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21 photos of animals dealing with their puppies show how beautiful and difficult the profession of parent is

21 photos of animals dealing with their puppies show how beautiful and difficult the profession of parent is


21 photos of animals dealing with their puppies show how beautiful and difficult the profession of parent is

Parenting isn’t easy at all and the difficulties encountered on a daily basis can undoubtedly discourage more than a few moms or dads. However, the love, affection and satisfaction of taking care of another living being has no equal and, during this beautiful journey, it will be realized that for every sacrifice made it will be worth too much. This is as true for us human beings as it is for the animal world: dogs, cats, pandas, squirrels – they too bring children into the world and, consequently, experience the same joys and sorrows as any other parent.

This list of pictures of animals dealing with their little children showcases all the love and patience that a loving parent has.

1. The interrogative expression of this boxer girl makes us understand that looking after those puppies must not be very simple …

2. “I saved these puppies from the street and my dog ​​is already very happy to parent them” – Even the adoptive parents of the animal kingdom show the same enthusiasm!

3. That between parents and children is often a love that lasts forever, as in the case of primates, which in many cases remain in the same family group for life

4. This very tired mom had 9 puppies, and from how she dozes they must give her a good job

5. “Don’t worry, I’m here” – a ground squirrel hugs his baby to reassure him

6. The help of a mother to start taking her first steps: hippos are very protective of their puppies

7. “Sorry, but this is mine!” – The tender gesture of a mother who seems to reiterate that the puppies are hers … and nobody should touch them!

8. “I made them, did you see how beautiful they are?” – The proud expression of this new mom is fun

9. Sometimes being a mother can be scary: at first this cat seems suspicious, but then her instinct comes forward

10. Panda mother turns to the camera as if to ask for help … the cub doesn’t want to know to stay still!

11. “Mom and Dad watch their puppies while we clean their kennel” – They are already exhausted now, let alone when the little ones grow up!

12. Happiness in sleeping with your children: a family of sea lions enjoys the warmth of the sun and a hug

13. Mothers are like this: they would do anything to protect their children. The image of this hen sheltering the chicks from the rain is a sight …

14. “I am not trying to frighten you … I am just taking my children for a walk” – Even the species that may be of little concern to us can be very sweet parents

15. The expression of this Molossian seems to say “Someone come to help me, please …”

16. “This is my cat: she gave birth for the first time” – Her fixed expression in emptiness is very nice

17. Even wild animals have to deal with the exuberance of offspring, as in the case of this rhinoceros

18. This exhausted monkey seems to remember humans who wake up at night to feed the baby and can barely keep their eyes open …

19. “My cousin’s wife is a veterinarian and today she gave birth to this little dog” – The photographic sequence makes your heart melt

20. Playing with kids is so much fun! Especially if they are 3 and are hyperactive like these bear cubs

21. Sometimes it’s not easy being a mother! Especially for possums, who are used to carry all the litter on their shoulders …

Apparently the burdens of parenting are not demanding only for humans: even in the animal kingdom puppies give a lot to do, but always pay off with a love that is among the deepest that exist.

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