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25 rebel animals who decided to do what they wanted

Animal Fun

25 rebel animals who decided to do what they wanted

We humans are responsible for several dictates and rules that regulate this world. But they are unique to us. Indeed, we cannot subject any animal to our laws and desires. And it seems that some animals have understood that they can do only as they please, even if that must put men out of them.

The system is only for humans, never forget that!

1. You create the system, we do as we see fit

2. If that’s not provocation …

(This is a device to repel birds!)

3. "I clearly do what I like"

"There are no more animals in this space"

4. This cat is the king of trolling!

5. Cages are not for us!

6. "I punished my dog ​​by putting him outside because he was standing on the kitchen table. Here's how he reacts »

7. "Your rules only adapt to you humans!" "

"Fishing prohibited"

8. "I don't care, I can't read and then I do what I want! "

"Please do not climb on the rocks"

9. Not human… The wheel is not only made to be inside!

10. This cat is a rebel! Coward, but a rebel anyway!

"Don't pet dogs"

11. This duck makes fun of the dictatorship of men!

12. "You are painful with your prohibitions! Live and stop banning! Anyway, we will do what we want anyway! "

13. "What? I haven't seen anything! And anyway, I can't read! "

" No dogs allowed "

14. This cat mother teaches her kitten how to circumvent the rules of Men

15. Just to annoy humans…

"White only"

16. "Humans are pathetic … We are one of the only animals who can't jump!" What were they expecting? "

17. "I forbid my dog ​​to enter the kitchen when I prepare food. The kitchen begins at the level of the white tiles… »

18. "Cuckoo! I'm here !… "

"Help us fight against pigeons"

19. The definition of "rebel"!

"Prohibition to cross this barrier, the police will be informed"

20. "What? You thought that I could decipher your gibberish perhaps? "

"Call the cops, I don't care! "

21. The experiments on the squid never go as planned… this one has decided to become transparent

22. "Me, I go where I want! "

23. "I don't like to do like everyone else …! "

24. Another one who makes fun of the rules!

" Do not eat "

25. Cats, these rebels

"Be careful, please do not leave glasses on the edge of the table: the cat is an asshole"

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