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22 photos that show how your pets sometimes have no respect for you

Animal Fun

22 photos that show how your pets sometimes have no respect for you

The cats were the masters of the intrusion. They would sneak in wherever you weren't expecting them, lie down in the most inappropriate places, and even take great pleasure in ruining your work. Recently, they have been copied by dogs, birds and other animals that we can have at home.

Here are 22 unusual places where your pets take up residence. Have you ever experienced similar moments?

1. They like to intentionally constipate you

© Lexidh /

2. They take the opportunity to enter your privacy

© jobokai /

3. They don't speak, but can be understood

© xblade7 /

4. The dogs understood that you were vulnerable in the little corner!

© NYR99 /

5. There is no better place to snuggle than in your master’s sock

© companionmadie /

6. Lions are big cats after all … Small boxes are their hobby!


7. And when we talk about boxes…


8. There is no way to relieve yourself


9. If he could speak, he would pretend it was comfortable


10. Sometimes you have to admit that their intrusion is welcome…

© kelldog24 /

11. "What?! How can you say that your computer is no longer working because of my hair! I'm on it! Not in it! "

© Linda_ROBINSON /

12. Even octopuses do it!

© Colin J Carlson? //

13. "Look, I know you want me to play watchdog, but that's not my thing! I heard some noise and I came to hide here right away! "


14. When you leave your fridge open for 1 minute…

15. This dog must have been a cat in another life!


16. One day we'll find one in a glass!

© Lily and Oscar? /

17. "Either he made a mistake, or … I have no idea …"

© simply_bg /

18. Good watchdogs are not afraid of danger!


19. In addition to pricking you, they also steal food from your mouth!

© hansolomn /

20. Actually, they're just looking to take over your life

© quaintrelles /

21. Every square millimeter of your living space belongs to him

© surprizfortunecookie /

22. "Oops! I thought it was a real one! "


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