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17 amazing curiosities about crows

17 amazing curiosities about crows


17 amazing curiosities about crows

Curiosities and very interesting facts about crows – The crows are a bit pigeonholed since they have always been associated with something macabre and sinister, both on Halloween, movies, series or horror stories … But did you know that the raven is considered the most intelligent bird on the planet? Crows have a lot to tell and they are amazing birds. Know this and many others fascinating curiosities about crows that you probably didn’t know.

1. Crows are very sociable birds

Are very sociable with the human beingThey can even be with other animals, such as dogs, cats … etc. They have even been useful as messenger birds.

2. Crows have appeared in many myths and legends

Cultures of Tibet and Greece they saw the crows as messengers of the gods. The Celtic goddesses of war often took the form of crows in battles. The Norse god Odin, had 2 crows: Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory). The Chinese said that crows brought bad weather and some Indigenous tribes saw the crow as a deity.

3. Crows have a highly developed language and know how to imitate

They can mimic many sounds, such as howls of wolves, barks and much more. The most amazing thing is that they are able to imitate human words in an impressive way.

4. Crows form groups of friends as teenagers

They make groups gang members and they are complicit as if it were a group of human adolescents.

5. Crows are omnivorous, like humans

This means that they feed so much of meat as of vegetables, nuts, cereals …etc.

6. Crows are considered the most intelligent birds

And not only that. After humans, primates and dolphins, the smartest of all is the crow. Are cunning, cheats, they know how to look for tools and they have a bad habit for what they need to do. For example, if they want to chop a nut, they know how to put it on the road so that a car comes, the car and they can eat it later.

7. Crows have a very old origin

They emerged about 17 million years ago behind, in Australia and Oceania. Currently there are 120 species of crows distributed all over the planet, except in Antarctica.

8. Crows act strangely with ants

They throw themselves on the ant hills and move around, grab the ants, they macerate them with their beaks and then disperse them throughout their body. It is believed that this behavior is to act as repellent or natural insecticide.

9. Crows are very playful and have a great time

There have been many cases in which crows play among themselves (or with other animals) in a thousand ways. They are naughty and love to push others, but with a lot of intelligence.

10. Crows gesture in a similar way to humans

Studies reveal that often they use their beak to point out how we would do it with our finger and they make head movements that remind us a lot with our hands.

11. Crows have a lot of empathy and remember their enemies

The social ties between crows are really strong and they support each other a lot. They remember what hurt them or who hurt them and they learn from mistakes quickly.

12. Crows do funerals and mourn their dead

They take a strange behavior with their deceased, where they meet a lot of them and they start making sounds and they stay around the deceased for a long time

13. Crows are able to give their owners a name

In captivity, the crows emit a characteristic and unique sound when they are in the presence of their owner.

14. Crows are bigger than many believe

Of the entire corvid family, crows are the largest bird. There are copies that they have come to measure 70 centimeters long and weigh 1.7 kg.

15. Crows in Europe were associated with evil in disguise

In Germany, crows were the incarnation of condemned souls or sometimes even Satan himself. In Denmark, people believed that crows were exorcised spirits and they recommended not to look at them because you could become a raven yourself.


16. Crows have a bigger brain than any other bird

Thanks to great development in the front areas (where intelligence is supposed to be hosted).

17. Crows eat, and apparently, they are exquisite

In some exclusive European restaurants they serve raven meat as a delicacy, as it is considered low in fat, toxins and because it is a healthier meat than pork.

What do you think about these curiosities about crows? Do you know any other?

Tell us in a comment! ?

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