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Best cat fountain 2020: Buying guide



Best cat fountain 2020: Buying guide

The cat fountain is an accessory that could greatly help make your feline friend drink. As you know, cats don’t get along well with water, but for them it is also an essential element. It has been shown that a cat who drinks regularly is healthier, but the drinking troughs on the market are not always able to completely quench them, especially due to water stagnation.

It is here that the cat fountain becomes a valuable aid. The continuous stream of fresh water is particularly pleasant for them and invites them to drink more easily. Of course you can’t choose the first one that happens to you, but you have to find the right product for your needs. This is what we will cover in our guide today, so if you are interested, read on!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The filters of the cat fountains must be replaced with a certain frequency: in this way the water will always flow limpid and pure, without the risk of giving off bad smells. Try to orient yourself towards a quality product if you want the best for your little friend.
  • If your cat is used to eating food, you need to make sure he drinks enough. Traditional drinkers are not attractive to cats, which tend to avoid stagnation due to their poor predisposition for water: as you know, they are animals that hate getting wet! A fountain for cats, in addition to ensuring complete hydration, will serve as a stimulus to establish a certain familiarity with this natural element.
  • Choosing the most suitable model of electric fountain depends largely on the cat or cats you have at home: the more they are, the greater the water capacity they need. Furthermore, the degree of hydration required is subjective, it is mainly based on the age of the cat and its physical activity; if you are elderly, or very active, you will have to take in a greater quantity of daily water.

The best cat fountains on the market: our selection

Cat foods contain a rather low humidity level. It is therefore essential that you provide him with fresh water as often as possible. Choosing a good drinking fountain is essential. We recommend that you take a look at the selection we have prepared below: they are the best cat fountains on the market and will help you know the main characteristics of this type of product.

Most appreciated by reviews

Resin fountain with approved safety standards. Designed with a high density cotton filter capable of filtering foreign substances, removing odor and keeping the water fresh and clean. Characterized by an extremely silent design and three flow modes to meet the water needs of each animal. Energy consumption is low and guarantees an extended life beyond two years with correct use.

The most capacious

Adjustable flow fountain, with free-falling water jet to stimulate animals to drink more. Equipped with a prefilter that captures hair and other large particles before they reach the electric motor, and a submersible pump that makes the device completely silent. There is the possibility of mounting a detection sensor to activate the fountain when the cat passes by it, so as to spontaneously call it back to the water.

The most beautiful and functional

Cat fountain with three built-in operating modes, including the infrared one that activates the appliance when the cat enters a radius of 1.5 meters. It has a compact and patented design, designed to take up little space and be pleasant to see in a domestic environment; it also guarantees ultra-low consumption and low carbon emissions. There is a LED light that lights up when you need to refill water, and has a 12 month warranty.

The most convenient

Product made of antibacterial and ecological resin, with three different flow modes: light, gurgling or silent. The entire appliance is very easy to clean and disassemble, and is able to incorporate a high water capacity (max 2.8 liters), making it perfect for those with more than one cat. It has a polyester and activated carbon filter that captures hair and residues, as well as making the water totally odorless. It consumes little and is also excellent for small dogs.

How exactly do cat fountains work?

There are several types. They all work in the same way, and in general they are mounted with the same components (we still find models with additional options and more functions). The parts that make up the fountain are the water pump, the filter and the diffusers. Below we will analyze their operation in detail.

  • Water pump: Allows the circulation of water throughout the system, and can operate in three different configurations. In this way, if the cat does not approach the fountain, we can attract it to the water by simply changing the way it flows. To work, it must be connected to an electrical outlet, while still guaranteeing very low consumption.
  • Filter: It is essential to make the water clean and odorless. Most of the filters are made of activated carbon, the same material also used for products intended for the human being, and their shape varies according to the fountain model. There is little to say about how it works: just know that it is a key element in eliminating impurities and guaranteeing the health of our four-legged friend.
  • Diffusers: They are the component from which water flows. They come in different types, especially with regard to ornamental diffusers, from waterfalls to bubbling water. Cats are not all the same, some prefer to drink in a certain way, others in another: you will have to observe carefully which flow mode attracts the animal the most, and set the fountain accordingly.

Did you know that the body of cats is made up of 60% water? Only 10% cheaper than humans.

What are the advantages of a cat fountain compared to a traditional drinking trough?

Aesthetically, there is no doubt that cat fountains are very nice and also make furnishings. But obviously that’s not the main reason why you should consider buying it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages that characterize cat fountains:


  • They attract the attention of the cat, who consequently drinks more.
  • They guarantee fresh and clean water 24 hours a day.
  • They have a compact design and can accommodate large water capacities.
  • They are easy to clean, like a simple drinker.
  • They are equipped with technologies that make them silent.
  • They don’t have to be plugged into an outlet all day, and they generally consume little.
  • They do not force you to continuously check how much water is left.
  • Most models warn through a led light when the water level starts to be too low.


  • The initial investment is not indifferent, but is offset over the long term.
  • It will take you a little longer to clean it.

The most beautiful cat fountains will attract the attention of your feline, enticing him to drink more. (Source: Ludemeula Fernandes: 9UUoGaaHtNE /

Are there cat fountains without cables?

Yes, you can also find some fully automatic fountains (better known as sensor cat fountains). These are devices that activate the functioning of the water flow when the cat approaches within a certain radius.

In this way the energy saving is greater, you will not have an extra cable between your feet and also from the aesthetic point of view the fountain will make the home environment pleasant. These models generally cost slightly more, but are convenient in the long run because they limit consumption.

What materials is a cat fountain made of?

They can be different, as well as for traditional drinkers (or bowls), but plastic is generally used. Since there are several components, such as the water pump, the filter and the diffusers, it is important to disassemble the appliance to effectively clean each element that composes it. Let’s see in detail which materials can be used to manufacture these products:

  • Plastic fountain: The best options use the highest quality plastic, low price guarantee and prolonged use over time. It will be necessary to take care of it and clean it carefully, as the plastic tends to wear out more, forming small cracks in which bacteria risk to nest.
  • Stainless steel fountain: Material that stands out for its lightness and excellent resistance. In addition to being hypoallergenic, it is compact and prevents the appearance of cracks, guarantees a more than good capacity, between two and four liters, and eliminates unwanted odors.
  • Ceramic fountain : The ceramic cat fountains are very robust, hardly break and last over time. They maintain the water temperature well thanks to the thermal properties of the material, are easy to clean but get dirty easily, with the risk of attracting germs and bacteria.

The cat fountains with sensor are activated only when the cat approaches, allowing you to save energy. (Source: Thorsten Nilson: 117300986 /

Are classic or sensor-equipped cat fountains safe?

Regardless of the model, classic style or with built-in functions, cat fountains are totally safe. Cats avoid stagnant water, but at the same time they are attracted to moving water: the fountains in question use this principle to bring cats closer together. They also guarantee a higher level of hydration, which translated means better health.

The safety of the apparatus also depends on you. The fountains, as mentioned, do not need much maintenance: be sure to change the filter often, at least once a month if you want the water to always flow fresh and clean, and remember to clean the appliance carefully to eliminate any residue.

How do you clean a cat fountain?

If you’re wondering how to clean a cat fountain, you’ve come to the right section. The procedure is in general always the same, it can vary slightly depending on the model, but it will not take you longer than necessary: ​​cleaning a cat fountain is as easy as cleaning a common bowl, just take the necessary precautions.

  • Disconnect the fountain from the current .
  • Empty the deposit entirely.
  • Disassemble and divide the different components.
  • Do not clean the water pump. It could be damaged.
  • Clean each individual piece with a sponge or cloth. If you prefer, you can store them directly in the dishwasher.
  • Carefully dry the different pieces and assemble the fountain again.
  • Repeat the process every ten or fifteen days. And don’t forget to periodically change the filter.

Jean CocteauFrench artist”I love cats because I love my home, and they gradually become its visible soul”.

Which filters can be used with a cat fountain?

Almost all fountains for cats have active carbon filters; some models use polyester filters, in others we find additional elements such as the prefilter. It is a fundamental component, on which the functioning of the whole system depends: it eliminates odors, keeps the water clean and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, for the benefit of your cat’s health. Let’s see in detail the filters we can come across:

  • Ultraviolet filter: Ideal for water purification. It is able to eliminate any harmful microorganism present.
  • Activated carbon: The most used of all. It makes the water clean by eliminating all contaminants, including chemical particles that float in the air and risk ending up in the bowl. It also eliminates all bad smells, preventing the cat from being repelled by approaching the fountain.
  • Ion exchange filter: It is the most suitable filter for cleaning excessively mineralized water. Excellent for preventing the appearance of kidney stones and motor problems, it always guarantees clean and free of impurities water.

If you have many cats, the best option is to invest in a large capacity fountain. (Source: Mel Elias /

When should a cat fountain filter be replaced?

It is a common question among users, so we have repeated several times how important it is to change it often. There is no univocal and universal answer, it depends on the quality of the filter and on the instructions in the manual: each appliance is separate, therefore carefully evaluate the manufacturer’s indications on the matter and act accordingly.

Check the condition of the fountain from time to time, perhaps while you clean it or when you change the water: there is no use in changing the filter if you do not take care of all the product as a whole. Also consider that more cats roam the house more often the filter will have to be replaced, and if the water quality is poor, therefore subject to impurities and bad smells, the filter will wear out much earlier.

Purchase criteria

Now that you have acquired a lot of information on cat fountains you are almost ready to buy the most suitable for your little friend! Consider our recommendations and use them to make the most of the product, without forgetting to read the instructions carefully. In this final section we want to list and briefly describe some criteria to evaluate before purchasing, in order not to leave anything to chance: we invite you to take a look.

  • Capacity
  • Energy consumption
  • Design
  • Materials


The best fountains offer, on average, a capacity between 1 and 3 liters. If you have a cat only, you will not need very large fountains, but if you have several, carefully consider this aspect: buy one large enough to guarantee all pets to hydrate properly, without having to compete with each other to get closer water.

Energy consumption

Most of the fountains, as mentioned, waste very little energy. Before the purchase, however, it assesses the total consumption of the product, which must be reported by law by the seller, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the bills. Also remember that some appliances work without electricity, thanks to sensors that activate the fountain when the cat passes by it: a good way to guarantee further savings.


With design we refer both to the shape of the product and to its aesthetics, fundamental to make it visually compatible with domestic environments. Most of the models are compact, functional, can be placed in any part of the house: evaluate different ones, and choose the one that best matches your furnishings.


We have previously talked about the different materials that make up a cat fountain. It is worth remembering the importance of choosing a quality product, to ensure the health of our kitty: some poor plastic models risk becoming a magnet for bacteria, as well as being difficult to clean. Do not forget this aspect, better to spend a few euros more and be sure to receive a quality, functional and safe fountain.

Did you know that most cats hate getting wet because water can dry out the skin, eliminating the pheromones essential for communicating with other felines?


Cats and water get along poorly, there is no doubt about this. But at the same time they need it to survive, and this applies to all living things. Fountains for cats are born precisely to create a link between these felines and water, taking advantage of the principle that, compared to stagnations, moving water attracts curious animals like cats: not only will they not be afraid to get close, but they will drink more, keeping themselves hydrated and fit daily.

In this article we have shown you different models of fountains for cats, trying to explain the functioning of the various components (water pump, filter and diffusers). We then listed the basic criteria on which to base an informed purchase, such as capacity, factory materials and product design. We hope we have provided you with useful advice on this!

Now it’s your turn! If you liked the article and find it interesting, share it with your contacts and leave us a comment. We will be happy to know what you think!

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