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Best BARF Dog Diet Food 2020: Buying Guide

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Best BARF Dog Diet Food 2020: Buying Guide

We are always looking for the best for our four-legged friends and we are sure that in the various searches, you have already heard about the Barf diet and the benefits that derive from taking this type of diet. In this article we want to deepen the topic and explain what it is about, we want to show you the benefits of Barf nutrition and tell you everything you need to know in order to try it.

If your dog has health problems, consult a nutritionist veterinarian. He will recommend a Barf dog food diet. It is always important to contact a professional, as it will help you know, in more detail, the real needs of the dog and his state of health. Below you will find lots of useful information!

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The Barf diet for dogs is a natural diet. It is an acronym that stands for in English Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, that is biologically appropriate raw food. Essentially it is based on everyday foods such as unprocessed meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, i.e. free of chemicals or other artificial compounds. It is raw or undercooked food which, in this way, preserves all the vitamins and properties.
  • Barf food for dogs must be of excellent quality and for this reason we advise you not to buy it anywhere, just because maybe you are attracted by a good price. By doing so, you risk minimizing all the benefits of this diet! If the price seems a little high in the butcher and supermarkets, you can go to some pet shop or go to a specialized supplier.
  • It is important to know the basics of this type of diet and also consult a dog nutritionist. In fact, it is necessary to provide him with the right amount of nutrients for each food, calculate the quantity based on the weight of the dog, and have a little patience if he is used to eating only crunchy or canned food. It is not a simple or immediate step, perhaps at the beginning it will be tiring!

The best Barf dog food on the market: our selection

Below, you will find a selection created for you, which shows the four most popular and available Barf products on the market online. Our ranking is based on food quality, sales, user comments and reviews from those who have already purchased it. Remember that the important thing is to choose a good product and not buy one at random!

The best powdered supplement for the Barf diet

It comes in a 1 kg jar and is a Barf supplement recommended by veterinary nutritionists. It is a high quality spiced powder, particularly rich in vitamins and minerals, ideal to mix with meat or raw fish. Free of additives or preservatives, it immediately gives shine to the dog’s coat.

The best salmon oil for the Barf diet

Fish oil is one of the main supplements indicated for the Barf diet for dogs and this from GreenPet comes in a 5 liter can. It is a 100% pure salmon oil, rich in Omega-3, without chemical additives or preservatives, easy to dose with other foods. Dogs like it because it adds flavor to their baby food and gives the hair greater shine and softness.

The bone for the Barf diet preferred by the reviews

It is a 100% natural product for dogs. It has the shape of a common bone, but it is a coffee wood chewing stick with fine fibers. It cleans the teeth, promoting the removal of tartar. It is the ideal alternative to snacks too fatty or full of sugar. Tasty and nutritious, indicated as a supplement for the Barf diet. A brilliant prize for our little four-legged friends.

The best snack for the Barf diet

It is a pleasant and fun snack and anti-stress for your dog. Free of additives, dyes and preservatives, the product is grain-free and entirely natural. The package is 10 pieces of about 12 cm each. They are tasty beef sticks of the best quality that guarantee the dog’s healthy oral hygiene.

Buying guide: Everything you need to know about the Barf diet for dogs

For many people, this type of food is the best solution for proper nutrition of their pet and is the reason why the Barf diet acquires more and more supporters. There are hundreds of books that deal with the topic in detail. Below, deepening the key points and guidelines to follow for correct use.

Woman caressing a dog

Barf’s main food for dogs is raw meat. (Source: Adam Griffith: sWkkIiTJMYc /

What is the Barf diet for dogs and what are their benefits?

The Barf diet for dogs is a diet consisting mainly of raw foods. In English, the acronym BARF is used, which in American means “biologically appropriate raw foods” or “biologically suitable raw foods”, and is mainly based on meat, bones, entrails, fruits and vegetables.

Barf’s main food for dogs is raw meat. Not being treated, it is a food that only provides the dog with benefits. Among the many advantages, it guarantees better digestion, strong and robust bones, and prevents obesity. Here is a list showing all the benefits of this type of feeding.

  • Greater physical energy and vitality: good nutrition ensures a greater vitality of the dog that will be more active than ever, agile, fit and with a healthy appetite.
  • Treats and improves the dog’s joints, keeping it in shape: the risks of arthritis or joint problems due to the loss of minerals are greatly reduced.
  • Enhances and strengthens the immune system: it reduces inflammation and responds effectively and quickly to infections.
  • Improve dental hygiene and reduce dog halitosis: Barf dog food helps prevent bacterial plaque.
  • Greater hydration: in a natural diet based on raw foods, the percentage of humidity is between 70% and 90%. This reduces the tension of the kidneys and liver.
  • Almost non-existent obesity index: the dog will increase muscle mass and lose fat and therefore its metabolism will be accelerated.
  • Reduces the bad smell of the dog and its feces: reduces the volume of stool which will be less smelly and more formed.
  • Improve the dog’s coat: the hair grows thick and shiny.

What does a Barf diet for dogs consist of?

The main food that characterizes the Barf diet is meat, a philosophy opposite to the common diet based on croquettes and canned foods rich in additives. The dosages and ingredients are determined by the dog’s evolutionary diet: that is, by what he would eat in nature.

When we feed Barf food to our dog, it is very important to dose the proportions of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and antioxidants that he needs. The ideal Barf diet for dogs is:

  • Meat bones (between 50% and 60% of the total)
  • Meat (between 20% and 30%)
  • Organs and entrails (around 10%)
  • Fruits and vegetables (around 10%)
BARF diet food for dogs

The dog, although domestic, is the biological heir of the wolf, and therefore is a pure carnivore. (Source: Foodandmore: 109907862 /

What type of Barf dog food is on the market?

As in all balanced diets, there are various types of food. We show them to you in a list with some of the examples that are most used in Barf dog food. Among these we find meat, meat bones, fruit suitable for dogs and some vegetables. We also add supplements, although it is better for them to go to a veterinarian.

  • Meat and fish: chicken (breast, wings), lamb, veal, pork, beef. For fish it is better to take thornless steaks.
  • Meat bones: They are the soft bones that are easily digested and that have more than 50% of meat, such as the neck, shoulder, and chicken wings.
  • Fruits and vegetables: are on the list, but you can’t eat them all. For example, garlic, onion, grapes or avocado are poisonous to dogs. Bananas, apples and pears are recommended. Vegetables include pumpkin, spinach or chard.
  • Organs and offal: for example chicken livers, beef lung, chicken entrails, turkey or lamb.
  • Other: raw or boiled eggs, natural yogurt, boiled white rice.
  • Supplements: for example, fish oil for Omega 3.

How do you switch from Barf food to dog food?

Of course, puppies are the ones who will have the least problems accepting the natural raw food diet, since they have never tasted common food. And therefore, in this case, it will be very easy for them to get used to Barf food. We recommend giving ground food and larger bones to avoid suffocation risks.

In adult dogs, many experts recommend making a rapid transition between the two types of feeding, always if the dog is healthy and does not have a sensitive stomach. It is better not to give bones during the first 7-14 days and, if he usually eats cooked food, the dog will have to fast for a day, to empty his stomach and thus avoid problems in the intestine caused by the union of different elements.

Dog with barf food in the bowl

The daily intake of Barf food for dogs must be the right one to avoid nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. (Source: Monika Wisniewska: 119826209 /

In the event that your dog is moving from one type of diet to another, you will need to be a little patient. Maybe at the beginning it will be quite difficult for him to adapt, as it would happen to us. If your dog eats only feed, consider that the change is radical and at first he may struggle a bit, but then he will get used to it!

What advice should I follow with Barf feeding for dogs?

There are many tips to follow, but we show you the most important ones. Meat must be lean and low in fat. Turkey or chicken, white meats, are the most recommended, but beef and pork are also excellent. As for the fish, the white one is better than the blue one.

If you decide to take care of your dog’s food, be careful to buy quality food and ingredients. Always check the origin, quality and correct hygiene of food. And when you have to prepare his meal, do it for large quantities and freeze a part by dividing it into single portions. In this way, you will have everything ready for the days to follow.

Dogs running

Barf dog food is based on a diet consisting primarily of raw food. (Source: Ipet Photo: 0EWSEbsE /

If you are concerned about any bacteria present in raw meat, experts explain that this does not pose any risk, since they are often destroyed by the acids of the dog’s stomach. However, to ensure their elimination, a common tip is to first freeze the meat and bones, and then to thaw them before consuming them.

Veterinarian Ian Billinghurst, in his book ‘The Barf Diet’, says that a dog should eat between 2% and 8% of his body weight daily.

Purchase criteria

If you decide to start feeding your dog Barf food, do it right. Contact a veterinarian, and of course, pay close attention to the quality of the products you buy, as well as putting love and care into it when you serve them. If you are sure of the percentages of food to prepare, it will seem very easy to vary in the recipes. You can follow these criteria:

  • Weight, age and size of the dog
  • dosage
  • Quality and hygiene
  • Variety

Weight, age and size of the dog

We have already seen that the weight and size of the dog are determining factors in the daily dosage of Barf food. They also affect the dog’s activity, even more if it is a puppy, as it is in the growth phase.

Do not forget that the diet must also include fruit and vegetables to compensate for your puppy’s nutritional needs. (Source: Dmytro Zinkevynch: 48652510 /


The daily intake of Barf food for dogs must be measured exactly, precisely to avoid deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins. At the beginning, dosing the right amount of food may seem complicated, but in the end it is not. There are sites web or app that automatically calculate the proportions, just indicate the age of the dog and its weight (the “exact” weight detected by the veterinarian).

Quality and hygiene

It is very important that the quality of the products purchased to prepare Barf food is optimal, even if you buy it ready. When preparing baby food for your dog, also pay attention to hygiene. We advise you to freeze meat and fish before they are consumed, in order to eliminate bacteria and parasites.


Although meat is the basis of Barf dog food, do not forget that the diet must also include herbs, vegetables and some fruits, in order to satisfy all the nutritional needs of your furry friend. Take advantage of the variety of this type of food, which goes well beyond the usual feed, and don’t always give it the same things to eat. Switch between different types of meat and fish and he will be happy.


In conclusion, we can say that if Barf dog food meets the right dosage of food, and ensures all the nutrients and vitamins your dog needs, everything will be in full swing. If we are increasingly interested in our “real food”, the same is true for our four-legged friends.

The Barf diet is a book written by the Australian veterinary surgeon Ian Billinghurst, the creator of this food revolution. Do not forget that it is based on raw meat bones and which includes more than 50% of meat, fruit, vegetables and offal. It is the natural alternative of feed and processed foods, that is, what a dog would eat following his instinct alone.

Would you like your dog to try the Barf diet? Did you find this article useful? If you still have other questions or concerns you want to clarify, leave us a comment, we will reply as soon as possible. See you soon!

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