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27 unexpected situations in which certain animals found themselves

Animal Fun

27 unexpected situations in which certain animals found themselves

Animals often call out to us either because they are cute, or because we feel really vulnerable next to them, or because they have things to teach us, or because they are found in totally incredible situations.

Here are just 27 animals that found themselves in funny contexts …

1. A dog petting a dog… So what are we for, humans ?!

© unknown / tumblr

2. "This is how my step-parents' cat sits …"

© CandysaurusRex / reddit

3. "My wife always gets upset when I don't close the kitchen cupboard … And today, she had the opportunity to show me why"

© unknown / reddit

4. "I come to report the disappearance of my master! Be quick ! "

© debecca / twitter

5. And this is how a new religion is born …

© AwwwwCats / twitter

6. When your pet is a boar and he thinks he's a dog

© kasperchik / pikabu

7. "My wife thought I was not flushing, I was going after the kids, thinking that they were not flushing, until one day I went into the toilet and saw this … "

© ImComcastic / imgur

8. "It's so hot that I opted for a small place in the fridge"

© emoposer / reddit

9. "I woke up in the night without being able to put my hand back on my pillow … I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and I saw my dog ​​on the sofa with my cushion …"

© remmion / imgur

10. Today, this cat thinks he's the teacher!

© andruha1123 / imgur

11. New recruits of an association for the preservation of animals

© milopryano666 / pikabu

12. "I was going to get a locker at the supermarket, but I didn't have the heart to dislodge this poor little animal"

© caramelle / pikabu

13. "It was a Monday morning, I was at my computer at the office, when suddenly …! "

© Es139853 / pikabu

14. It seems that cats bring offerings to their masters in the form of dead animals … This one preferred to opt for a tea bag straight from the trash …

© MyCatIsFamous / reddit

15. A "cat-angel"!

© Julek / pikabu

16. "I was calmly taking my bath when I felt spied on …"

© marishav594yv / pikabu

17. "I was on the plane and during the flight, the guy in front of me was snoring, so I kicked the seat and this is what I saw! "

© orkatey / pikabu

18. "At least from here I can see what's going on!" "

© kroshka19enot97 / pikabu

19. This raccoon was afraid of the fireworks and took refuge on the porch!

© kentkirk / reddit

20. Cats love baskets, even those that serve as trash

© KillPeopleMan / pikabu

21. A cat that does its toilet upright … We will have really seen everything!

© Axeeel / imgur

22. Lions are just big cats with a mane after all!

© Kitnado / reddit

23. "Go home after a hard day at work and see that …"

© jrnbby / reddit

24. This dog is exhausted and needs to rest on the subway

© ivario / pikabu

25. Don't count on your neighbor to give you the answers!

© rely_1013 / twitter

26. The best nap in the world is in the trees! Cat word!

© Axyli03 / pikabu

27. "My dog ​​decided to play gardener today …"

© milliedollar / imgur

Have you experienced an incredible situation with one of your pets or have you seen a funny scene with wild animals? Share them with us in comments!

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