they sleep with you thinking of making you happy, but in reality they would prefer not to. So it is better to decide this before the animal becomes part of your life.

As we said before, the moment a dog gets used to sleeping in a place, it is difficult to make him change this habit. So if you let him sleep in your bed you have to know that this will happen in the future too, so as not to confuse him. If he is sometimes forbidden to spend the night in your bed, he could interpret it as a punishment.

Is it advisable to put the dog’s bed near my bed?

On the other hand, you have to take into account that the dog can suffer from flatulence, can be a great snorer or have a habit of getting up at night to drink water or eat. All these strange habits of your four-legged friend will adversely affect your rest, for this reason you may not want him to sleep in your bed or in your room.

If you don’t want your dog to sleep in your bed, you must educate him and make him understand that he must respect your rules. So you have to prevent him from getting on the bed without your permission (even if he could do it when you are not there) because, if you don’t, he will take too much confidence and think he has power and this would affect other dynamics. Unknown author

“I hope to be the type of person that my dog ​​thinks he is.”

In which room of the house should I place my dog’s kennel?

You have to take into account which are the most comfortable places to make your four-legged friend sleep comfortably. And so that you too can do it. The kitchen or living room are places where the temperature is usually kept and are appropriate areas if we want the dog to sleep in a place other than ours.

Our room can be a good place to put the dog’s kennel if we don’t like to sleep apart from him, but there is a possibility that your friend wants to get on your bed. If you don’t want it to be like that, you’ll need to import and educate it to respect your rules. Because if he starts to get on your bed, it will be difficult to make him change this kennel-to-bed-xcyp1

In order for a dog to use its own dog bed, it must be comfortable so that it can desire it. (Source: christingasner: 27625946 /

Where does the dog sleep if my house is very small?

Even if your house is small, it is always better to reserve a space to place your dog’s kennel and toys. As faithful as he is, he too needs his intimacy and there are times when he likes to be on the sidelines without anyone bothering him. You can look for a corner of a common area or some family member’s room.

What you have to take into account is that the place you choose from the beginning will probably be the one you will keep for the next few years, given that dogs like their habits. So, choose a place that is comfortable and comfortable and also where you see that your dog feels comfortable.

What are orthopedic dog kennels?

For older dogs or dogs with joint, bone or back health problems, dog beds made of a mattress made of a material called ‘Memory Foam’ or viscoelastic foam are used, which adapts to the position of the animal. They can also be bought for healthy dogs because they are very comfortable.

One of the main characteristics to take into account when choosing an orthopedic bed is the thickness of the mattress. The market offers a wide variety of kennels in this category, with the viscoelastic mattress, of an infinite number of prices, models, shapes and different fabrics for the cover that covers it.

What are the most common sleeping habits in dogs?

It is important to observe how your dog sleeps because this can give you important information to understand if he feels happy in your home or if he feels insecure. For this, you need to know that dogs curl up when they sleep to retain heat and feel safe, also if they have spasms while sleeping it is because they are dreaming.

If your dog often sleeps lying down, it means he is hot and feels very safe.
And if you notice that, at the time of going to bed, he is hesitant and turns on himself on many occasions, he may have joint pain or difficulty lying down. If your dog is having bad dreams, talk to him slowly or say his name in a low voice.

Is it strange that my dog ​​spends many hours sleeping in his kennel?

When they are puppies, dogs sleep 90% of the day, albeit at different times and irregularly. When they grow up, they can adapt to the bosses’ habits regarding the time to go to sleep at night. An adult dog sleeps around 14 hours, small naps during the day and 8 or 9 hours at night.

Dogs must be active, even when they are adults. If he sleeps more than he should, it’s because he feels bored. However, if you feel that the hours he sleeps are excessive and you see him without wanting to move during the day, it is best that you consult a vet because he may have some physical or psychological problem. Aldous HuxleyBritish writer and philosopher

“All men are gods for their dogs. This is why there are people who love their dogs more than people. “

What should I do for my dog ​​to use his kennel?

If your dog comes home and you have to adapt it to your habits, there are little tricks to do it. If the dog is very small and you see that he is afraid, you can let him sleep the first few days with you until he starts to feel comfortable in the house and then, gradually, you can leave him his spaces.

In order for a dog to use his dog’s bed, it must be comfortable and he must like it. You can take him to his kennel with a prize, so the puppy will associate the positive reward with his place to sleep. You must never carry it by force. If you don’t want to, there may be a reason, such as that the kennel is not located in a comfortable area.doghouse-to-dog-big-xcyp1

You must know that dogs crouch when they sleep to retain heat and feel safe. (Source: sharpshutter: 30799294 /

What do I do if the dog destroys his doghouse?

It may happen that your dog, if playful or a little nervous, entertains you to break the kennel that you buy, which presupposes constant spending. That dogs bite things is natural: this fortifies their jaws and teeth by preventing tartar. For this reason, it is advisable that you have games to bite and thus relieve your stress.

In addition to this, if you are present when he bites his kennel, you must train him, saying ‘no’ firmly when he starts to do it and removing his kennel. Give him back the kennel after a while and watch his reaction. If he starts moderating again, repeat this action, if he doesn’t, reward him and gratify him for his good behavior.

Purchase criteria

When purchasing the kennel for your dog, it is important to evaluate some aspects. Here we have included the most important factors you need to consider before buying this product. This way you can make sure you make the right decision and your dog will get the rest he needs. These criteria are:

  • Materials
  • Fabrics
  • Form
  • External aspects
  • dimensions


To get a well-deserved rest after walking and playing, the material that fills the mattress or the kennel will be essential. The floor does not guarantee a good rest, especially if it’s cold, so a good support where to lie down and spend the night is necessary for our four-legged friends. These options exist:

foamIt is very common, since it is long lasting, cheap and soft. The one made of polyurethane is more recommendable for large dogs, which weigh more.
Cedar shavingsThere are controversies in this regard. Many animal lovers people like this option, as it gives off a good smell, it is a natural material and repels insects. But some advise against it because they are not washable and when some time passes, you have to buy new ones.
Synthetic woolIt is soft and soft. In fact, it is the most used material for stuffing cushions.
CottonThere are two characteristics of cotton that make this material not advisable: they tend to form bumps that make the kennel uncomfortable and absorb bad smells.
Chopped foamSoft and soft, suitable for smaller dogs. For large dogs, foam sheets with high concentration are recommended. For example, there is a very common polyurethane foam for older dogs or dogs with joint problems.
Viscoelastic mattressit is used in orthopedic beds. They are ideal for dogs with bone, joint or spine problems, as it is very comfortable and maintains the shape of the posture with which the dog lies down.


There are two essential problems when choosing the material that covers our dog’s kennel: that it is easy to clean and that it is pleasant to the touch. You must also take into consideration what the average temperature of the region you live in is, since some materials protect from the cold and others serve to cool during the heat. These options exist:

    • Waterproof fabrics.Which protect the mattress
      from humidity and bad smells and are easy to wash. Although they can be cold.
    • Synthetic leather or canvas.Very easy to clean, even with a blade, but not very soft.
    • Wood. Sometimes the mattress may not be the complete kennel and be surrounded by a structure, such as wooden. If placed in a fixed place, this material is a good option since it is heavy. Then you will have to buy the mattress cover separately.
    • Plastic. This material is common for an outdoor kennel if you want to use a mattress with waterproof materials. Or even for places with very hot weather.


The shape of a dog bed or mattress for dogs must be chosen according to how the dog sleeps, and its size, so that the ends do not come out of the dog bed and are uncomfortable for the animal. There is a large variety of dog beds according to their physicality. These are some of those that we can find on the market:

    • Basic mattresses. Normally rectangular mat or mattress, but they can also be square or round and available in a great variety of sizes. They can be large or smaller. Ideal for dogs that have movement problems.
    • Den model However, they are mats with higher edges. The dog feels more protected and has the ability to rest his head. They are not recommended for heat.
    • Hammocks There are raised hammocks of PVC plastic material, sometimes with holes, which are great for warmer climates.
    • Igloo. Top closed kennels that offer privacy to the dog. They are recommended for cold areas where the dog needs shelter. Normally they are only available for small dogs.
    • Sofa model. As the name implies, it has the shape of a sofa, which makes it cozy. They give the possibility of resting the head, however it has an open part unlike the doghouse with the den-shaped model.
    • Plastic kennels. They may seem uncomfortable, but they are ideal for dogs close to childbirth. And also for elderly or sick dogs.

External aspects

The climate is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a doghouse. There are very hot materials, to warm the animal and protect it from low temperatures, and there are others, on the contrary, which are used to cool it when the weather is warmer. Both the material and the shape adapt the doghouse to different temperatures.

You must also consider the position of the kennel, and how many possibilities there are that it gets dirty or gets wet to choose one or another material. If it is an outdoor kennel, it is better that it is waterproof, while if it will be placed in a part of the house where there is more dust, it is better that it is a material that can be washed.kennel-dog-for-small-xcyp1

Although it seems strange, the climate is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a doghouse. (Source: Anna Yakimova: 17787490 /


That your dog enters his kennel or mattress correctly is essential to ensure that his dog rests perfectly and does not wake up with any pain on him. Therefore the kennel must be bought according to the size and height of the animal that will use it. Normally, a doghouse model is available for various sizes.

You also need to take into account that small dogs adapt much more easily to different models of kennel and mattress padding. However, if you have a large dog, as we said before, it will need good support and a quality kennel, to make sure that its weight is not a problem for its rest.


As for you it is very important to have a good bed on which to sleep between long days of work and free time, even your dog needs a place to rest. You must never forget this goal, because sleeping well improves the quality of life of our four-legged friends.

Dog kennels are available in various fabrics, sizes and padding materials to adapt to the needs of each animal. Since sleeping is something we do every day to recharge your energy, make sure you have the right kennel so that your dog can feel good and have a suitable place to relax.

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