From a tiny bow tie to huge whales, from furry angora to slimy snakes, from gray mice to colorful peacocks, from friendly dogs to scary sharks – the diversity of the animal world makes you dizzy, still amazes and constantly fascinates. We guarantee that even if you are an expert in zoology, the following curiosities about animals they will amaze you!

The eyes of cats with white hair are of different colors

1. If the octopus is starving, he can eat his own tentacle.

2. Tigers have stripes not only on the fur, but also on the skin.

3. A flea can jump up to 200 times higher than itself.

4. Cats with white coat are usually deaf and have one eye green and the other eye blue.

5. There are over a million ants for every human on earth.

6. The giraffe's tongue is black and is so long that it can clean its ears with it.

7. The sex of a turtle can be recognized by the sounds it makes – males growl and females hiss.

Giraffes have one of the longest languages ​​in the animal world
Giraffes have one of the longest languages ​​in the animal world

8. A cockroach can live a few weeks without a head – hunger eventually kills him.

9. Dogs and cat noses are as unique as the pads of human fingers – their prints can be used to identify individuals.

10. When a snail loses its eye, it can create new ones in its place.

11. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards.

12. The duck quack does not echo and no one has explained why.

13. The memory of a goldfish lasts only three seconds.

14. The pig's orgasm lasts up to half an hour.

15. The shrimp's heart is located in her head.

16. A snail can fall asleep for three years.

17. The ostrich's eye is larger than its brain.

The memory of a goldfish lasts only three seconds
The memory of a goldfish lasts only three seconds

18. When flying out of the cave, bats always turn left.

19. Cat's urine glistens under ultraviolet light.

20. Chimpanzee and human DNA are 98.4% compatible

21. Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump.

22. The blood of grasshoppers is white.

23. Horses and rabbits never vomit.

24. Goldfish kept in the dark lose their color and become white and gray.

25. There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia than people.

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Which of these fascinating curiosities about animals surprised you the most?

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