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21 Dog breeds – photos | Curiosities |Characteristics

extinct dog breeds

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21 Dog breeds – photos | Curiosities |Characteristics

Some are the ancestors of the races we now know, others have become extinct by not “leaving us” their genes. Here are the extinct dogs.

The extinct dogs (Screenshot YT)

Here is a rundown of dog breeds that, unfortunately, have not “arrived” to the present day for several reasons.

Photos, descriptions and characteristics of other extinct dogs

extinct dogs The Còrdoba
1. The Còrdoba (Screenshot YT)

1 The Còrdoba: it is an extremely resistant fighting dog, created by the pairing of dog breeds such as the bulldog, the mastiff, the terrier and the boxer. This dog was strong and tolerated pain very well, but in the mating phase it was so energetic as to kill the female and this is precisely why, perhaps, the reason why the breed of dogs completely died out. They are in part the ancestors of the modern Argentine dogo.

The Talbot
2. The Talbot (Screenshot YT)

2 The Talbot: is the ancestor of the beagle. The breed disappeared in the late 18th century, but its “legacy” survives in the names of some English inns and pubs.

extinct dogs The Salish Buldog
3. The Salish Buldog (Screenshot YT)

3 The Salish Buldog: it is a breed of dog originating in the United States and originating from present-day British Columbia. The tribe had no sheep and sheared the hair of these dogs to create blankets and other fabrics. The arrival of Europeans on the continent and sheep has made this dog’s fur less and less desirable.

The Bracco du Puy
4. The Bracco du Puy (Screenshot YT)

4 The Bracco du Puy: according to history, the breed was created in the 19th century by two brothers. It was a fast and flexible dog therefore perfect for hunting, but unfortunately it has become extinct since the mid-1800s.

extinct dogs Russian Tracker
5. The Russian Tracker (Screenshot YT)

5 The Russian tracker: the last specimen had been spotted in the 19th century. It was a dog that reached a height of 76 centimeters up to weighing even 144 kg. His spirit still survives in the breed of dogs golden retriever. The story goes that a man loved this breed so much that he decided to buy all the specimens used in the circus to be able to pair them together and thus create a breed of dogs that has come down to the present day.

The ancestor of the Newfoundland (Photo Pixabay)

6 The Moscow water dog: after the Second World War, this breed was used by the Russian army for bailouts, but the aggressive temperament led these dogs to bite the sailors instead of rescuing them. In the 80s this breed became indistinguishable from Newfoundland and was subsequently declared extinct.

the cure
7. The Curi (Screenshot YT)

7 The cures: was not an aesthetically beautiful dog; he had a long, dirty hair tending to cream color while his appearance resembled a deformed fox. New Zealand settlers used it for pastures until the first half of the 1800s when the breed became extinct since it did not mate easily with new imports of dogs from Europe.

8. Il molosso (Screenshot YT)

8 The molosso: is considered an ancestor of today’s mastiff breeds. Scholars are divided into two currents of thought; the former claims that the breed was created for fighting, the latter believes that its purpose was to hunt and protect houses and livestock. It is mentioned by Aristotle and Virgil.

Tahltan Bear dog
9. The Tahltan Bear Dog (Screenshot YT)

9 The Tahltan Bear dog: these dogs were used for bear hunting; they were fierce hunters, but meek with humans.

The old English bulldog
10. The old English bulldog (Screenshot YT)

10 The old english bulldog: it was a breed used, mainly in London at the beginning of the 19th century, for bull hunting as well as for dog fighting. Following the Cruelty to Animals Act which led to the decline of this cruel sport, interest in this breed also waned, leading to its extinction.

extinct dogs English Water Spaniel
11. English Water Spaniel (Screenshot YT)

11 English Water Spaniel: this breed was very popular in Scotland. It had short brown hair and often also had some white spots especially around the face. He was very skilled in swimming and was able to hunt waterfowl alone.

extinct dogs The North Country Beagle
12. The North Country Beagle (Screenshot YT)

12 The North Country Beagle: originally from England it was a breed known for the ability of fast hunting. It disappeared in the 19th century probably due to competition from other breeds.

The turn spit
13. The turn spit (Screenshot YT)

13 The turn spit: this small dog was used in Britain around the seventeenth century to run the machinery used to cook meat for the nobles. They were also adopted by the nobles themselves as companion dogs and to distinguish working ones the tail of the first ones was cut. What did their job consist of? Running like hamsters to spin a wheel, so machines were activated to cook meat. In the nineteenth century their work was replaced by machines, their popularity obviously dropped drastically enough to lead to extinction.

The water dog San Giovanni
14. The water dog San Giovanni (Screenshot YT)

14 The St. John’s water dog: among extinct dogs there is also this “aquatic” can be considered the ancestor of the golden retriever and labrador retriever, but he is also considered the founder of the Newfoundland.

Then Hawaiian dog
15. Then Hawaiian dog (Screenshot YT)

15 Then Hawaiian dog: it was not very useful in any type of work, it was not very strong and therefore it was the practice of the natives to adopt them and then cook and eat them. In the twentieth century, when the natives stopped eating dogs, this breed became extinct.

The Cuban Dog
16. The Cuban Dog (Screenshot YT)

16 The Cuban dog: it is a mastiff-type dog originally from Cuba where it was used in the fight against dogs in the protection of livestock and in the search for runaway slaves.

extinct dogs Cumberland Sheepdog
17. The Cumberland Sheepdog (Screenshot YT)

17 The Cumberland Sheepdog: at the beginning of the twentieth century the breed was “absorbed” by the border collie and then disappeared.

The Bullet Bester
18. The Bullet Bester (Screenshot YT)

18 The Bullet Bester: is another of the extinct dogs. Following the Second World War the dog disappeared. It is very likely that he was paired with existing bulldogs and boxers at the time to create modern bulldogs.

Paisley Terrier
19. The Paisley Terrier (Screenshot YT)

19 The Paisley Terrier: also known as show dogs they had long, silky hair. This breed was used to develop yorkshire terriers whose popularity led to the extinction of the ancestor.

Alpine Spaniel
20. The Alpine Spaniel (Screenshot YT)

20 TheAlpine Spaniel: it is an ancient breed of rescue dog used for a long time in the mountains by the Augustinian Canons. They had thick fur and adapted to the pungent climate of the Swiss Alps. An illness wiped out the breed around the 19th century; the San Bernardo family, their genetic descendants, arrived to us.

The English Terrier
21. The English Terrier (Screenshot YT)

21 The English terrier: with a white coat and pointed ears, it was created for dog shows. Following mating with local dog breeds, it became very popular for several decades, but over the years and the succession of other mating disappeared definitively “leaving room” for his successors, that is, the Boston Terrier and the bull terrier.

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