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15 beautiful animals that will make you melt

Animal Fun

15 beautiful animals that will make you melt

Perhaps you grew up with a pet? Maybe you still have one? Since domestication, Man has always lived with animals and still discovers species regularly. It even happens that wild animals become real domestic companions after a rescue.

We have compiled a list of 15 absolutely adorable and sometimes unusual animals that you would probably dream of adopting! But note that most are still much better in their natural habitat! What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

© Imtorn / Wikimedia Commons

This little mollusc has no similar on this Earth. It is nicknamed the blue angle, the blue dragon or the swallow of the seas because of its unusual colors and shapes. Adults can measure up to 6 cm. The glaucus live on the surface of temperate or tropical waters. Be careful, it can cause hives in humans!

© unknown / imgur

Recently discovered in South America, this little lizard has thorny skin and has a head strangely similar to mythological dragons. Living in forests, it is mainly active during the day. Admit that he is absolutely adorable!


Also called mantis shrimp, the squilles are hypnotizing crustaceans thanks to their incredible colors. In the picture you can see a colorful species " peacock coat ", But there are also flashy red, green or blue ! They have so-called ravishing legs, similar to those of the praying mantis (hence its nickname).

© aollgaard /

Here is a totally unknown species of spider! Small, orange and round, they carry a kind of " shell Similar to turtles (that's where its name comes from). The scientific name Encosaccus sexmacculatus lives in South America, mainly in the upper Amazon basin in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

© Marshmallowbunnywabbit / Wikipedia

Red panda is smaller than a classic panda and looks like it is mistaken for a raccoon. They are animals very affectionate and rather joking. Today in Endangered, we find some in zoos or in protected parks.

© unknown / imgur

Also called Parrotfish, he sports beautiful colors drawing in various shades of blue, pink or purple. These fish can reach 1.3 meters in adulthood, depending on the species. They also have a beak resembles that of a bird, which allows them to scrape off rocks for food.

© unknown / imgur

This mountain goat is divided into 3 families. But they have in common their beautiful silky coat. They look like mountain lions !

© Li Weidong

This kind of little mountain rabbit with short ears, is an animal in Endangered, because threatened… They live aloft (2,800 to 4,100 m) and mainly in China. Very shy, they allow themselves to be observed very little. They are very small and fast, which is why the photos of this animal are very rare.

© NullDocking23 / Reddit

here is a very friendly animal and rather " cool "! The lazy sheep fascinates with its quiet strength. It appears in many cartoons or comics and some even adopt them as pet ! Harmless and fairly docile, they are still happier in nature.

This " mini kangaroo " is a nocturnal animal, sociable, curious and clever. It naturally sports a small smile, which earned him the title of the most smiling animal in the world. He lives in Australia and having one at home is a very bad idea: it affects everything and puts a lot of mess!

11. A baby snake

© bellaluna / imgur

Followers cold-blooded animals will not say otherwise: baby snakes are absolutely adorable! But of course, these grow and inevitably become dangerous

© TheNom / imgur

These little spiky beasts have awfully cute heads ! They are essential in our parks, forests and gardens, because they we get rid of snakes and various insects. Many videos circulate on the net with hedgehogs in baths or eating fruit. It’s not their way of life at all: they are carnivorous and prefer their freedom. Be careful on the roads, they tend to cross at all times with their babies

When we say skunk, we often think of a very strong odor and an animal rummaging through garbage… But the fact remains that these little beasts are very pretty and their eyes would melt anyone!

© Bradypus / Wikimedia Commons

Between horse and rhinoceros, this little animal is fascinating. It is found in Asia and Central America or South America. Quite massive, his thick skin is worth to this animal to be hunted for his leather. Her small trunk allows him to grab his food. Be careful, he still lives a thirties !

So, as much dispel the myth immediately: there is no no pig who does not stay as small all his life ! The pretty videos of little dressed or hyperactive pigs that you see on the net only show baby pigs ! Growing up, they weigh between 22 and 70 kg !

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