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Best Catnip 2020: Buying Guide



Best Catnip 2020: Buying Guide

You have probably heard of catnip and now you want to understand what it is before buying it for your four-legged friend. First of all, know that although cats are completely carnivorous, they love lettuce or asparagus among the various products of vegetable origin. Catnip however has some peculiarities that make it particularly inviting for our feline friends.

You must also be aware that not all catnip is the same. And if you hear about ‘grass for cats’, know that it is not another name for the same product, because they are two different things. Maybe now you’re more confused than before, but don’t worry! In this guide we will help you find the best catnip for your needs.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Although in everyday life “catnip” and “catnip” are interchangeable, technically they differ. Catnip, also called catnip, has mostly recreational use, while cat herb is more therapeutic.
  • Catnip generates euphoria and stimulates the cat that comes into contact with it. It is ideal if you want your cat to become more active. Although harmless, it can cause aggressive behavior in some cats. On the other hand, it is addictive, therefore the more frequent the exposure, the less effective it will be.
  • When buying catnip, you must take into consideration the composition of the product, as we will see later in the Purchase criteria section. Most brands choose eco-friendly and 100% natural products, but it never hurts to make sure before spending money.

The best catnip on the market: our selection

So that the many catnip options available do not appear to you as an impregnable forest full of choices, we “trimmed” it in advance for you, to present you with a ranking with the best products of today. And because the world is beautiful because it is varied, we have tried to include options of all kinds: economic, with pot included, based on cat-flap, etc.

Kong Naturals

The 56-gram tin can contains premium quality catnip powder, made in North America, and also includes a free little cat toy. It can be used both as a tidbit and to fill toys to be offered to your cat.

Among the characteristics most appreciated by buyers are the quality-price ratio, the effects visible even on older specimens and the persistent perfume, which makes it suitable for immersing in fabric games so that they are impregnated with the smell. Furthermore, if a small amount is enough at a time, the jar seems to last from one to two years.

CAMON Catnip in seeds

Packaging is a practice vplastic bag, about 150 grams, with cat grass seeds to grow at home. After watering them and following the instructions for use reported by the manufacturer, the germination times are 3 days and the flowering time of the grass is around 8. The producer includes, for each shipment, a gift voucher worth 5 euros from spend on your site.

Customers say they are extremely satisfied with the speed of growth and the effects on their animals, although, according to some opinions, the peat has a very strong smell which could be unpleasant for some cats.

GreenInBox Special Cat

It is a waterproof and non-toxic, food-certified cardboard box that contains catnip planted on a clod of earth from sustainable agriculture. The packaging guarantees a treatment odor control so that it can also be installed in the home. The buyers particularly appreciated the freshness of the grass, the quality of the soil and the simple maintenance, since it is enough just not to expose it directly to the sun and water it once a day. Some of the customers suggest improving its waterproofness.

Pretty Kitty

This cat food supplement is sold in a pack of 10 bags of 25 grams of seeds each. It is a certified seed of Avena Sativa e Phleum Pratense (Phleus or codolina, also called mouse tail or timothea grass), coming from the Germany. The quantity of seeds contained is sufficient for about 10 pots and germination occurs between 5 and 10 days.

Customers are very satisfied with the quantity of seeds contained in each bag, suitable for covering large areas, and with the rapid growth of the grass; is recommended forò to the seller to specify that, while helping the digestion and the expulsion of the hair accumulations, they are catnip but another vegetable variety.

Kater Kasimir’s

This Canadian origin product is available in pack XXL 60g and contains 100% pure grass, of the variety Nepeta Cataria, cut and dried without additives. Coming from organic agriculture, it is packaged in Germany according to European regulations; each jar is packaged by hand.

Some of the users find that the scent is not enough to attract the attention of cats, but in general users are very satisfied with the benefits of this catnip on their feline.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about catnip

Catnip according to its origin, and obviously how it looks, can have various functions. In order not to risk that you remain as cats do, stop at the entrance of the house to stare at the void, below we have answered the most frequent doubts about this bizarre way of entertaining our home felines.


Cats are real carnivores, however they can derive countless benefits from products of plant origin such as catnip. (Source: HHelene B: 113643190 /

What is catnip and what is it for?

First of all, we need to make the difference between catnip and catnip. Although they are synonyms on a linguistic level and in everyday life, technically they are not the same thing. Catnip refers specifically to the so-called catnip. It is ideal for encouraging your cat to play and attracting his attention.

Instead, cat grass usually refers to a set of plants (each with specific properties) which, in general, is bought in the form of seeds to be planted. Its use is more related to the world of food supplements, since it aims to enhance gastrointenstinal health and the expulsion of annoying fur balls.

What types of catnip exist?

Now that you know the technical difference between catnip and catnip, it’s time to go deeper. The catwoman, whose scientific name is Nepeta cataria, is a plant of European origin, which, however, is currently also found in the wild in western Asia and North America. It has a strong euphoric effect on cats.

The herb for cats, on the other hand, is a mix of plants for therapeutic use. It is an excellent option for your cat if you need to pay attention to his gastrointestinal health in a completely natural way. Although there are many varieties of cat grass, the following three are the most common:

  • Fake papyrus (Cyperus alternifolius): It is a non-harmful plant, loved by many felines. The only drawback? Its sharp leaves can injure the animal if it does not learn to interact with it.
  • Ribbon (Chlorophytum comosum): This plant has the property of inducing vomiting. For this reason, it is a valid alternative if you are looking for something that will help your cat to expel the ingested fur. The drawback, in this case, is its ability to absorb harmful substances present in the air, which can be risky for your furry.
  • Wheat, barley and other cereals: the grains of some cereals allow rapid and economic cultivation to obtain grass for cats. Even the feed of some birds can be grown for the same purpose. The drawback? In the beginning, nobody.

What are the properties and effects of catnip?

Catnip, or catnip, acts as a kind of ecstasy or stimulant drug. But don’t worry, it’s completely harmless! Once your cat comes into contact with it, and as long as it is sensitive to its active ingredient, it will start to show itself to be more playful, outgoing and affectionate. The effect lasts about 10 minutes.

After that, the cat will return to its usual behavior, although it will continue to show an unusual mildness or an exaggerated desire to play for a while, all thanks to nepectalactone. This is the active ingredient of catnip, which stimulates the sensory neurons of your furry friend and activates his central nervous system. For this reason it is very useful to use it on the scratching post.


Catnip or catnip produces a euphoric effect on cats, which become more playful and affectionate. (Source: Birgit Brandlhuber: 20616058 /

Instead, cat grass has no euphoric effect. As already mentioned before, it has merely therapeutic properties. It is very important to remember this, since, depending on what you are looking for for your favorite cat, you will have to orient yourself on one or the other option. Here is the small guide-table that we have elaborated:

If I tryI have to give it
Stimulate his desire to play.Gattaia.
That he turns his attention to specific toys, scratching posts or trees for cats.Gattaia.
Induce vomiting to expel fur or other harmful agents from your digestive system.Ribbon-based herb for cats.
Help him digest and improve his gastrointestinal health.Herb for cats as a dietary supplement enhanced with vitamins or other supplements.

How can I effectively grow cat grass?

Generally, cat grass is bought in the form of small bags of seeds, ready to grow. Obviously, each product has specific cultivation instructions. However, you don’t have to be a brains to understand that there isn’t much difference between the various types. So if you are thinking of growing cat weed, consider these tips:

  • Try to use an untreated culture substrate industrially.
  • Dip the seeds in a container with water for 1 or 2 hours.
  • Take a vase, or use the one included in the cat herb kit, to be filled with soil.
  • Plant the seeds that were soaking. For best results, be sure to place them about 2 cm deep.
  • Place the pot in a bright environment. However, make sure that the sunlight doesn’t get there directly.
  • The seeds must have a homogeneous humidity level. Make sure it does, to avoid getting drenched.

Alvaro RodriguezDoctor and teacher of the La Salle University Veterinary Clinic

“The cat has hallucinogenic effects on felines, not on humans. The substance that this free plant is known as nepectalactone and releases a mint-like aroma, which attracts cats. “

Does catnip work with all breeds?

First of all, cats usually do not respond to the active ingredient of catnip until they are six months old. But, as with everything, there may be exceptions. On the other hand, nepectalactone creates addiction, therefore cats frequently exposed to it will no longer have any reaction. This condition regresses with abstinence.

It should also be noted that catnip is not harmful or addictive to our furry. However, not all cats react the same way. Some studies indicate that about 30% of these felines show no alteration or visible symptoms that can be associated with exposure to the cat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cat grass?

You will surely have already deduced some of the advantages of using cat grass, or the cat flap, for your kittens. If not, don’t panic! To end this section relating to doubts about the best cat grass on the market, we have decided to present you with a summary table of all the advantages and disadvantages of its use:

Grass for cats


  • Help improve your cat’s gastrointestinal health
  • It is a totally safe and natural product
  • Generally, it is available at cheap prices
  • Cultivating it can be a lot of fun
  • There are options enriched with vitamins
  • Most cats love it and are even amused by it!


  • Some options, such as fake papyrus, can be dangerous
  • Ribbon-based cat grass should only be used in exceptional cases

Catnip or catnip


  • It makes the cat more active, stimulating its desire to play
  • It boosts his mood, and makes him more affectionate
  • It is completely harmless and not addictive
  • It is useful to entice the cat to use its scratching post
  • Sometimes it also has calming effects
  • Ideal for filling toys that you want the cat to use


  • In some of them, it can provoke aggressive behavior

Purchase criteria

The time has come to decide. Now that you are familiar with cat grass and its various forms, you are probably even more confused. Don’t despair! You just have to learn to apply the notions you have learned. Just consider the following criteria and you can make your purchase without fear of making a mistake.

  • Brand
  • Target
  • Pack or single format
  • Opinions of other users
  • Composition


To take care of your cat, it is worth choosing products from brands that have a good reputation, and that facilitate our task by providing us not only with a good product, but also with accessories to make the most of it, such as the vase for planting grass seeds for cats already included in some kits. It is advisable, however, to seek good value for money.


Although in the everyday language “catnip” and “catnip” are interchangeable, technically it is not the same thing. (Source: Suriya Wattanalee: 35246785 /


If you try to entice your cat to be more playful, the ideal product will be catnip, also called catnip. In addition, if you want him to use his scratching post more, you will always have to orient yourself on this product, but in format spray. To take care of his digestive system, you will have to choose cat grass instead. Define your needs well.

Pack or single format

The first purchase must be cautious. Whether it is a catnip or a common cat herb, it starts with a small amount. Do not invest immediately in “savings format” parcels or the more expensive brands. It may happen that your cat does not react to or is not interested in catnip. Also, if you are too lazy to grow it, you may want to buy it in kibble.

Did you know that domestic cats can spend 60% of their time sifting, which can cause excessive accumulation of hair in their stomach or throat?

Opinions of other users

One of the great advantages of buying on Amazon is the possibility of comparing the characteristics of the product with the opinions of those who have already used it, which can be extremely useful when buying catnip. However, remember that each cat is unique, so this shouldn’t be totally decisive for your choice.

Cat grass or cat grass is available in various formats: spray, dry food, for cultivation or dry. (Source: Oleg0: 112897057 /


You want the best for your cat, right? For this, you must go in search of natural and, if possible, ecological products. Some cat weed kits meet these requirements. If you buy them in format instead spray, check where it was extracted from and how it was worked. Cats are animals much more sensitive than humans to chemicals.


Cats are animals of extreme sensitivity and elegance. As domestic companions, we must take care of them as best we can, both physically and mentally. For this purpose, the best cat herbs are a great investment. The catnip makes him more active and encourages him to play; herb for cats to improve its digestive system.

In this article we have traced in detail the various types of catnip, its properties and its benefits. Now it’s your turn. For this, you have the section on the purchase criteria to be taken into account before buying it. Some; which the goal and composition are very important.

If your cat has approved the content of this article, we are satisfied! But if you liked it too, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or share it on social media.

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