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29 moments in which you have to know how to take your pain patiently

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29 moments in which you have to know how to take your pain patiently

In life, in general, there is a solution to every problem. But that is not true all the time … Sometimes situations are very complex to the point that the outcome seems impossible to us …

Here are 27 examples to illustrate the fact that sometimes you just have to know how to accept things as they are!

1. You just have to wait and enjoy the scenery …

"This cow came to me and fell asleep on my legs. Now I can't move until she wakes up "

© zboah / twitter

2. When you no longer feel in your place and you need to find yourself in your bubble…

"One of my students was bored and started meditating during the quiet time in class"

© __McDonald / twitter

3. Ambition is not always enough to achieve the impossible …

© PATRHOENUS / twitter

4. At times like this, it’s better to breathe in and breathe out several times in a row

© Haganblount / imgur

5. Photo shoots happen very rarely as planned

© Condor1010011010 / pikabu

6. "I bought colored pencils …"

© SlonVNavolochke / pikabu

7. “But why am I here !? "

© bssinga / reddit

8. This cat got its head stuck in a vase and broke it while trying to escape. It looks like he's wearing an Egyptian necklace now!

© qassaq / pikabu

9. The neighbor above came out after starting his machine and a water damage flooded my apartment!

© VVinter4riend / pikabu

10. Good luck!

© tittybot / pikabu

11. Another one who was forced to please his wife …

© DerekZimm / imgur

12. Stay in control at all times!

© Magaloo / imgur

13. When you get signs to stop dairy products

© OMGItsSoJuicy / imgur

14. Nostalgia wreaks havoc!

© apack / pikabu

15. What about you? Would you be afraid too?

“Some people cannot leave their bed because of their cat. I can't get out of my room because of this! "

© Yoll / pikabu

16. When you persist in growing lemons in a place that is more than rainy and too sunny …

© unknown author / imgur

17. Toilet paper must always be available!

© unknown author / imgur

18. A little rest is never too much: the life of superheroes (good and bad) is intense!

© samusser / pikabu

19. Winters in Siberia are really trying moments…

© Gregory01 / pikabu

20. When you do precision work, you have the right tools, but they are not calibrated …

© VoxDawg / imgur

21. When you believe in it until the end, but at the last second, you have to give up your place on the podium

"Here is a picture of me: I have just erased the dreams of a young prodigy of arcade basketball games"

© RLangdon9 / reddit

22. This dog never gets up until he has eaten

© HomeIsWhereTheWineIs / reddit

23. The best way to give the illusion that you have a choice

© leoned / pikabu

24. Children must get used to frustration from an early age!

© TheAmazingDmY / pikabu

25. When you are a huge fan of Pokémon and ready to do anything to catch them all!

© evrej / pikabu

26. After the first hour of shopping with your girlfriend…

© Ferchenko / reddit

27. When your wife takes 2 hours to get ready to go shopping at the supermarket …

© kapww / reddit

28. Even if you run, you will not be able to escape it!

© zgaiba / imgur

29. "It's good, surrender, you are surrounded! "

© zeusinpower / imgur

There are many situations in which you don't know if you should laugh or cry … Have you ever immortalized a few? If so, feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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