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BARF: The benefits of a natural diet

BARF: The benefits of a natural diet

Animal care

BARF: The benefits of a natural diet

The BARF diet or raw diet, one of the best options to feed your pet in a healthy and natural way

Today there are hundreds of brands and types of feed for dogs and cats. There are feed for all kinds of conditions, commercial feed, premium feed, and even natural feed (without chemicals) … There are so many that it is difficult to decide which one is the best.

Despite the gigantic supply of feed that is in the market, sadly the vast majority of feed is commercial and full of chemicals, cereals, and other substances that eventually deplete the health of our four-legged companions. From the concern for the health of our pets have been appearing different types of natural food that try to solve the problem of feed. One of these types of natural food is the BARF diet.

What is BARF?

The term BARF is the acronym in English of “Bones and Raw Food” or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”.

It consists of a type of natural food composed of biologically appropriate raw foods that tries to resemble the food that our pet would have in a wild and free environment.

This type of natural diet has many health benefits for our pets. Here you have some of them:

Benefits of the BARF diet for dogs and cats:

  1. Small stools
    The feces become smaller since everything that is eaten is assimilated (as opposed to feed).
  2. Drink less
    Because natural food is not dry and contains a large amount of water, our pets will have less need to drink water.
  3. Clean teeth
    Due to the use of fleshy bones in the diet, the dog’s teeth will be clean and perfect without the need to clean them. Therefore it will improve your breath.
  4. Skin and hair improvements
    Thanks to the Barf diet, the dog will enjoy healthy and elastic skin and soft, shiny hair. In addition, your “dog smell” will disappear. The process can take a few weeks (since we changed the diet) but after that time, the dog will enjoy a great blow.
  5. Good breath
    Bad breath is due to two factors (both related to feed), tartar that accumulate in your mouth and your dirty stomach. Because the raw diet cleanses the mouth and does not dirty the stomach, the bad smell will eventually disappear.
  6. Increase in muscles and decrease in body fat
    Without the need for additives or excessive exercise, barf feeding will improve the physical condition of our pet, making it more muscular and less fat.
  7. Better joints
    It has been shown that the BARF diet improves joint problems that our pets present (whether due to age or other circumstances). They improve their stability and mobility in general.
  8. Other benefits
    Improvements in reproduction, growth, immune system …

Where to buy raw food for BARF diet

If you do not want to prepare the food yourself and want to try the BARF diet and see if it works we recommend you try MMRawFood where they have a wide range of monoproteic BARF products (of a single meat) of different animals as well as information to expand knowledge.

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