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23 pets with strange behavior

Animal Fun

23 pets with strange behavior

We humans spend our time trying to understand what is going on in the minds of our pets. As proof, we managed to put on the market behavior and sound translators to try to understand and communicate with our animal. But would that be enough to explain most of their actions to us?

Here are 27 situations in which pets have behaved strangely … And that's why we often love them so much! Have you ever experienced one of them?

1. While this man was snoring, his puppy tried to explore his mouth to understand where the noise could come from

© ckabella / reddit

2. This dog waits until his master gets up to take his place in the bed…

© Tomatso / reddit

3. Animals who go to the stadium have two concerns: the ball (or the ball) and observing the humans who eat while watching the game!

© krugerlive / reddit

4. When this cat is hungry, it goes up on the counter and puts its head upside down …

© otctoi / pikabu

5. The head of these dogs when their owner speaks to them!

© Klempenski / reddit

6. This cat loves to act as a hands-free kit for his master to watch his series on Netflix!

© LPina / reddit

7. Because even in public toilets, it is impossible to have a minute of peace …

© Deathman / pikabu

8. This cat has found a cozy little nest in the pillowcase and clearly doesn't like being disturbed!

© panchobear / reddit

9. "Huh? Is it time to get up already? But wait, I just had time to blink! "

© Fredstar64 / reddit

10. This puppy loves bananas, it's quite rare!

© Teouwaxonjuke / imgur

11. "She's crazy! She does not know that our tongue is used to wash us! "

© EarthenWambat / reddit

12. This dog is the star of the neighborhood! He greets all the passers-by, but looks good in front of the passers-by!

© NormandAnderson / imgur

13. "Really? Are you sure I can't crunch a tiny bit of it? "

© gael5943 / reddit

14. "It's my ball and you won't touch it, understood! "

© Rublevskaya / pikabu

15. “Whenever I refuse to play with him, my dog ​​packs my bag and sometimes he can find something to get up to play trapdoor! "

© casigene11 / reddit

16. We just talked to him about “bathing”… He is already reluctant!

© cowboyincognito / reddit

17. "Please go! Turn on the water hose that we laugh! "

© chtozalogin / pikabu

18. This master went into burst mode to show the reaction of his dog when he told her that there were no more candies!

© Lontology / reddit

19. These dogs saw the grandchildren of the family arrive… Here is their reaction!

© SatsumaKitten / reddit

20. "Are you serious? A diet ?! Pfff, go serve me my kibbles go! And immediately "

© uakari / reddit

21. "Tell me I grew up please!" "

© movibrator / pikabu

22. When you bring a new toy to your dog and he is afraid of it …

© life1 / pikabu

23. "I know I made a mistake yesterday, but I’m going to apologize by bringing you a small gift … I hope you’ll like it! "

© LandPirateSarah / reddit

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