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A woman captures a thirsty koala while she licks the raindrops from the asphalt of the street


A woman captures a thirsty koala while she licks the raindrops from the asphalt of the street

As the fires break out in Australia, the rain has finally come to give some relief to the inhabitants of the continent and to the hundreds of thousands of endangered animal species that have lost and are gradually losing their natural habitat. The arrival of the rain has fortunately brought with it positivity, and certainly the image that is making the rounds of the web puts us in front of a less negative and more radiant near future for Australia and its fauna.

The two splendid amateur photographs that are making the rounds of the web were taken by Facebook user Pamela Schramm, and show a defenseless and tender koala that literally licks the raindrops that have fallen on the asphalt of the road in the area of ​​New South Wales, on the Australian continent. Pamela felt grateful and lucky to have captured such a touching and at the same time symbolic moment for a rebirth that Australia has been waiting for for a long time, too long after the devastation of the forest fires.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Pamela reported that it was the first time he had seen a koala free in nature with his own eyes and, after seeing and rescuing him, he made sure he wanted to check the animal’s health by calling a health care professional to check if he was 100% in place and fit, despite licking the asphalt to drink the rainwater that it had fallen a few hours earlier.

After finally entrusting the koala to a specialized caregiver, Pamela shared photos of the thirsty animal on Facebook urging all Australian citizens to be careful when driving, and above all to be on the alert in case they encounter a koala or other injured animal on the roads or in search of specialized help.

We hope that the post and the incredible story of Pamela Schramm can generate more awareness towards the recovery and protection of these typical Australian animals that are increasingly losing lives and habitats due to the forest fires that have flared up in the continent of September 2019. ‘Oceania.

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