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6 Must-Follow rules to take care of someone else’s dog


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6 Must-Follow rules to take care of someone else’s dog

Just as the term existsbaby sitting to refer to the care of babies and young children, in exchange for financial compensation, while their parents or guardians are absent for a short period of time; there is the term pet sitting to refer to a similar activity.

Instead of babies or children, pets are cared for. Above all, dogs and cats, since they are the most common, although there are also those who hire pet sitters for your rabbits, rodents, birds, turtles or fish.

Usually the caregiver usually moves to the place where the pet lives, although there is also the option of the guardian moving his pet to the place of the caregiver, either his personal residence or a local (in the case of a care institution, such as a pension or hostel for pets).

To take care of someone else’s pet, It is not only necessary to have good disposition and time. It is also necessary to have basic knowledge in veterinary, ethology and dog education.

Remember that each animal has a different character, emotional problems and environment. In addition, it is important that the caregiver is legally protected, since in thepet sitting Certain problems may arise.

The knowledge in ethology is very well valued

Although it seems that anyone can take care of a dog, because care seems to consist simply of keeping him company and giving him water and food, things are not so simple.

The pet sitter You should know that, unlike the tutor, you do not have so much knowledge of the animal and, therefore, you should look for methods to relate to it effectively. That is to say, should be managed in such a way that the coexistence is positive.

Let’s put the example of a dog.

His tutors know him well and know how to communicate with him at all times. They know their reactions and they know how to handle them.In addition, they know in what situations some kind of problem can arise. For example, if during the walks the dog does not smell the ground, it will pull the leash a lot or it may have a reactive attitude with other dogs or people.

Tutors can transmit this information to pet sitter so you know how to handle the dog, but still, it must have certain knowledge about the ethology of the animal that takes care to avoid problems.Also, you should take basic courses on dog education based on positive reinforcement and emotional cognitive canine training.

In countries like Switzerland, there are online platforms where tutors place ads looking forpet sitters and, in turn, those interested in caring for animals create a profile to look for job offers. When creating the profile, knowledge in ethology and related areas is highly valued.

The tasks of pet sitter

It is possible for a tutor to hire apet sitter to take your pet to the vet. In those cases, the person must know how to help the animal to remain calm and well behaved during the journey and, later, the appointment.

In addition to caring for the pet in your home (that is, feed, drink, play, brush and take it out to do your needs), ands the guardian may request other services, such as:

  • Take the pet to the vet (This is usually agreed in advance, since the tutor must ensure that the pet sitter has vehicle and availability to perform the task).
  • Give medication to the pet.

Perhaps, giving a pill may not be very difficult, although everything will depend on how the animal was educated. For these types of issuesit is important that the pet sitter Have some training.

Diabetic pets should receive their insulin dose through a small injection, such as human patients. The pet sitter must know how to place it. And if the animal suffers from epilepsy, the caregiver should know how to act correctly in case he has a crisis.

For these reasons, not anyone can be a pet sitter.Even if he has good will and likes animals.

Playing with the pet is part of the service

Motivate cat to play

Dedicate to pet sittingIt doesn’t just mean going to the dog’s house, feeding him and taking him for a walk. The dogs are incredibly complex animals and, for this reason, have many needs.It is very important that thepet sitter Take time to play with the dog. Of course, everything will depend on the age of the animal and its customs.

One of the most important games that can be carried out with the dog is smell work.Create labyrinths of scents with appetizing food that catches your eye, use interactive toys that activate your smell, etc. All this will make the dog much more calm and relaxed when the pet sitter Go away.

Legal protection is important in the pet sitting

A pet sitter You must legally protect yourself for very simple reasons: you are not taking care of your own pet and, in many cases, you will have to move to other homes to provide your services.

It is important to make a contract with the dog’s guardian and, also, to acquire civil and professional liability insurance. Above all, if it is intended to carry out the task regularly, by way of employment.

In the pet sitting a multitude of inconveniences and accidents can arise, so you have to protect yourself properly.

Some considerations

When working with animals you have to be aware that, for them, there are no Sundays.They can get sick at any time.On the other hand, their guardians may have unforeseen events and they may request a pet sitter anytime.

Also, if you sign up for a job portal as a caregiver,Most likely, you end up having several clients that need your services on the same day. Be sure to make everything clear with enough time to avoid misunderstandings. This will make you have to be from one place to another to satisfy your clientele.

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