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Balconies – How to keep them safe?

How to keep them safe? - My animals


Balconies – How to keep them safe?

Do you have a balcony and feel insecure if your pets are nearby? Falls from several stories high can be very dangerous, even deadly for dogs. From My Animals we offer several tips on how to keep the balconies safe so that you and your pet can enjoy them without worries.

Balconies are not dog houses

First of all, if you want to have a dog, you must be willing to share your home with him. Recruiting a pet to a place such as a patio or a balcony in the long run is not viable. If you are not willing to live with your dog or cat without keeping it locked in a part of the house, you may need to rethink if you are prepared to have pets.

Dogs and cats seek our affection and attention, so, most likely, even if you can enjoy a patio, garden or balconies, the animal wants to be with you much of the time.

On the other hand, Extreme weather conditions such as high summer temperatures or winter frosts can harm your pet’s health. Above all, if the balcony is not acclimatized, heat stroke can be very dangerous. In addition, the animal may dislike balconies or terraces if it associates this space with feeling trapped.

It is advisable that you adapt your balcony as a place of recreation for the dog and so that you can both take advantage of this space together.

What precautions should you take if you have a dog and a balcony at home?

Before letting your pet walk freely on the balcony, you should take a series of precautions to make it a safe space:

1. Secure the railing

If the railing has a wide enough space between bars to fit your dog, it is best that you secure the entire balcony with a mesh. You can choose between plastic, artificial grass, wood, cane, bamboo, heather … If you opt for some natural, you will have greater visibility out.

Dogs, and even more cats, like to look outside; It is a way to enrich your environment.

2. Beware of toxic plants for dogs

It is very common to take advantage of the outdoors offered by balconies to decorate with plants. But if you live with pets, make sure you buy plants that are not toxic to dogs or cats or place them in a place beyond their reach. In addition, you should teach your dog not to bite or make needs on plants, which, incidentally, will avoid problems if you visit another house.

3. Prepare a place in the shade

Dogs like to sunbathe, but it is better if in the same space they have a cool place in the shade. You can place an umbrella or an awning. With this you protect it from the high temperatures that the environment can reach, or from the same floor of the balcony, which can burn your plantar pads.

Dog in the shade

You can also leave a bowl of fresh, clean water so that your dog has water available nearby.

4. Get used to going out alone

Allow him free access to the balcony, provided he is assured of all the above, and prevents the dog from feeling intimidated by entering a room or space in the house so that he does not associate the place with a bad experience. If he is a puppy, you can guide him by accompanying him and inviting him to come to the beginning.

With these tips you will have a balcony adapted to your pet, an ideal place to spend time enjoying the sun and good weather. Environmental enrichment in the home includes actions like this to increase the animal welfare of your dog.

Caring for a pet safely is an obligation we have as owners, both at home and outdoors … to avoid accidents! Read more “

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