You take the sun in the garden or in a small relaxing corner and your eyes are laid on what you take for an "old" piece… You want to take it, the greed maybe? What if it was worth a fortune?

Good, a little serious!

"Rest assured", you are not likely to come across this magnificent specimen in our regions, but if you plan to take a vacation in Tennessee, for example, or in Georgia, that is another story.

Cyclocosmia truncata, it is the delicious name of this tarantula whose round abdomen strangely recalls Mayan or Aztec motifs.

This species of the family Ctenizidae used to dig a burrow when she has to lay, the abdomen can then serve as an armored door in case of danger.

Arachnophobic friends, we hope that these delicious images will not give you nightmares…

Sources / Images: Mike Corriero / Sciencealert / Imgur / Flepi

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