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20 funny scenes from the daily life of animal shelters

Animal Fun

20 funny scenes from the daily life of animal shelters

Animal shelters are not always sad places where one can feel the harmful effects of euthanasia and abuse on the morale of volunteers. Since some associations have decided not to get rid of non-adoptable animals, there has been a resurgence of good humor in the shelters. Volunteers are more numerous, and they can surrender to the countless joys due to their daily interaction with animals by saying that they really improve the lives of these endearing companions.

If you've ever considered volunteering your time at a shelter, here are 20 photos to help you decide. Because life with abandoned animals is not just cleaning cages, sometimes critical care for injured animals and other thankless tasks. A large part of the volunteers' work consists of simply spending time with the animals, who only ask for that.

Here are 20 photos taken by volunteers to document the hectic life of a shelter. And if you then want to learn more or get involved, consult these sites or contact your local SPA, we will understand you …

1. Moment of well-surrounded rest.


2. Some animals need a lot of attention


3. A small volunteer overwhelmed by the affection of the puppies


4. Some dogs understand right away how to get the attention of potential owners


5. Among the most original animals: a couple of sloths


6. This year, the shelter decided to form a dog crèche to illustrate its greeting cards.

Wags To Riches Pet Services – Mountsorrel

7. Even raccoons fail in shelters. This one was discovered with the broken front legs.


8 The therapeutic effect of animals is poorly measured!


9. Learn to smile for promotional photos


10. To meet new masters, you have to know how to frequent their favorite places. Here a “puppy” trip

Kitsap Humane Society

11. Survivors often need affection


12. Some are reluctant to cooperate during advertising campaigns


13. Even foxes are collected when they are in distress. This one is much better!


14. A cute litter, as long as they are not all separated …


15. A little pig saved from the farm. Hopefully he will find a family of friendly vegetarians.


16. A very affectionate beaver in a rehabilitation center


17. Parrots take us for perches


18. Not easy to do the necessary administrative work


19. This old cat knows that you have to put the package in order to be adopted so he knocks on the window as soon as someone approaches his cage.


20. A very affectionate wolf in a sanctuary


Bonus: To celebrate a particularly successful adoption weekend, these volunteers occupy empty cages.


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