John Walls lives alone in a huge desert after fleeing New York. He thought he was alone, but his water supplies were running out.

To understand what is happening, he decides to place a camera in a bucket of water and observe who came to take water from him.

To his surprise, his "thieves" were not the ones he believed. Several creatures came to quench their thirst: bees, chickens, a donkey and a rabbit. This video was edited by John himself and shown at Field Lab, a laboratory specializing in alternative and sustainable energies in southwest Texas.

"I was pleasantly surprised when editing, that George [le lapin] came forward. I recognize him among all the other rabbits because of the little gash in his ear."announced a representative of the laboratory. He also added:"Local bees are now rescued with John".

John Wells, moved from New York to land in the middle of nowhere to cut yourself off from the ultra connected world. He is known in the ecological universe to have built a modern house running on solar energy and composting, for just over 1400 euros. No matter how reclusive he is, surrounded by these adorable creatures, he clearly doesn't feel like he is alone anymore.

More information: The Field Lab | Youtube

Source: BoredPanda

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