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Best Cat Litter 2020: Buying Guide

Best Cat Litter 2020: Buying Guide

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Best Cat Litter 2020: Buying Guide

The cat litter is not only essential for our four-legged friend, but also for us, to have a unique place where he can do his needs even when he is used to leaving the house. Choosing a good litter box not only facilitates the animal, but also the owner. Certainly there are many models and it is not easy to decide which one to buy.

Strange as it may seem, not all cat litters are created equal. Someone might think that any container where to put the sand could be fine, but in this article we will explain the reasons why it is not so. Are you ready to find out all the information we have collected? Well, let’s start with the most important things in brief …

The most important things in a nutshell

  • Taking into account the smell that a litter can emit, even if it is used only once, the most popular on the market are those that are covered.
  • The moment you choose a cat litter, you shouldn’t just think about your personal taste, because it’s equally important to decide based on the personality of your four-legged friend.
  • If you don’t have a self-cleaning litter box, make sure you keep a strict cleaning, as cats are very scrupulous animals and will not accept to do their needs in a dirty space.

The best cat litters on the market: our selection

Bedding is not the most beautiful tool to have at home, but it is essential for hygiene when you have a cat. As we have anticipated, there are many models. To start understanding their characteristics, below you can find our ranking with the best cat litters on the market. You will thus be able to read their differences and the opinions issued by those who bought them.

MPS Komoda

Among the best-selling bedding models on Amazon (and best reviewed) is the MPS Komoda bedding, which combines quality at a good price. It has a tilting door and carbon filters that ensure insulation from bad smells. The scoop is inserted in the upper part, easy to extract when needed. Available in 3 colors, size 54X39X40h cm.

Made in Italy product. The reviews say that it is very large, suitable even for larger cats. Someone bought it as a second litter, but then considered it better than those that have a higher price. The materials are excellent, the smell is retained … Some opinions say that it does not close properly (probably some products are defective).

Bama Prive ‘Litter

The dimensions of this closed litter with activated carbon filter are 42 x 50.5 x40 cm. Your friend can go through the small overhead door with a cute cat paw design. It has a compartment for bags, a pallet and a practical and quick disassembly system. Also suitable for cats over 6 kg.

The litter box is very beautiful to look at, it is its main quality. Someone also uses it for 8 kg cats, so it is large. Easy to clean, practical and light to carry, even cats seem to appreciate it. Someone has doubts about the materials, which are not considered sufficiently robust.


This imitation rattan bedding measures 51.3 x 36.7 x 31.3 cm and has a very practical drawer system, which opens and is easy to clean. It has a tilting door and a special filter that guarantee excellent protection from bad odors. It is also equipped with a shovel and a mat for cleaning your cat’s paws.

The litter box is very large and the reviews especially highlight its beauty. Even months later, the testimonies say that it remains as new and retains odors well. Convenient pull-out drawer. The price is a bit high, but those who bought it have not regretted it. Not all cats like the overhead door and someone has had to remove it.


If you don’t like the idea of ​​the closed litter box, this model with a structure designed to limit the leakage of the sandbox for cats can be for you. Its dimensions are 54x39x29h centimeters, it is available in 2 colors (not selectable) with a white frame and includes a practical palette. Made in Italy product.

Whoever bought this litter considers it well designed, due to its particular shape. She is judged robust, easy to clean, spacious and someone thanks her particularly for solving problems of unpleasant sketches of her cat. Some say it is not closed enough to avoid all spills.

Yangbaga in steel

A bedding that has a double peculiarity: it is made of stainless steel and has a particularly large size. It is in fact 60 x 40 x 15 cm, but it is also available in two smaller sizes. It resists corrosion and wear, does not bend easily and cleans and sanitizes in a short time, thanks to the high quality of the steel.

It is a little heavier than plastic bedding (almost 2 kilograms in weight) and for this reason it is preferred above all by those with particularly large cats. Steel makes it almost indestructible and the manufacturer compares its durability to that of 6 plastic bedding.

Purchase guide: Everything you need to know about cat litter

Cats are very popular animals and it is normal to try to make them have maximum comfort. They have their needs by living in an apartment and if you also want to make your cat feel at ease, among other things you must know how to choose the most suitable bedding. Below you will find our answers to the most frequently asked questions about this accessory, in order to get to know it better and make the right decision.

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Cats are known to be very affectionate and playful, but they are also very independent animals.
(Source: Alena Ozerova: 46423368 /

What exactly is a cat litter?

It is a container, almost always made of plastic, inside which sand or pebbles are placed, in which the cat can then go and do his needs. Initially not much importance was given to the design of the litter, but with the passage of time the manufacturers have added more and more features that are very convenient for cat owners.

The litter box is particularly closed and is quite successful, although not all cats support the overhead door. Triangular designs, taller or with raised edge also meet the different needs, but the prices are higher than the traditional rectangular and open litter box.

Is it important for cats to have a litter box?

One of the most important aspects of cat personalities is that they are clean animals. Even though they are very independent, many of them love to live with their human partner and having a place to do their needs is indispensable. They are animals that can clean themselves, but a cat can not miss even those cats who also live outside the home.

How often should the pebbles inside the litter be changed?

The droppings should be removed daily, but the frequency of changing the sand in the litter box mainly depends on the type you choose. If it is an absorbent or non-agglomerating type, it is sufficient to change it once a week. If the smell is very strong within a week, it is better to change it first.

There are litters (yes, the term is used for both the container and the content) agglomerants that can be used for longer, gradually removing the agglomerated parts. Still others are silicon or similar materials and can be changed once a month, requiring only daily stool removal. They have a higher price, but many prefer them because of their durability. Charles DickensEnglish writer

“What better gift than a cat’s love?”

Is it enough to change the litter box to maintain hygiene?

Normally not. Whenever the sand is completely replaced, it is advisable to wash the entire litter and clean it with a disinfectant that is not harmful to the cat. Many people use something simple, that is, a little baking soda under the pebbles, to better retain odors and better clean the litter once emptied.

Someone advises to always use gloves to clean the cat litter. This is useful, but it still makes more sense to wash your hands well, even after wearing gloves. Also remember that depending on the type of sand chosen, you will have to remove the agglomerated parts and the excrements.

cat-litter-cleaning-xcyp1-768x512 "width =" 768 "height =" 512 "srcset =" -768x512.jpg 768w, 300w, /wp-content/uploads/2019/10/lettiera-gatto-pulizia-xcyp1-768x512-450x300.jpg 450w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 768px) 100vw, 768px "src =" https: / / "/><noscript><img aria-describedby=

It is essential for cats to have a litter box for their needs.
(Source: Belchonock: 107226522 /

How do I prepare the litter box if I have just adopted a cat?

If you have just adopted a cat and want to prepare its litter box, you must initially choose a small room, with the door that can be closed and where you can put everything together, even food and water. When cats do not know an environment, they need to be non-dispersive, they must have everything close by and they must be able to hide and go out whenever they want.

As for the amount of sand or pebbles, everything will depend on the age of the cat. If he is small, consider that he probably still won’t know where to do his needs, so you will have to show it to him and it doesn’t matter a huge amount. Better to have multiple containers on multiple points of the room, with the same sand so that he can understand that this is his bathroom.

If the cat is an adult, you can fill the litter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When they are adults, they recognize where they need to go without problems, as long as they don’t come from the street. If so, you will have to teach the little ones where to go, but it will take a little more patience. Choose simple litters for these cases, not the closed ones.

How can I avoid bad smells?

In addition to the possibility of adding a small layer of baking soda to help reduce the strong smell of your cat’s urine, one of the best options is the covered litter box, if your furry cat accepts it. These usually include carbon filters that do not release the bad smell. Today there are also self-cleaning litters.

You could also consider scented sands, but sometimes they are too strong intensity. Finally there are the solutions that we anticipated before, in silicon. They absorb urine and its smell, so you won’t feel anything or almost anything. Be that as it may, the recurring cleaning and hygiene of the cat litter is essential to avoiding bad smells.

What happens if my cat doesn’t use his litter box?

Generally cats have no problems with the litter box. As we wrote to you, he may not yet know how to do it because nobody has taught him. They are intelligent animals, so if you take a little patience, you will see that you will get the results you are looking for in a short time. If, on the other hand, he has always used the litter box and suddenly stops doing it, you must understand if he is doing it out of spite.

For example, if the litter is not clean, some cats look for other places to do their needs. This could happen even if you use detergents with too strong a smell, which persists and annoys your friend. Also make sure that the litter box is in a convenient place. If the situation does not resolve itself, ask your veterinarian why there may be a health problem.

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Remember that not all cats love or feel comfortable with closed litters.
(Source: Thorsten Nilson: 106914199 /

Why can the cat mark the house with urine?

Another reason why cats can urinate outside their litter box is to mark the territory. It is something unusual, but it can happen. All cats, male or female, spayed or not, can do it. Sometimes the marking can be done on your bed or on your clothes and since the smell is quite strong, it becomes very annoying.

This often happens when there is news that the cat does not accept, such as a new home, a new family member or new arrivals. In addition to this, misplaced urine can also be caused by a medical problem. However, if your cat urinates at home, you need to understand what is wrong because in most cases it is solvable.

In reality, the house belongs to the cat and we pay the mortgage.

What precautions should I have with the litter box?

It is important to know that pregnant women should not go near the litter box, as they would be at risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection transmitted through the excrement of cats. On the other hand, if you have a dog, it is better to have a closed litter box since some dogs eat cat poop.

It is best that the litter box is not near the cat’s food and that it is not even in the kitchen or where you eat. Even if it is closed, there are times when terrible smells can come out, which are not convenient when eating. Avoid disturbing the cat when it is doing its needs and change the litter box once a year or when you realize that it is deteriorating.

How do I do with the litter box during the holidays?

Cats don’t like to move around much from their habitat. Unlike dogs, they are more independent and give us more freedom, but it is also more difficult to take them with us when we go away. Therefore, during the holidays, we can give the key to a trusted friend to clean the litter box and of course also feed the cat.

If you want to bring your cat with you, you can consider buying the closed litter box. Many models of this type also have a handle for carrying. There are also ‘disposable’ ones to use for a few days, or you can decide to buy another cheaper litter box just for the trip.

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Choose a litter with higher edges if you want to avoid spilling around the house
(Source: Konstantin Aksenov: 49129324 /

Purchase criteria

In order to make a good purchase you have to keep in mind some features of the litter you want to buy. Remember not only to consider your preferences, but also to keep in mind the character of your cat. Here are some criteria which we think are important when you want to find the perfect litter box, without having to regret it.

  • Closed or open litter
  • Dimension
  • Shape and color
  • Bedding accessories

Closed or open litter

Because of odors, closed bedding is preferred by humans, although open bedding is cheaper. Cats sometimes can’t stand closed ones very much, but it may be enough to remove the overhead door. Others instead refuse to use it, but you can always remove the top and use the closed one as you would with the open one.

Fortunately, most cats adapt well to both solutions, so first evaluate the character of your friend, then choose according to your preferences and above all your spending budget, since closed litters always cost more than open ones. With those closed, you will also have less dirt around, although an open litter with raised edges may be sufficient.

Bedding size

These products must always fit the size of your pet or be larger if you have more than one cat. Sometimes, these animals like to do their thing at the same time. There are those who say that a large litter is enough for several cats, while other experts say it is better to have one for each cat.

Cats like to dig and have a habit of turning around often in the process, therefore, the bigger the litter, the better for them. However, for a not very large house this can be inconvenient. So better focus on the size of the animal when you have to make the decision. Especially if you decide to buy a closed one.

Shapes and colors

The most common litters are rectangular. But the fact that these are the majority on the market does not mean that you cannot find other forms. For example, triangular ones can fit well in some corners of your home and may be better suited to your needs. Same goes for the oval ones.

As you could see in the ranking, there are also very nice litters to look at. This must be your last concern, we would miss it, but it doesn’t hurt to find a congenial one for your cat and that is also pleasing to the eye. Colors are not a problem for cats, so choose according to your tastes and your decor.

Bedding accessories

In addition to the litter in which an animal can make deposits inside the house, annoying the minimum, there are other accessories that can be included. Almost all of them are linked to maintaining the cleanliness of the object and the surrounding space. Here is a description of what they are and their uses:

ComplementHow to use it
PalettaIt is used to collect excrements and to throw them in the trash. It is also useful in the complete cleaning of the bedding.
Floor matsThey can be placed under the bedding, so that it does not move from the place. Or right next to it, so that the animal can clean its paws full of sand and not dirty the rest of the house.
DeodorantsThey neutralize the unpleasant odors of bedding. Many models can extend the life of the sand.
Sanitary bagsThey are placed on the litter, under the sand. They must be resistant to avoid the accumulation of urine and can fight bad smells. They simplify and speed up cleaning operations.
GridsThey are placed in the litter box. To clean it, you just have to lift the grill and collect both the poop and the sand agglomerated from the urine. They make cleaning the litter much easier.


A litter box is essential for house cats, although it is often not beautiful to look at. When you have to choose one, remember to evaluate various aspects such as the personality of your cat, the space you have available and the dimensions necessary to make it comfortable for your four-legged friend.

Also remember that cats are clean animals, so you will have to keep the litter box in the best way not to find some presents around the house. You don’t have to spend big amounts. As you have seen, there are models of all types and for all budgets. And for all tastes! After our guide, we hope that it will be easier for you to make the final decision.

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