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31 Most beautiful aquarium fish ( Very Unusual)

beautiful aquarium fish


31 Most beautiful aquarium fish ( Very Unusual)

Beautiful aquarium fish – Each fish in the aquarium is unique and beautiful in its own way. Views on beauty vary among aquarists. It is traced that rare, catchy species are gaining popularity. The most beautiful aquarium fish are distinguished by their catchy color or unusual structure.

Each fish in the aquarium is unique and beautiful in its own way. Views on beauty vary among aquarists. It is traced that rare, catchy species are gaining popularity. The most beautiful aquarium fish are distinguished by their catchy color or unusual structure.

African cornflower haplochromis

A cichlid with an oblong body shape. The fish is fully painted in a saturated cornflower blue color. It reaches a length of 17 cm. The habitat is Lake Malawi.

African cornflower haplochromis

Fighting fish cockerel

Aggressive fish with a bewitching appearance. The species vary in color and structure of the fins. The crescent moon has a rounded long tail, crown-tailed – with excised filiform fins, and long-tailed – with large fluttering. Cockerels are suitable for a small domestic vessel.

Fighting fish cockerel

Blue fish surgeon

It is also called the royal surgeon . Recognizable inhabitant of tropical waters. The body is strongly compressed on the sides and reaches 15-30 cm. The back is painted intensely black, the body is dark blue. A moving fish will need a spacious aquarium with shelters. Poisonous blades located on the surgeon’s body can cause serious injury.

blue fish surgeon

Carp koi

Centenarians imported from the east. Common natural colors: orange, black and white and white and red. Breeders painted spots on the body of fish in green and violet colors. Koi carps live in fresh water, more often found in ponds than in freshwater aquariums. In the natural environment they grow up to 90 cm and live up to 100 years.

koi carp


Relate to cichlids. Noteworthy in appearance: a tall body is strongly compressed from the sides. Smart fish, able to recognize the face of the owner and eat from the hands. Coloring options for discus fish are different. Recognized as one of the most beautiful freshwater aquarium fish.


Scat Motoro Leopoldi

Among the most beautiful fish for the aquarium, Motoro Leopoldi is noteworthy. The diameter of the slope is 20–25 cm; it lives on the bottom. An aquarium resident with a spotty color and an unusual shape has long acquired fans.

Scat Motoro Leopoldi


Fish with an elongated body up to 70 cm in length and saturated color. Hunting for insects, arovana jumps out of the water. For such a fish, you need an aquarium of 600 liters with fresh water.


gold fish

There are more than 120 species. Selection will bring the most beautiful goldfish with big and unusual tails ( veiltail fish , butterfly, tosakin), goldfish bulging eyes (stargazer telescope), and body shape changes (pearl, red cap , ryukin, pompom, water eyes). On sale there are rare as well as widespread representatives.

gold fish

Orinoc catfish

Powerful big fish. In an aquarium, it does not breed. It grows over 60 cm. A catchy contrasting color and habits make catfish a dream of many aquarists.

Orinoc catfish

Fish knife

Carnivorous fish in the form of a knife, whose activity occurs at night. Fish knife is a good predator. Able to swim back and forth thanks to its special structure.

fish knife


Large and peaceful catfish. The genus includes 14 species, the largest grow up to 60 cm. The structure implies the presence of powerful suction cups and an organ in the mouth that looks like a scraper. Helps in cleaning the walls of a pond.


Hybrid parrots

Artificially derived species from several cischase. A rounded fish with a bird-like head. There are color variations from yellow to red, less often – purple shades. Some aquarium parrots have difficulty closing their mouths; the problem is caused by selection.

hybrid parrots

Queen nyasa

Malawian cichlids grow to 15 cm in length. Painted in deep blue. The fish attracts quick wits and habits. Decorate the aquarium from 150 liters.

Queen nyasa

Tsikhlazoma Severum

The body shape and color options are very reminiscent of discus, which is why this colorful fish got its second name – false discus. Cichlomas with red pearls and blue emeralds are popular. Severum fish are calmer than cichlids, they require less space. Aggression occurs during spawning.

Tsikhlazoma Severum


Predators that attract attention with habits and legends around them. They eat meat and live food. Despite the bloodthirstiness, piranhas are timid. For a pair of individuals, an aquarium of 200 liters is required. If the necessary conditions are met, aquarium piranhas will survive up to 20 years.



The diamond shape and majesty make aquarium fish popular among others. The size of the scalar is 15 cm. Most species are bred artificially. Angelfish will require a weekly change of water, good filtration with aeration.


Labeo Bicolor

Long loners with a matte black body and red tail. They grow up to 12 cm in a domestic pond. Skirmishes with fish of other species are inevitable, and intraspecific conflicts are also difficult to avoid. The content of two labeos is allowed in a tank of 200 liters or more.

Labeo Bicolor

Lionhead Cichlid

Recognizable by a large fat cone on the forehead 15 cm cichlid. At first glance, a leisurely, in fact mobile and aggressive fish. In nature, they live in rivers with fast and strong currents.

Lionhead Cichlid

Barbus black

Flocking fish growing up to 7 cm. Color changes from black to dark ruby. These moving aquarium inhabitants may be the culprits of skirmishes with other species of fish.

barbus black

Clown fish

Beautiful fish with a popular orange-white color with black contours. Clown fish live in an aquarium with corals and sea anemones. In an artificial reservoir, they show aggression.

clown fish


Shiny striped fish with a flat body. Lyalius reach 6 cm. Unpretentious in care. Scales play beautifully in the light, making the fish special and interesting.



Catchy and cute fish. Aquarium gourami pearl is distinguished by light interspersed, looking like a scattering of pearls. The color of marble gourami combines azure color with dark blue, which makes the color look like marble streaks. Contained in a rectangular vessel from 130 liters with a minimum movement of water. Gourami are disease resistant.


Yellow-tailed chrysipter

Very beautiful fish with an outlandish pattern in the form of waves on the body. On the tail with a transparent border there is a yellow stripe. Conflict and territorial inhabitants of reef aquariums.

Yellow-tailed chrysipter

Brocade gliptopericht

Peaceful catfish reaching 60 cm in length. The skin of the fish is painted with a pattern resembling a water surface. Like other catfishes, they play a role in cleaning the tank of food debris and weeds.

Brocade gliptopericht

Chromis handsome

Contained in a paired species aquarium from 110 liters. Bright red fish with turquoise dots on the body and fins. Chromies handsome are aggressive towards other species.

chromis handsome

Blue eye

Representatives of the iris. A flock of Fifteen, Australian, or Tailed Blue Eyes will look spectacular in a 60-liter tank. Fish reach 4-6 cm. They attract attention with blue eyes and an interesting structure of fins. In the area of ​​the head there are small fins in the form of “horns”.

blue eye fish

Shark catfish

Catfish resembles a sea shark, because of which it can become the main decoration of a reservoir. In aquarium conditions, shark catfish grows to a meter, so the tank should be at least 400 liters.

shark catfish

Exclamation Barbus

An interesting fish with iridescent iridescent coloring. There are two dark spots on the body resembling an exclamation mark.

exclamation barbus

Geophagus Orangehead

South American cichlid with a grayish body dotted with yellowish stripes. Red-blue fins look mesmerizing. The top of the head is orange. The cichlid reaches 25 cm in length; a small hump appears on the head in alpha males.

orange-headed geophagus


Fans of this predator appreciate it for its impregnable appearance and quick wits. The astronotus grows to 35 cm. The standard color is dark, breeding forms with other colors are known.



A rare 6-centimeter fish with a striking color. On the orange body of the fish there are turquoise stripes and dots outlined by ultramarine. Mandarin ducks are whimsical in content. Fish spawning is not possible in an aquarium, but this does not stop enthusiasts who want to start a strange fish.

mandarin fish


A variety of aquarium inhabitants allows you to choose fish, based on preferences and experience. Rare species are available to professionals, but beginners get unpretentious and beautiful fish.

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