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25 photos proving that chickens are the best moms in the animal kingdom

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25 photos proving that chickens are the best moms in the animal kingdom

A mother is always tender and attentive to her young, whatever the species.

But the amazing thing about some mothers is that they are also capable to love other people's children, so much so that they can raise and protect them.

Like humans, hens are capable to adopt the chicks of another hen and even babies of other species. Very maternal, they never hesitate to keep warm to other little beings, even if they can be ferocious predators as adults.

here is 25 photos of hens with highly developed maternal impulses. The expression "mother hen" now takes on its full meaning!

1.The hen and the dog

2. During a storm, the hen took care of two stray kittens

3. A hen cuddling her kittens

4. This hen tries to protect two injured pigeons

5. Hilda is a hen that incubated the eggs of a cane. Once hatched, the little ones make no difference: Hilda is their mom

6. The cat mother made her kittens in the chicken coop, in her absence, it is mother hen who watches over the little ones

7. Have you ever seen a hen brooding over a pig? It's now done !

8. Gertrude the hen has adopted a colony of small ostriches!

9. Another hen that takes care of kittens

10. A hen who takes her role as a mom very seriously with these little puppies

11. Whatever the number, a mother hen will be able to take care of all her young.

12. This hen takes care of this little goat as if she were her own chick

13. Can a hen protect and raise a duck?

14. What could be warmer and more cozy than a chicken plumage when cat mom is not there?

15. This pretty hen adopted an orphan duck

16. This little crow has found a surrogate mother: the hen even feeds the baby

17. The hen remains the most loving mother on Earth

18. Another strange adoption: this hen has incubated the little ostriches and remains their “mother” still to this day

19. Definitely, the ducklings really like hens

20. The kitten no longer has a mother and the hen perfectly fills the void

21. This hen has invested the basket of kittens to keep them warm in the absence of the mother

22. When hens adopt puppies

23. The hen is the best baby-sitter, even for pigeons

24. Duckling and chicken, the winning combo

25. This hen took possession of the kittens' litter in the absence of the mother

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