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5 incredible things that Micio has and dogs and man don’t

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5 incredible things that Micio has and dogs and man don’t

Puss continues to amaze us. In this article we list five incredible abilities of cats that make man and dog “pale”.

The ability of cats (Pixabay Photo)

Years go by but the feline world continue to to surprise, but why and for what? First of all let’s say that this is not an exhaustive but certainly curious list. You will be amazed to read the particularities related to the sounds emitted, the running speed, the hearing and … we won’t reveal anything else!

From the master’s voice to the brain: here are the skills of cats that you probably didn’t know

fifteen cats reported missing
Gatty (Pixnio photo)
  1. The sounds

Cats can emit more than 100 different sounds i dogs they can do it alone 10. Anyone who has had or has a cat knows very well that Micio is not alone meows or does the purr, but can “say” many other things. We are talking about wheezing, pops, trills that cats emit in various situations and also when they are excited, they also make strange verses or they emit different sounds based on where they are. The language of the cats has also been decoded.

  1. The master’s voice

Cats are able to recognize their master’s voice. This discovery was made in 2013 at the university of Tokyo; the researchers showed that our beloved felines could distinguish the voice of outsiders from that of theirs master reacting to the latter in a precise way.

  1. hearing

Cats have more hearing susceptible than that of the dogs, But that is not all. We human we are able to perceive sounds of frequencies between 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz, dogs reach up to 40 kHz while cats pick up sounds up to 60 kHz. However, dogs are faster, but they are not among the fastest animals.

  1. Speed

Our beloved feline friends are also super fast managing to reach even 50 kilometers per hour. What about us humans? Well, the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt was able to reach i 45 km.

  1. The brain

Researchers at the Tufts University faculty of veterinary medicine in Boston found that the brain of a cat looks much more al our compared to a dog’s brain. Micio has many brains folds surface very similar to that of beings human also some areas of the brain of our four-legged friends are extremely similar to those that in our brain is governing there management of the emotions.

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