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12 dogs with disabilities who gave us a life lesson

dogs with disabilities


12 dogs with disabilities who gave us a life lesson

Growing up means learning something new every day that improves us as human beings: dogs with disabilities have a lot to give us, in this sense.

Dogs with disabilities: stories that make you grow (Instagram screenshot)

In the past, most people had the ugly and obstinate belief that people with a disability were different from the others, so-called “able-bodied”, in a negative sense. The same word “different” was, in fact, used in its most derogatory meaning.

In ancient times, the wise elders persuaded the rest of their people to ban from the cities all those who had some type of handicap and malformation, whether they were born there or acquired it during their lifetime, due to an accident. It did not matter what people were, needy, elderly, children, good men, family fathers: they had been cursed by their divinities and for this reason they no longer deserved to live among “ordinary” people. And since the idea of ​​the people was formed precisely on the judgment of the wise, everyone did what he said, believing they were right.

Since then, people with disabilities have been incredibly discriminated against. Nobody could do anything about it; nobody wanted to do anything about it, because if “God wanted it”, there had to be a reason.

With Christianity and other slightly more innovative religions, popular beliefs began to change trajectory, but still today we are very far from being able to understand the truth: that is, that we can learn a lot from people with disabilities.

Since our magazine is not about people, but about animals, we have collected the stories of twelve fantastic dogs with disabilities who have given us important life lessons. Thanks to them, reading the testimonies of those who knew them, we can perhaps grow a little and become, in this way, certainly better people.

Dogs with disabilities: 12 puppies who gave us a lesson on how to best live our lives

dogs with disabilities
Dogs with disabilities: what we can learn (Instagram screenshot)

Alex Cearns, an Australian photographer, recently published “Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love”, a book full of inspirational stories about dogs who have overcome adversity.

One of my most important goals as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique, said Cearns. I love every animal that I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as “different” occupy a special place in my heart.

We have therefore decided to tell you their stories: dogs with disabilities that can be a real inspiration for you.

Reuben and Keisha

Reuben and Keisha both have paralyzed legs, but their wheelchairs have helped them remain the same fun loving dogs they have always been.

Reuben and Keisha are two best friends who both share a common feature: they can only walk on wheels. They were not born like this.

In Reuben’s case, he was having his usual morning swim when his hind legs suddenly stopped working. After being taken to the vet, they found out he had a protruding disc, which has broken piercing the spinal cord. Her family didn’t know if the paralysis would spread to the brain, but luckily it stopped right under her front legs. After a period of adaptation with its new wheels, Reuben is now out racing, and is always the same fun-loving and cheerful dog that has always been.

Also Keisha’s hind legs they are paralyzed: it happened while playing with his family. Although the vet has recommended to accustom the dog to a wheelchair, using it at ten-minute intervals, thinking that the dog would detest the new gadget, its owner said: The moment she used that chair for the first time, it took off.


dog with disabilities
Dogs with disabilities: they make us better people (Instagram screenshot)

It was in Dotty removed the eye after you have been diagnosed with melanoma; but the day she returned home from the surgery was already standing and super active.

Dotty discovered she had melanoma in her left eye in February 2016. He immediately underwent surgery and was removed from his eyeball before he became completely blind beyond repair. When her owner picked her up from the surgery, she said that she it looked very swollen, flaky and sore. But later that day, instead of taking time to recover from the invasive surgery that had been done to her, he was already standing and “chasing” mice. Even if she has only one eye, she likes to do the same activities she was used to: chasing everything that moves, running, paddle boarding and eating bacon (even if she stumbles every now and then).

Bali Pip

Bali Pip is a “cute, curious and playful puppy” who was rescued by the Bali Animal Welfare Association.

Bali Pip was a stray dog on the streets of Bali who had mange, which made him lose most of his fur. Cearns said he liked being photographed and that he was a simple and natural animal, who loved to be the center of attention.

Her photos went viral and once the mange healed was quickly adopted.


Jessie, who has been paralyzed in a bizarre accident, needs to pick up speed when she is on her two wheels.

Jessie stayed paralyzed in a bizarre accident: made a sharp turn while chasing a ball and broke the spinal cord.

Although she tried physical rehabilitation therapy, her family decided that it was stressing her too much and chose to invest her money in a wheel set. His family had to replace those wheels several times because of frequent use and speed. What time Jessie is back to running, more passionate than before, and nobody can stop it.

His family says that Jessie’s accident made us realize that you can’t let yourself go down in life, as long as you have love and determination you can conquer practically anything, including stairs.


The Oompah story begins with a heartbreaking case of abandonment, but his love and strength led him to be adopted and to find trust in people again.

Oompah was in bad shape before being rescued from the Shenton Dog Shelter.

He was underweight, both ears infected, with chapped skin that oozed pus and an extreme case of mange that caused 80% of his hair to fall out. According to his current family, he was so sick that if Shenton Dog Park had not been a facility for non-suppression, he would have been put to sleep.

Cearns posted a picture of Oompah online and went viral. Hundreds of strangers donated money to help him to pay his medical bills and was soon adopted. Its owner told Cearns that his strength of spirit and his infinite giving to all love have certainly made him go on, during any labor that may have lived.


dogs with disabilities
Dogs with disabilities: being different does not mean being “worse” (Instagram screenshot)

Jakk was found in the trash when he was only a few days old, probably because of his deformed front legs, for which they gave him the nickname “T-Rex” and “Kangaroo”.

Jakk was abandoned when he was only a few days old: His umbilical cord had recently fallen and his navel was not even healed yet when his rescuers found it in the trash.

They believed it had been put there because of his deformed front legs. He was later adopted and subjected to surgery on his front legs, but unfortunately Jakk broke a ligament in his knee and died when he was only sixteen months old.


Raul had a disk break, resulting in paralysis, but it makes his family laugh with his eccentric personality. They say he doesn’t even realize his handicap.

Raul had a lower disc rupture in his spine with resulting in paralysis, but according to his family, immediately after the surgery, he was already out running around, dragging around like a cart, not realizing his handicap, and above all happy to see us, cheerful as always.

Now use one wheelchair for walks and drags himself home. He gets a lot of attention when he’s out and people always want to know his story. What he lost with the power of his legs, he received ten times more in attention and affection, said its owner, Alice.

He also explained that sometimes strangers wonder why we kept him alive, but as soon as they see how happy they are they understand. He is a fantastic and joyful puppy.


dogs with disabilities
Dogs with disabilities: the joy of living first of all (Instagram screenshot)

Vegemite was attacked by another dog and he has lost his sight, but loves to watch TV with his family.

Vegemite, or as his family calls him, Veg, has been attacked by another dog. His family called him “horrible” and although the vet tried to save his eyes, there was absolutely nothing to do. Veg’s family was worried about the quality of his life with one eye, but he has adapted so well that he now loves to watch TV.

We would be so lost without Veg. He is our everything, certainly part of our family, they said.


Bandit had a huge scar on his head for an unknown accident that “required” head massages during the night.

Bandit was adopted when he was two years old, after he was found by a ranger. He had a large permanent scar on his forehead on which his family applied the cream to keep it soft. The dog also needed night head massages, who obviously loved to receive. According to his family, Bandit trusted and loved everyone. He was a friend to everyone and loved to get a nice belly massage from people. He bounced off the walls to catch beams of light, hopping along the beach to chase the waves, but his special ability was being able to make bombs in the pool on command.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug has lost both eyes due to glaucoma, but blindness has just slowed down.

Lady Bug lost both eyes from glaucoma. She lost her first eye in 2011 and her family was sad to learn that she was also developing glaucoma in the other eye in 2014. Eventually, she also had to remove the second.

Although his family was nervous, they needn’t have worried, as blindness just slowed her down. Now Lady Bug continues to live happy, because he manages to do almost all the things he loved before I lose my sight.

Penny’s puppies

Penny’s puppies were born hairlessaffected by a skin condition that was not treated by the mother before she gave birth, but now they are happy and healthy.

Penny was introduced to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) when she was already pregnant and almost completely bald due to an untreated skin condition.

When her puppies were born, they were also hairless because of one overgrowth of mites. They were taken from her when they were three months old and subsequently adopted. Their skin has completely healed and they are now happy and healthy puppies.


When Aryah was adopted, it was so weak and so sick, but it got better every day and its owners now call it “perfect”.

Aryah was quite small to adapt to its owner’s shoe when it was adopted. They don’t know what happened to her eyes, but she hasn’t slowed it down in the least. When she was first adopted by her family, she was barely able to walk, so weak and so sick. However, its owner claims that she has become stronger every day and that Aryah is perfect for us.

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