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3 most common diseases of fish and their treatments

3 most common diseases of fish and their treatments - My animals

Animal diseases

3 most common diseases of fish and their treatments

If you have had an aquarium at home, you will know firsthand that they give more work than it may seem. Cleaning, feeding, controlling the behavior and compatibility of some fish with others … Today we will see what are the most common diseases of the fish and how to remedy them.

The most common diseases in fish

One of the things that not everyone does is keep a regular and strict control of the water. This will give us an idea of ​​the general state of the aquarium and we will be able to take measures before it inevitably affects the fish or leads them to get diseases.

White Dot Disease

It is without a doubt, the most common disease that aquarium fish suffer and is very visible because they get white spots all over the body, both on the skin and on the fins. They also affect areas such as gills, which prevents them from breathing normally.

The problems with this disease usually go to more because the fish rub the body for the discomforts that cause them the white dots, so they cause the loss of scales and even wounds that can be infected.

It is caused by a single-celled parasite and It does not usually appear spontaneously in aquariums, but it comes through a new fish that arrives with the infection. Within a few days all the fish in the aquarium will be infected and the situation becomes much more complicated if you do not take action immediately, since it has an incredible propagation capacity.

To end this parasite, you have to quickly change part of the aquarium water, to lower the concentration of infection, and you have to add a medicine You can find in any specialized store. Of course, you have to scrupulously respect the indications of the drug because, if you miss the dose, the consequences can be fatal.

Fungal infections

It is a type of secondary infection, which usually appears because of another problem. It is also very visible and relatively easy to identify, since the fish They have cotton formations that can appear both on your skin, around wounds or on the fins.

This problem comes from the presence of fungal spores that are usually present in the water, but that only fish that do not have a correct state of health will affect them. Hence the importance of controlling all the basic parameters so that our fish remain healthy and strong, such as the temperature of the water, the type of food, the compatibility of some fish and others …

There are drugs sold in stores destined to these needs, but it will happen again if we do not change the aquarium control habits And we make sure all the fish are in perfect condition. Sometimes the wounds that some fish have caused to others are enough to weaken their immune system and make them susceptible to being attacked by the fungus, so it is essential to control it.

Velvet disease

Another of the most common diseases of fish is known as velvet disease. It is quickly identified because the fish get a velvety layer of golden-grayish color which wraps its fins, gills and ends up invading their entire body.

Sick fish

It is one of the diseases that most bother them, since it prevents them from breathing normally, they generate a lot of mucosa and even lose their appetite. It is caused by dinoflagellates that reach the aquarium through the new fish carrying the disease.

To end it, you just have to add a specific drug to the water that you can find in specialized stores and, as with all medications, be very rigorous with the instructions for use so as not to cause major damage.

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