If you have a cat, you already know that these animals are amazing, and if you surf the internet you can confirm it. We love them so much that we keep taking pictures of them. And if we manage to surprise them in their moments the funniest, you can’t get enough of it.

Discover these 20 fascinating breaks!

Me, me, me mistress!

Oh, a photo of me? Let me adjust my tie!

Source: inspiration-gallery

David Copperfield and I can’t let go.

Source: chronicle

Funny smell!

Source: Kimera Jam

The fear of my life, I just wanted a little milk!

Source: rewalls

– I’m not hungry anymore, mom!
– You will not leave the table until you have finished your plate!

Source: reddit

Look at my son technique!

Source: Ivan Sorokin

I think I have enough wood for the whole winter!

Source: Kemal Selimovic

I jump on the opportunity!

Source: daqache

If she drops the drop, it’s for me!

Source: rethemnosnews

Romeo and Juliet !

Source: blogspot

My career as a top model begins today!

Source: Akimasa Harada

If-if I saw it on the internet: cats can fly!

Source: dotmsr

Take off of the Chat’riane rocket!

Source: Seiji Mamiya

It electrifies me with all this light.

Source: tumblr

A little kiss, just for the photo!

Source: banana

Oh how clumsy I am!

Source: Yura Kaprosh

The Ninchats are attacking!

Source: catsmob

It’s easy just focus!

Source: facebook

Neither seen nor known !

Source: BrightSide

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