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5 Unbelievable Animals discovered in 2019


5 Unbelievable Animals discovered in 2019

Animals discovered in 2019: names, features, history – It seems to many people that in science, everything has long been open. Therefore, researchers are studying already known animals. However, this is not quite true. Scientists still continue to discover new types of living things. So, for example, in 2019, 7 amazing creatures were discovered.

Fluffy rats

Zoologists have found these cute animals in Luzon. Researchers used earthworms to lure animals. Fluffy rats can only be found in Luzon. They live mainly in the mountains. Until now, nothing was known about these creatures precisely because they dwell at a very high altitude.

In total, two varieties of fluffy rats were discovered. These animals have a very short tail, a long muzzle and a slightly different coat color than their relatives. In addition, fluffy rats can jump high. This makes them look like a kangaroo. Animals eat mainly insects and invertebrates.

White-eye birds

Ornithologists managed to discover immediately two new species of birds that they found on the Wakatobi archipelago. These were Wakatobi’s white eyes and Wangi Wanga’s white eyes. Names were given in honor of the islands on which they were found.

These feathered creatures were discovered only now, first of all, because the islands are quite isolated. Plus, the birds are very cleverly hiding in the foliage. They literally merge with it, due to their plumage of a greenish-yellow color. Surprisingly, white eyes are the distant ancestors of sparrows and tits. These birds are almost omnivorous. They feed on fruits, flowers and insects.

Fox cat

The fox cat is a longtime resident of Corsica. However, until 2019, there was no evidence that this animal existed. The first predator was accidentally caught in a chicken coop. And scientists have lured its relatives with the help of scented wooden sticks. It turned out that wild cats like to rub about them.

Externally, predators are very similar to ordinary domestic cats. The only difference is that the “cat foxes” are much larger than them. Also, wild cats have sharp fangs, a thick coat that protects them from fleas and ticks. Currently, there are only 16 animals, and they all live in the north of Corsica.

Electric eel

Electric eel, which is capable of generating a discharge of up to 830 volts, was found in tributaries of the Amazon River. This creature is the absolute record among all animals for creating the greatest electrical voltage. The electric shock produced by this eel can kill a person. Before the discovery of this amazing creature, in science there was officially only one type of electric eel.

Frogs without tadpoles

Canadian and Ecuadorian biologists have discovered 11 new species of rain frogs. The main feature of these amphibians is that they lack the stage of tadpoles. These animals simply lay their eggs on the ground, from which they then appear frogs.

Of course, scientists had previously known about the existence of rain frogs. But their species were delimited only by external distinguishing features. Now, researchers are closely engaged in the study of these amazing creatures.

Baby whale

Prior to the discovery of Berardius minimus (the small pond), it was believed that small whales did not exist in nature. However, this mammal can be called a baby, since the length of its body is only 6-7 meters. And all his relatives, at least twice as much. This whale differs from the rest of the beaked whales with its darker skin, narrower beak and shorter fins. Scientists have discovered crumbs of whales in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, off the coast of Hokkaido.

Wood lizards

Scientists have discovered a new type of skink in the forests of Indochina. They decided to name it in honor of the famous Russian scientist Boris Vasiliev – Lipinia vassilievi. Beginners were very difficult to find, since they completely merge with the trunks of trees. The masking skill helps them hunt small insects.

Researchers managed to find another new lizard. Its distinguishing feature is three strips on the head. Representatives of both species have brightly colored tips of the tails with which they communicate with each other.

These were the most unusual species of animals that were found by scientists in 2019. However, researchers still continue to search and find new representatives of the animal world.

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