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5 Things dogs and cats are to stay away from

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5 Things dogs and cats are to stay away from

With the arrival of summer, it is important to know what the dangers of spring are for our dogs and cats to watch out for: here is a list of risks to avoid.

The dangers of spring for dogs and cats (Pixabay Photo)

The winter season begins to become more and more a distant memory: for a few days the sun has shone and the temperatures become lukewarm and decidedly more pleasant, while nature awakens together with plants, flowers and insects. It all sounds absolutely wonderful, except that there are some potentials dangers of spring from which it is important to keep safe dogs and cats.

In particular, we have collected 5 potential risks for our four-legged friends, to learn to recognize them and keep them away in order to be able to live the spring season in total tranquility with dogs and cats, enjoying life in the open air without fear of dangerous accidents.

5 spring hazards to protect cats and dogs from

spring cat
Spring and its risks for animals (Pixabay photo)

Especially for those who have a garden, but also those who usually take the dog for a walk in nature or if the cat is used to leaving the house, the dangers of spring can be many and perpetually lurking: let’s see a list of the 5 risks from which keep both dogs and cats away.


These beautiful flowers bloom at this time of year: beautiful to look at, they are, however highly toxic if ingested by cats. The toxins contained in lilies are dangerous because they negatively influence the cat’s liver function: therefore, be careful to choose to adorn your home with plants and flowers that are not dangerous for your kitty.


The worms responsible for filariasis are one among the most insidious dangers of spring, for dogs and cats. Against these parasites, the best weapon available to us is prevention: heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes, which are more common and numerous when temperatures start to rise and the days get longer. Therefore, it is important to equip yourself well in advance and start anti-filariasis prophylaxis as early as spring.


It is not only humans that suffer from it: allergies can affect dogs and cats, especially during the change of season. THE spring allergy symptoms in pets they are very similar to what can be found in people: sneezing, itching, rashes and respiratory problems.


It’s about a highly toxic plant for pets and in particular for dogs, which can cause serious reactions just a few minutes after being swallowed by the animal. Very widespread in homes and gardens throughout Italy, it is particularly dangerous for liver health: the resulting liver damage can cause lethargy and convulsions.


Chocolate is a danger for dogs and cats at any time of the year, but in spring the question becomes even more insidious: after the Christmas season and then Valentine’s Day, it is possible that some chocolates may be forgotten somewhere and the puppy could find it and ingest it without anyone noticing.

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