There are many stories of extraordinary animals around the world.
Whether dangerous or huge, it turns out that animals can also show compassion. A quality sorely lacking in some humans.
This story took place in India, in the state of Punjab. Two puppies have escaped the vigilance of their mother and fell into a well. The depth prevented them from going up alone. The puppy master understood from his dog's behavior that the little ones had disappeared. She kept moaning near the well.

Leaning over to try to spot the puppies, the man quickly got scared. He saw his two puppies unharmed but close toa royal cobra. The snake did not seem threatening. On the contrary, he even gave the impression of protecting little dogs dangerous corners of the well. It took 48 hours to find a ploy and shelter the puppies. All this time, the snake stayed close to them, without moving or even attempting an aggressive gesture.

When help arrived, the cobra fled to the other side of the well. The puppies were healthy and lhe was also rescued then released into a nearby wood.

Theempathy definitely seems to be specific to animals when a dangerous situation arises.

Source: BrightSide

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